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On Sale NOW! TOYSREVIL-Exclusive SithWok by UME Toys

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 2 hours 3 min ago
**TOYSREVIL-Exclusive SithWok by UME Toys **Limited to only 10pcs **Each priced at £37.00 (+ shipping) ***Open for sales online HERE NOW! (at time of this post) May The Sith Be With You!
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Starlog #19 and the Star Wars Holiday Special - 4 hours 33 min ago
The February, 1979 issue of Starlog Magazine is one that many of you will want to explore on this May Fourth holiday. Featuring the Star Wars: Holiday Special, this issue shares a bit of the background of creating the TV special and a few behind-the-scenes pics. The cover alone is awesome enough that it’s worth a peek. Related articles Starlog... Read more →
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Available Now: Darth Vader x Mazinger-Z = VADER-Z from CATMASK TOY

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 4 hours 34 min ago
Darth Vader x Mazinger-Z = VADER-Z made by CATMASK TOY for an exclusive edition release to celebrate Ten Years of Bloggery on TOYSREVIL, and of course for Star Wars Day! Released post-Star Wars Celebration, this hand-casted and hand-painted resin figure is currently available to purchase here for US$50 each. Limited to only 10pcs, less than half of the stock remains :)
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[Italy] Star Wars Day Milano 2015: PHOTOREPORT

GunJap - 4 hours 45 min ago

starwarsdaymilano16Un uomo vestito da Darth Maul sfila verso l'Arena (Simone Molteni/Il Post)[Italy] Star Wars Day Milano 2015: PHOTOREPORT


1 2 Un uomo vestito da Darth Maul sfila verso l'Arena (Simone Molteni/Il Post) 4 5 6 7 8 9 42655_ppl StarWarsDay2015_1 StarWarsDay2015_2 StarWarsDay2015_3 StarWarsDay2015_5 StarWarsDay2015_6 StarWarsDay2015_7 StarWarsDay2015_8 starwarsdaymilano01 starwarsdaymilano02 starwarsdaymilano03 starwarsdaymilano04 starwarsdaymilano05 starwarsdaymilano06 starwarsdaymilano07 starwarsdaymilano08 starwarsdaymilano09 starwarsdaymilano10 starwarsdaymilano11 starwarsdaymilano12 starwarsdaymilano14 starwarsdaymilano15 starwarsdaymilano16 starwarsdaymilano17 starwarsdaymilano18 starwarsdaymilano21 starwarsdaymilano22 starwarsdaymilano24 starwarsdaymilano52 starwarsdaymilano53 starwarsdaymilano54 starwarsdaymilano56 starwarsdaymilano63 starwarsdaymilano64 starwarsdaymilano70 starwarsdaymilano72 starwarsdaymilano73 starwarsdaymilano74 starwarsdaymilano75 starwarsdaymilano76 starwarsdaymilano774b96b8bf-d0f6-49c5-918a-5bb7269c1e85 8e17f6ff-1f1e-4346-9bc4-459789b749c3 b9fd6afb-fb0c-4541-b242-8653b9f06c90 e6af437c-9846-4e78-9914-e1e6c82dffb2 e43ec478-7cf7-40e8-ac3a-e7665530d280 ffc123a5-b897-42af-b4f5-acc40e18ddc6

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#TheForceAwakens Stormtrooper as Paper Toys from Gus Santome & CUBEECRAFT

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 5 hours 4 min ago
Form your very own Stormtrooper army with the NEW trooper design from "The Force Awakens" on paper toys from Gus Santome! Head on over to for links to download PDF and/or mediafire :) But if you like your Troopers "old school", then head-on over to where you'll be spoilt for choice which character you'd want to download nd make, including the "First Order"
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Adidas × Star Wars 【MIZXFLUX App 程式】快來創造一雙獨一無二的星際大戰鞋吧!!

