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Fugg the Slayer from Galaxxor x BigManToys

Plastic and Plush - 8 hours 9 min ago

The Fugg the Slayer handmade figure stands in at 5.5 inches in height. It features a head and hands (resin) that were sculpted/mashed up by Ben Spencer and a body buck and removable championship belt (polyurethane rubber) that was sculpted/mashed up by BigManToys. Fugg was also hand painted by Ben Spencer.

The figure will be limited to an edition of 5 pieces running $70.00 each. They'll be available exclusively through The Galaxxor Online Store on Friday July 31st 2015 at Noon CDT.

Once a ruthlessly savage warlord from the planet Orkamania, Fugg the Slayer is now one of the most feared combatants in the fighting arenas of the hive planet X-544. Tasked by a wealthy hive aristocrat with hunting down a suitable opponent for The Lucha Sharks, Ciper the Bounty Hunter captured Fugg from his home planet and brought him to X-544. Every bit as flamboyant as he is violent, Fugg now stands at the top of the ranks of the hive world arena fighters, terrorizing even The Lucha Sharks!

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海洋堂 《超人力霸王》1/5 力霸王 Type C【再次販售!】

Toy People News - 8 hours 42 min ago
日廠海洋堂玩具公司在2012年已經推出了1/5スケール ウルトラマン Cタイプ,以約1/5的比例來製作特攝影集《超人力霸王》當中的力霸王Type C,將在今年10月再次販售了! 由原型師「木下隆志」所製作其初代力霸王的模樣,並且全程監督其上色生產過程等等,眼睛部分成型使用透明材質來表現其眼睛清晰反射光現的模樣,胸前的計時器再現當時劇中的樣子,身上的塗裝顏色也完全依照當時劇中真實的感覺來製作,所以背面也完整呈現當初劇中力霸王有拉鍊的劇服樣貌真是十分令人懷念啊! 商品附有專屬台座,之前錯過的玩具人可以考慮一下這次的再販,喜歡《超人力霸王》系列的玩具人千萬別再錯過了啊! 1/5スケール ウルトラマン Cタイプ 參考售價約18,000元日幣,約有36公分高,預計於2015年10月推出。 >>>點此可看更多《超人力霸王》相關作品和玩具新聞!

[塗裝完成品公開!] GILLGILL寺田克也版妖鳥死麗濡雕像發表情報

Toy People News - 8 hours 58 min ago
前來刺殺惡魔人╱不動明的強敵 – 妖鳥死麗濡(シレーヌ),是永井豪漫畫作品「惡魔人」中的主角之一。今年冬季WONDER FESTIVAL中GILLGILL即展出了以這位角色所開發的原型套件,作品水準之高驚豔全場!   作品原型採自知名漫畫家寺田克也的設定,再由原型師塚田 貴士立體化,高達53公分、 充滿想像力的原型設計與華麗立體構圖,不管那個角度來看作品都十分精彩。   近日網路上更公佈本作品在夏季WONDER FESTIVAL展示的塗裝完成作品,十分精彩!有興趣可以到GILLGILL.COM追蹤更多精彩作品喔!    

Awesome Japan Art: the art of Black Snow

Rinkya Blog - 9 hours 5 min ago

black snow, black snow art, fan art, rinkya, japan, kawaii, cute, sexy

We have great examples of awesome Japan Art this week, thanks to the art of Black Snow (Kuroyuki)! Black Snow’s art is whimsical, sweet, and has really smooth colors! All illustrations are sweet and incredibly cute!

Let’s take a look at the others!

black snow, black snow art, fan art, rinkya, japan, kawaii, cute, sexy

Waiting at Koikoromo Shrine. This piece is really nice!

black snow, black snow art, fan art, rinkya, japan, kawaii, cute, sexy

Halloween Night volume 3 is really sweet!

black snow, black snow art, fan art, rinkya, japan, kawaii, cute, sexy

This illustration is called “onigiri” (rice ball), and it’s really sexy!

black snow, black snow art, fan art, rinkya, japan, kawaii, cute, sexy

Halloween Night volume 2 is cute!

black snow, black snow art, fan art, rinkya, japan, kawaii, cute, sexy

Another illustration about Halloween Night. Sweet!

