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Video Review: Casshern & Friender

An android and his best friend.

Video Review: Sv-262Hs Draken Ⅲ Keith Aero Windermere Use

The White Knight arrives.

Video Review: Yume (F/G) Renewal Version

Robotic. Pink. Panties.

Video Review: Reactive Armor for VF-0 Phoenix

Finishing the Phoenix.

Video Review: Enzi

Takayuki Takeya x 1000toys = amazing.

Video Review: Getter Arc

The first United Gokin is Getter Arc!

Video Review: Voltron Legendary Defender (Combined)

Some assembly required, but well worth it.

Video Review: Legendary Red Lion

What is a LionBot without a LionArm?

Video Review: Legendary Black Lion

Don't let this black cat get away!

Video Review: Legendary Green Lion

Playmates doing what Bandain't

Video Review: Legendary Blue Lion

Defender of the Ocean

Video Review: Green Lion

The Green Lion comes with Vine Beam firing action!

Video Review: Sword Attack Voltron

The Legendary Defender returns!

Video Review: MITU Builder

A new robotic building kit from Xiaomi, courtesy of

Video Review: VF-31J Siegfried Hayate Immelmann Use

The Valkyrie's legacy continues with the heroic Siegfried.

Video Review: Eagle Fighter

"Yatte yaruze!"

Video Review: The Chamberlain Skeksis

It's everything I ever wanted in a Dark Crystal figure.

Video Review: Body Chan DX Set (Grey Color Ver.)

One shade of Grey

Video Review: Paratroopa

Whats funner than a turtle with wings?

Video Review: Goron Tunic Link

It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.

Video Review: Inferno

"Where there's smoke, there's me."

Video Review: One Eight

One Eight is the brother robot of Daitetsujin 17.

Video Review: Dino Mega Playset

Fun and cheap.

Video Review: VF-2SS Valkyrie II SAP Nexx Gilbert

A far cry from being the Nexx step...

Video Review: Robo+Gun

Which is better, the toy, or the engrish on the box?

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