Toy People News - 5 hours 13 min ago
為了慶祝一年一度的05 月04 日的「星際大戰日」(May the fourth),許多公司都紛紛推出與星際大戰(Star Wars)聯名的相關商品或是活動,如與New Era 公司所推出最新的星際大戰系列棒球帽。而知名運動品牌Adidas 公司,當然不能錯過這次的盛典,也推出了一個創作自己星際大戰的鞋子活動。 過去Adidas 公司為了推出其最新ZX Flux 系列的慢跑鞋而推出了一個「MIZXFLUX App」程式,這個程式主要是可以讓消費者能夠創作出一雙屬於自己獨一無二配色的ZX Flux 鞋子。而這次為了慶祝星際大戰日,特別與星際大戰主題與角色結合,推出了一系列的作品,小編好希望這些作品未來都可以被實品化啊!有興趣的玩具人可以參考活動網頁。

More Star Wars characters in the "Movie Realization" series from Bandai

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 5 hours 34 min ago
Star Wars characters hyper-stylized into faux-traditional / historical feudal-Samurai-era designs were first seen in Ashigaru Stormtroopers and Darth Vader, and at the recent Star Wars Celebrations in Anaheim, the Imperial Army had gotten a bit larger - with the introduction of Royal Guards, Sandtroopers and more Feudal Japan Stormtrooper Footsoldiers in various units, including an Archer, a
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Star Wars Renaissance in 1996 - 5 hours 54 min ago
From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (July 9, 1996) comes this article by Glenn Gaslin of the Los Angeles Daily News. So this one’s a hell of a lot of fun because the writer chats with Zach West, a Star Wars fan at the time who was born in 1983. Yep, this is a 13-year old kid who tells us: “I’ve had... Read more →
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[Spirit of] Storm King Machine DIY Series now available on

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 6 hours 19 min ago
Since debuting at the recent Thailand Toy Expo, the [Spirit of] Storm King Machine DIY Series is now available for pre-order online via - available in "CMYK" Blue, Pink, Yellow, Black, and the standard White, for only US$25 each! This non-articulated 1/144-scale 5.75" inches tall resin figure is an Open Edition, with this being the preorder for the month of May (
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More Star Wars Die Cast Vehicles at Fred Meyer - 6 hours 19 min ago
Earlier this morning we looked at a December 23, 1979 newspaper ad for the Fred Meyer stores. The ad gave us a great look at Kenner’s Star Wars die cast vehicles, and looking at the ad really made me want to look into what it would take to assemble a collection of those toys. I filed the idea away and... Read more →
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MG 00 Raiser Custom: Unit 01 Vionoir Angela Gundam. Work by Eizy. Photoreview

GunJap - 6 hours 32 min ago

IMG_0370MG 00 Raiser Custom: Unit 01 Vionoir Angela Gundam. Work by Eizy.


Images sent via email

gunjap copyrightFrom the Modeler:

Hello Fabrizio Gunjap!

Modeler: Eizy (
Kit name: MG 1/100 Unit 01 VIONOIR ANGELA GUNDAM
Kit used: MG 1/100 OO RAISER GUNDAM
FB page:

IMG_0303 IMG_0304 IMG_0329 IMG_0332 IMG_0334 IMG_0362 IMG_0370 IMG_0386

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"Newt Maul Jnr" by UME Toys for May 4th Release

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 6 hours 34 min ago
Launching May 4th @ 9PM London time from UME Toys is "Newt Maul Jnr" - available here for £25.00 each, each Newt Jnr ships in a header carded bag and signed on the base.UME TOYS PRESS: "After his sell out launch we are proud reveal a May 4th special edition of Newt Jnr - Newt Maul Jnr. The darkside shudders as Newt Jnr is as cute as a UME toy can get. This little chap sits just under 3 inches
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May The 4th Be With Us All 2015