black snow, black snow art, fan art, rinkya, japan, kawaii, cute, sexy

This alley has a cute witch. I love the colors in this illustration.

black snow, black snow art, fan art, rinkya, japan, kawaii, cute, sexy

Tiny Garden Boys. So cute!

black snow, black snow art, fan art, rinkya, japan, kawaii, cute, sexy

Hypnos is my favorite illustration from Black Snow! It is sweet, I suppose it’s the colors what make me like it so much.

black snow, black snow art, fan art, rinkya, japan, kawaii, cute, sexy

Let’s go to the Kindergarten!

black snow, black snow art, fan art, rinkya, japan, kawaii, cute, sexy

What do you think about this awesome Mermaid?

black snow, black snow art, fan art, rinkya, japan, kawaii, cute, sexy

Lovely rabbits! Which one do you like the most?

black snow, black snow art, fan art, rinkya, japan, kawaii, cute, sexy

Roden Sure Witch.

black snow, black snow art, fan art, rinkya, japan, kawaii, cute, sexy

A little bit of a struggle. I love the dynamics in this piece.

black snow, black snow art, fan art, rinkya, japan, kawaii, cute, sexy

Dolls! This illustration is sexy and cute!

black snow, black snow art, fan art, rinkya, japan, kawaii, cute, sexy

Lovely couple. I love the colors.

black snow, black snow art, fan art, rinkya, japan, kawaii, cute, sexy

Brilliant couple.

black snow, black snow art, fan art, rinkya, japan, kawaii, cute, sexy

And, magic man.

What do you think about Black Snow’s art??

Source: Black Snow on Pixiv
Image source: Black Snow on Pixiv
Blog: Black Snow’s blog (here you can find where Kuroyuki’s illustrations have been published as well)

The post Awesome Japan Art: the art of Black Snow appeared first on A Rinkya Blog.

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Collector Coin Images For Asian Release Of MP-18B Blue Bluestreak

Tformers - 9 hours 34 min ago
The Hobby Ark Toy Store has posted to Facebook images of a collector's coin for MP-18B Bluestreak! The presence of a coin like this means that Hasbro Asia will be distributing the TakaraTomy release in southeast Asian territories outside of Japan. Click through for a better look!
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X-PLUS 《七龍珠 Z》魔人普烏 樂天★限定版本

Toy People News - 9 hours 37 min ago
專門推出大尺寸玩具商品的X-PLUS這次將推出エクスプラストイズ楽天★限定版,魔人普烏 樂天線上商店限定販售的版本(暫時翻譯),以在2015年7月29日-8月13日其間接受訂購,限定生産500個來發行,來自動畫《七龍珠 Z》當中的魔人普烏這次是善良胖版本。 有別於之前推出的邪惡魔人普烏、最初的普烏(純粹普烏)是極度凶殘而且沒有理性,連製造者比比迪都無法控制,這次以1/4 PVC Figure Gigantic Series 系列來巨大呈現,其身材因為很胖讓他的存在感更倍增其空間面積啊!披風以布料材質來製作,作品高度約有46公分的大尺寸一樣考驗著喜愛玩具人家中的收藏空間,提供給喜歡《七龍珠》系列的玩具人參考。 Gigantic Series エクスプラストイズ 楽天★限定版 參考售價約13,300元日幣,約有46公分高,預計於樂天線上商店2015年9月推出。 >>>點此可看更多《七龍珠》相關作品和玩具新聞!

2nd New Initial D Film's 1st Trailer English-Subtitled

Anime News Network - 9 hours 39 min ago
Opens August 27 in Singapore
Categories: Anime

Masterpiece MP-11T Thundercracker Announced! Animation Colors Seeker Exclusive To TakaraTomy Mall

Tformers - 9 hours 48 min ago
TakaraTomy Mall has posted images of the upcoming MP-11T Thundercracker! The first TakaraTomy version of Thundercracker from the revised MP-11 Seeker mold, this Thundercracker is in the lighter animation-style blue. The figure will be a TakaraTomy Mall exclusive shipping in late November for 14,904 Yen. Read on for photos!
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Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Ignition's Video Shows Emi, Quenser in Action

