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Delta Morpher VS. SPD License 10.11.10 Larry Miller
DesignerCon 2012! 11.28.12 Showapop
counter display
DinoMania collectables roar into North America 10.11.10 JoshB
Doctor Who Round table discussion with new head Writer Stephen Moffat 10.11.10 JoshB
DVD cover- 'Evangelion 1.01- You Are (Not) Alone'
DVD review: "Evangelion: 1.01- You Are (Not) Alone" (2009 English release) 10.11.10 EVA_Unit_4A
'Star Trek' 2-Disc Special Edition DVD (box front)
DVD review: "Star Trek" 2-Disc Digital Copy Special Edition (2009) 10.11.10 EVA_Unit_4A
DVD cover- 'The Dark Knight' box front (scan by EVA_Unit_4A)
DVD review: "The Dark Knight" Two-Disc Special Edition (Walmart exclusive)(2008) 10.11.10 EVA_Unit_4A
'Transformers- Revenge of the Fallen' 2-Disc Special Edition DVD (box front)
DVD review: "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" 2-Disc Special Edition (Walmart-exclusive)(2009) 01.25.16 EVA_Unit_4A
Defenders of Space
DVD Review: Defenders of Space 10.11.10 JoshB
Protectors of Universe
DVD Review: Protectors of Universe 10.11.10 JoshB
Space Thunder Kids
DVD Review: Space Thunder Kids 10.11.10 JoshB
DVD Review: Toys Are Us - A Revolution in Plastic 10.11.10 JoshB
DX Reports! Designer Con 09 Pasadena Convention Center Nov 21st 2009 10.11.10 Showapop
DX Reports! Macross World Con '08 & Ed Keller Kit Collector Expo 10.11.10 Showapop
East Coast Chogokin Summit 2003 08.05.13 JoshB
East Coast Summit 2004
East Coast Chogokin Summit 2004 10.11.10 JoshB
East Coast Summit 2005
East Coast Chogokin Summit 2005 08.18.13 JoshB
East Coast Chogokin Summit This Saturday! 10.11.10 JoshB
East Coast Summit 2007 06.11.17 JoshB
East Coast Summit 2006
East Coast Summit 2007 Announcement 10.11.10 JoshB
East Coast Summit 2007 Wrap Up 10.11.10 JoshB
East Coast Summit Announced 10.11.10 JoshB
East Coast Summit PHOTOS and VIDEO 01.04.16 JoshB
Ep 62 - The twelve hundred dollar show 02.23.13 collectdx
Episode 100 - Prince, stripclubs & the Illuminati 01.20.14 collectdx
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