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 6 hours 42 min ago
How I'd like to welcome Star Wars Day this year, with a selection of SW-related imagery and greetings spotted and swiped from my Instagram streams to post here! And May The 4th Be With Us All! Dan Goodsell - Creator of "Mr Toast". ( / IG @shakybacon) Mexican-Cuban-American-Vector artist Orlando Arocena ( / IG @mexifunk) Kaz Oomori - Graphic
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[Gecco] Metal Gear Rising Revengeance 1/6 RAIDEN: Full Photoreview

GunJap - 6 hours 48 min ago

b0f5d4999cd50870dd52482b77323ae869ebffcb19bd4ab6f5f3712c5ae5a8864183d9a2bc396475[Gecco] Metal Gear Rising Revengeance 1/6 RAIDEN:

Full Photoreview

Gecco 1/6 メタルギア ライジング リベンジェンス 雷電

6d16eb680cfb1dc41e0591b2503ac254e94e23c8 a5addc1a28eb25f3b39a1259ad3f25bf011f05ae0e801b332232f533f901390c552859bb58817350 01ab5578539af2895266fe8328a29f6f50995ab1 1d0e76d0aa4c4e412c565a830ecfce115271c546 3b1a60b6ee24052e4a7b5a9d6f1b38cbeb361ce0 5c78d461f0db2a8a8fa69be25be73c12a1c1d6a0 5cf688a6fdf2bb5bf35cd4fa505da990333b724d 5d4a78e8f88ca708ba8ad0f930b2c10ff070baea 6d4d9a77c56b3370371cef38fd096e6547e15d67 6d7a79737729849cdc9dbb89d0cc7315ce5aa0db 7cb36eb6845ab6ac4da1f4de4843725e14e48619 7e4b917a7d13fbb171978bad28c5a147002934cc 10e4f7f63a87d6843082d2ac35e2e0dcc5e126ed 14df3cf794990b5cad9806dc055b545c00467709 17ac8de518159ef6d6ba8e95e1a772903a79874d 018c1dd4f84cdd79ed6b9cce99df8c2083767530 19bd4ab6f5f3712c5ae5a8864183d9a2bc396475 44a1a3f7190fdf28ebe77619a8e328b75d345c9a 45d25467d7d13697c4f9cdf83c8a258cae08c764 56b719e52dc7bb39cf3c061791a453607bccf1bc 69c66f1b40be55810de0fdb0941c47f90c3a6903 89f35586398f699d5710b6620ea60d4669844b6d 135f873b6dba02f6376446da15c0400c1df79a21 197da726d31a186141d9359504bd461012d4cfbf 222c4e55dc701182036916d886fff50832ab72b5 270c0ab67140f252be133072d6bdb854989e6db7 739b868db861d33ccd256d1f29ac7d848f2a73cd 795de32b31dca011bb1b5f7bb21755f5ba6a91f7 5530d2796476ea68245563ab5495ce2ff36bc76e 12037c6d8554853ed4eaedfa1a74f9ee249037df 40879c807e6fef9e86916c3fbb96600422833228 076723c69ba9c609dd67950976ee8d613e62858b 005499185889741f09fc2f8ea76a2757e1bef265 a27e623cab5e24b13391bbfe93721f785cb73176 a82e4707f7e7653bd7349a5baa1d13b5a955524a b0f5d4999cd50870dd52482b77323ae869ebffcb b4bd5d7b2c32bb7776cf1f1b689beecca260b8a2 b9d1382871481b9db7eccc024804bde0058ff320 b72f2fd5edb7cd63e2e0b274220728ec78c3fd35 b74f06ada75aaee14c549acb6849c475b2f1b491 b331e266f370fa361913b3534761b21ce8ab1120 b855f49d1cfb3db3983a9035bcc8fcd9935a42d0 b6007b22bc21f88df6bd47ec00b971c444807763 b9823917a6349b14a7936d814d12cce86370cfc3 c71317aa5475491126dc1f917301901d4b30fb17 cb4229b866d8e7b26cd5d5a2f41e49ceab5e521d cebc2541057c8690b7b824dfe5db03670959564e d5a80c687752850b5b4ff83be13eb908d9cc71fa f24951ac2b8147452adf42ca9fc3e7aef1a54793 f034409fa83bf685e1190f618cffaeeb1c42fa08

