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3D Printed M1919 .30 Cal Machine Gun Bale for use with 12″ GI Joe

Prometheum5's collected works - 12 April, 2015 - 13:48

PRHI-MG-Bale copy

This is one of those projects that was something I needed for my collection, and then other collectors expressed interest once they saw it.  I had a loose M1919 .30 caliber machine gun without any of the hardware for the tripod that I got in a parts lot.  Rather than relegate it to the spares bag, I decided to make something that would allow Joe to carry the MG.  I looked online for examples of early MG handles, came up with a design, and sized it to fit in Joe’s hand without putting any stress on his hard hands.  You can buy a bale now from my Shapeways Shop for $6 at:

The bale is available in two plastics, White Strong Flexible Polished, and Metallic Plastic Polished.  The WSF Polished is the default option, and better for painting.  The Metallic plastic is grey with metallic flakes embedded, so it looks decent unpainted.

Check after the cut for pics of each version and Joe holding each.

WSF Polished










Metallic Polished




WSF Polished on the gun



Metallic Polished on the gun



WSF Polished in Joe’s hand



Metallic Polished in Joe’s hand



Painted version in Joe’s hand


PRHI 3D Printed TARS 1/18 Scale Toys Update

Prometheum5's collected works - 6 April, 2015 - 08:00


Sorry for the crappy photo quality, but it was late when I took this and I wanted to show off this pic of my little TARS army as I put the final touches on them.  Anyone who follows me on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or Facebook (follow buttons on the left) has seen work-in-progress shots of these for a while now, but I know there are some people that just follow the site so I wanted to make sure they don’t miss out.  These are a 1/18 scale version of my TARS model, 3D printed, articulated at the middle, and painted with Monster Kolor metallics.  They are just about done and will be available soon in the PRHI section of the Monster Kolor Store:  I’ll post up a full gallery and release details when they are ready.  I’ve got a little more weathering to do, and then they’ll be ready to go.

3D Printed Space Blasters Wave 2 for use with Star Wars Black 6″ Figures

Prometheum5's collected works - 5 April, 2015 - 16:28

PRHI-SW-guns-02 copy


More PRHI Space Blasters are available now in the PRHI Shapeways Shop!  These two should be familiar to anyone that had the original Kenner Star Wars toys.  Like Wave 1, these Space Blasters are 3D printed by Shapeways and offered in two materials, White Strong Flexible Polished and Black Strong Flexible.  The WSF Polished is better for painting, and is what was used for the painted samples in the promo pic above.  The BSF option is better for folks that do not want to paint their guns.  Both are durable, with good detail and decent surface finish.  These guns will look great being wielded by your favorite 6″ action figure.

Space Blaster 04



WSF Polished






WSF Polished, painted






WSF Polished, painted


Space Blaster 05


WSF Polished




WSF Polished, painted





WSF Polished, painted


Yokai Cards

AltJapan - 26 March, 2015 - 04:51
'70s vintage "karuta" cards: Kitsune-bi (foxfire), oni, umi-bozu (sea phantom), hitotsume kozo (one-eyed kid), and a monster pumpkin. Several of these appeared in the pages of Yokai Attack! The Japanese Monster Survival Guide. Can you figure out which? mattalt
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