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PG 1/60 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam [Destroy/Unicorn Mode] w/LEDs Unit. A New REVIEW

GunJap - 7 hours 4 min ago

8daf8630981210fef46c85e435386d7922122eeePG 1/60 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam [Destroy/Unicorn Mode] w/LEDs Unit.


a New Review by

0a421f3149f870072f278b254d757984ce21f59e 2bd55c9f2a02fac1e733c9f130694c5f8a038133 4aec6f87bc8dac7e23a400a8d0b5500d81d626da 4f3832f5a32481cc72fc243bb47a2b310fd3043b 5dcce1b92f44055e4c5f1d33641d0e9d529b739d 8daf8630981210fef46c85e435386d7922122eee 33a98050139eb13ab56f526c9f6efc78fa278963 71d14f7bf8f053d592d2d70a1c78e6bca1cc534d 86fe104732e29eb87f850c19774948f602ea4f3a 145ee1abf64dae7d8ec1a002e8e3f875942609f1 263e152b4263f86c00edeff055709659f58ee064 624a137e4b78dcf50e2a29046ea993141c1b8429 0865ec09ca1e6bda96b12dcff01d82b1f2aac638 5148d4db9569e8fff462aedc4dd690486266ed3e 12559ea2e4678eee19f33d9cd366a29134856fb6 4238364c91156b32c5096d42b0fe28a527297dbf b0092c0082fb970cf3b10dc4366adc327ee3d896 c87a5f08622fe77e8f33e8dfae4a7a01400f23ee d95c465d965e3be7c2c6b8e213aef46bee22ab41 e3a18509f0070323b483f72af0402a95a3916aca e806cf16ce61e1819ec5e01eb21693b42e090d16000da747787d28f2e7b72db229e91114c1041766 0b31639565903803637e61dc81aa1b5c35bd964e 0bd3df8ff4e1a0895558a810bdc80310f555b4e6 0ca75a14f82d42f2e77f521910d99f7c50eb385b 1bc01e3a2cb33b4597d87520daea95603fdbdcf1 003d51ebf2217c0dc3ce953ac90206bb6bcb4a6a 3c767ce876a902dd7ecceeeedcd7924b835b1913 4cf467e0dd349e26c7d723b7acd57096b70e2fd2 6e829223d20a5736f387307a8cc0bad31b7bd706 7eb2913c14cfe47a664004775260ae32146c4354 7f586ef36765d6b646a3ba3ed59e9b32092d5d13 8a550854a2c415e6c66f6affb82f6071cddad2d7 8c182f299282dfcc84d9f779623cafd4defebe50 8d17bd5cb7fb52e8d13cc9c34dc05beee9e3ada3 9da9b6cad3d3f7c7bf47c905dc1d95e33db4d965 41a946280eb6d1fedd3dd28b469a2c9f2f7a0684 45c93db27a6f5a6e8a5794b9160223c812f7ab62 56b4b855d1dee80c23e0f3ff2ec84cf6d1799c5d 063af73e94b27a717dc7ad82ffaa34ca5cff38ac 79c7703865da0bed6f07c1f47f074167c2cd9de6 144d79d19ed96a763c5676a0d6b6c035ed5f4478 619c55a8b1264e3a00ef34f2ad060af4145a4601 643bb3895ded5ecfedb39242fc7d3aa047790c58 978ce3d24f4d02939b7d2f6f019c1b590c1ae0ae 2694c38f14bc27df2defd1807bcd0b9ba03149b6 3088ce6d5560a5321a3db72e342b4e2daedb4e34 5211c43e235a1bb84c76f78992ea5a16b814391a 48895e7d6ab8f014559004aa2fca4024ab584fc7 081363b7b591a7d39eaef1f53bf595b010ae2923 a5ae25b4d7fe9b3de79a0f842fa37f210f124c0b a45a8a0755882bfc961c24e3e87cf480211a7235 b7f796ea0797f50a932065e65d955d3edfb31ac2 ba8a8da87c296b352dc4cf1f1c8b36623be791ac bdd1b0cd166a5d428e3eedf23f638d0c3737809f c1a4bdeb7f7c6427b83c0b35fb24ec2558c4dfe7 c83ca5c41746883059b0396a66826fbeb9b15499 ce8da1e9926128845132fb59bb6512d7521242bc d493d0d654b48d0d6ac8d94b8204eef0788ee23a db585b53dd48c5a4e425ccd4b4797227f1e37ab3 e6cfcb53a142a854c995fa65f75c85be5be44671 ef3767a41eba5459afc79295b64e5a697d2111e0 f7d006221d38c25221735d75c9a34628c1d28b39 f26265d3a36d4b7146cb249ea4ef13dda27913ce f00968960a7ffd12e525f4fe7b8592745d3e8433 fad9c93e1ce3a5f9b1cd40d1916c61cbb7ad947a fd8618e96f625e8143d8627a181881b84f8cde83

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【少量限定版釋出】Gums Productions × Khem Pavee【雷鬼】雷神 Raijin 1/6 比例人偶作品

Toy People News - 7 hours 13 min ago
來自香港的新銳玩具品牌「Gums Productions 公司」(Gums Productions 臉書專頁)將要在今年2014 年4 月30 日至5 月3 日於泰國所舉辦的「2015 Thailand Toy Expo」推出與知名3D 藝術家Khem Pavee 聯名的全新1/6 比例人偶作品:「雷鬼」(Raijin)。 來自泰國的新銳3D 插畫藝術家Khem Pavee 是個非常有才華的年輕設計師,推出過許多造型極度奇幻的插畫作品,有興趣的玩具人可以至Pavee Keawmafai 的網站欣賞他的作品。而這次Gums Productions 公司將要把Khem Pavee 過去所創作過的角色立體化,而首波要推出的就是以雷神造型為主的「雷鬼」(Raijin)。 這次所推出的「雷鬼」作品是1/6 比例的可動人偶作品,除了全身關節可動之外,雷鬼背後的雷電輪更是可以發光的喔!而這款作品會在泰國玩具展發售,屆時設計師Khem 也會在現場為各位玩具人簽名並交流作品心得喔! 2015 年05 月04 日販售資訊更新: 這次的「泰國玩具展」除了有販售普通版的「雷神」作品作品之外,更是有販售限定99 體的「雷神金色版」的作品啊!為了回饋給支持但卻無法到泰國玩具展的粉絲們,Gums Productions 公司也預留了少量的限定品給海外的玩具人購買喔!有興趣的玩具人可以寫信至:info@gumsproductions.com詢問相關販售資訊。 Gums Productions × Khem Pavee Raijin 1/6th Scale Collectible Figures Thai Toy Expo 2015 建議售價:尚未公佈;商品大小:1/6 比例;發售方式:2015 年泰國玩具展期間販售。

[Star Wars Day] Watch the Star Wars Cast on Set for Vanity Fair’s Cover Shoot. No.11 Amazing Screenshots, Video. ENJOY

GunJap - 7 hours 33 min ago

102[Star Wars Day]

Watch the Star Wars Cast on Set for Vanity Fair’s Cover Shoot.

No.11 Amazing Screenshots, Video. ENJOY

May the Fourth be with you:
Vanity Fair releases cover showing new star John Boyega with Harrison Ford, Daisy Ridley and Peter Mayhew

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Watch the “Star Wars” Cast on Set for “Vanity Fair’s” Cover Shoot

Step inside J.J. Abrams’s Star Wars: Episode VII—The Force Awakens with V.F.’s exclusive video, featuring Harrison Ford, Lupita Nyong’o, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and more.


1 2 3

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