Anime News Network - 10 hours 19 min ago
Sega released game in Japanese arcades on Tuesday
Categories: Anime

Dragon Quest X Getting PS4, NX Versions

Anime News Network - 10 hours 34 min ago
Franchise's online game originally released on Wii, Wii U in 2013
Categories: Anime

Paolo Bacigalupi’s “City of Ash” Short Story on Medium - 11 hours 4 min ago
Paolo Bacigalupi, author of The Windup Girl*, and many other fantastic sci-fi tales, has posted a new short story over at Medium. The story is completely free and demonstrates how Medium continues to grow and become a great place for entertainment and news. Bacigalupi is a master storyteller, and his ability to twist today’s bad news into tomorrow’s nightmares constantly... Read more →
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Dragon Quest XI Game Unveiled With Differing PS4/3DS Versions

Anime News Network - 11 hours 4 min ago
Square Enix aims to offer game "within 30th anniversary" of franchise with NX version also
Categories: Anime

Hosoda's Boy & the Beast Film Ranks #2, Love Live! Earns 2 Billion Yen

Anime News Network - 11 hours 49 min ago
The Boy and the Beast grossed more than 2.5 billion yen, watched 1.98 million times
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Toy People News - 12 hours 9 min ago
現正於PREMIUM BANDAI熱烈預購中的《重甲侍鬼》第三彈「藏影」,珍貴的大河原邦男老師手稿、開發草圖曝光!從開發草圖中,我們能夠一窺本作在開發上的演進,以及開發過程中的細緻設計與設定! 精彩的內容令人不想錯過這次《重甲侍鬼》系列的嶄新忍者機體「藏影」啊! 這次在PREMIUM BANDAI預購贈送超華麗致命武器「雙爪」的《重甲侍鬼》「藏影」,是由BANDAI 與ThreeZero 所聯手打造,由世界知名的機械設定名人「大河原邦男」老師負責設計機體,並加上了香港知名玩具設計師Kenny Wong 操刀設計的駕駛員,最後由threezero 的3D 設計師Kevin 將其3D 數位立體化。 在這一系列公開的珍貴開發草圖中,各位玩具人能夠一次欣賞到三位大師所投注的熱情與想法,並藉由鉅細靡遺的設定細節,來感受這個暢銷系列作品的獨特魅力!~ 看完如此熱血沸騰的設定稿,加上PREMIUM BANDAI 追加的限定武器、以及能夠獲得「大河原邦男」老師親筆繪製手稿,各位玩具人絕對不會想錯過《重甲侍鬼》第三彈「藏影」這個精彩傑作啊!!! ▼ 點擊圖片可欣賞清晰大圖 【PREMIUM BANDAI x SHADOW BLADE藏影】特別企劃 PREMIUM BANDAI Taiwan將於Wrong Gallery Taipei 靠邊走藝術空間展出《重甲侍鬼》全系列作品,包括了重甲侍鬼、重甲侍鬼-上尉模式,以及最新作SHADOW BLADE 藏影,讓各位玩具人能夠有機會零距離欣賞這個收藏傑作系列!除此之外,現場還能夠看到大河原邦男老師、Three Zero 知名設計師 Kenny 及Kelvin 三位老師的手繪草稿,敬邀各位喜愛PRMIUM BANDAI Taiwan商品的粉絲們,蒞臨活動現場。 (※ 本活動完全免費參觀) 【時間】 活動日期:2015年8月6日(四)~8月16日(日) 逢星期二至五(Tue – Fri): 2:00 pm – 9:00 pm 逢星期六(Sat): 1:00 pm – [...]

Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, July 20-26

Anime News Network - 13 hours 4 min ago
The Last Naruto the Movie sells 18,565 + 4,706, followed by 1st Yo-kai Watch film, Kuroko's Basketball, Gintama, Yowapeda play
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《哆啦A夢》誕生45週年紀念MOLESKINE 筆記本

Toy People News - 13 hours 15 min ago
曾經作為一個小孩的你,絕對看過《哆啦A夢》!世界知名的筆記本廠牌「MOLESKINE」,為了紀念與慶祝《哆啦A夢》誕生45週年,推出了紀念商品的筆記本,一共有兩種圖樣、兩種尺寸,一共四種款式,讓各位喜愛《哆啦A夢》的玩具人,能夠依照自己的需求來使用。 依照「MOLESKINE」的慣例,這次的筆記本也將發行LARGE (13×21 cm)與POCKET (9×14 cm)兩種尺寸,並使用了兩種不同的封面設計來搭配空白以及橫紋的款式,分別為使用鈴鐺、藍與紅色圓點的點點版封面(內印橫紋);另一款則是採用《哆啦A夢》的經典藍色設計的水藍封面(空白)。兩款筆記本都有印有漫畫的特殊扉頁,以及多種「哆啦A夢」與其它角色的貼紙。 這一款商品將於2015年7月24日率先於千歲機場的『哆啦A夢空中樂園』(ドラえもん わくわくスカイパーク),以及廣島的『誕生80週年紀念 藤子‧F‧不二雄展』兩地先行販售。 MOLESKINE – 『ドラえもん』 LARGE (13×21 cm)售價¥3,240,POCKET (9×14 cm)售價¥2,268 >>> 點此看更多精彩的《哆啦A夢》主題玩具與相關情報!!!

Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, July 20-26

Anime News Network - 13 hours 19 min ago
The Last Naruto the Movie sells 19,335, followed by SNAFU TOO, Idolm@ster: Cinderella Girls, Your Lie in April, Gundam Reconguista in G
Categories: Anime

Spotted Online – Popular Mechanics and the Star Wars RPG - 13 hours 20 min ago
Fantasy Flight Games’ series of Star Wars roleplaying games ( search*) is the focus of a new post, helping the game to reach an entirely new audience. The article’s quite enjoyable, but unfortunately it either missed or ignores everything that has come before. In the post, the author writes: “Many of us grew up orchestrating huge, complex Star Wars... Read more →
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

“The Prototype” Movie Looks Entertaining - 13 hours 25 min ago
It was while reading this io9 list of sci-fi films that I happened across The Prototype. A humanoid drone prototype goes missing, and in the trailer we can see that the idea is the evolution of man into something much more. Unfortunately, the IMDB entry makes it clear the movie is still not released . . . and there’s no... Read more →
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July's Last Surprise: Cheap LEGO Set & Hasbro Body Issues.

Gangustars - 13 hours 28 min ago
As July comes to a close, there's been few interesting finds on my end. Stores are a mess, some in the middle of transitions for Fall and Holiday resets. Yeah, for retail it really is that time of year again. So for the next few weeks toy shelves will likely be pretty bare, or completely empty even as stores begin to ramp up their toy departments for Christmas. But that's fine, it'll give me some time to figure out what I even need at retail, and be able to set funds aside for it when found.

As for the rest of July, it's been slow. Real slow. I just haven't had the funds to pick things up. I've seen some of the new DC Super Friends Imaginext stuff, I had to pass on a great deal of clearance Imaginext items, and there was an amazing Takara Blockman lot that sold for way more than I could afford. Truth be told, it wasn't much when you pieced it out, in fact it was a great deal, but i just didn't have the cash on hand for it. So when I'm out fr groceries and I sneak by the toy aisle and see LEGO on clearance I get excited. Hell, if not just for the fact that I can afford it.

EGO City Crook pursuit cheap low cost Lego toys
 The store had about 9-10 sets on close-out. This one above was down to $1.75 from $6.99. An awesome deal. I grabbed one for my nephew and one for me. They had some of the smaller Star Wars sets, a TMNT set, and more City series sets on clearance but I was satisfied with just this one for now. Even though the mini Falcon with Han Solo sitting on top of it is pretty cute. If you buy LEGO, and there's a Kroger store near you, check it out and see if they have anything on it's way out.

Hasbro Marvel toys Ironman Iron Monger Super Hero Mashers
Speaking of things that I got two of, there's this Marvel Super Hero Mashers set I actually picked up a short time back and forgot to post about. The double of the set went to my nephew again. He has loved all the Transformers sets I've gotten for him, and I wondered if he'd like these Marvel ones too. Thankfully it was a hit. I knew he liked Iron Man, and Iron Monger paired with him here is robotic enough for him to like even not knowing the character. I don't know that I'd run right out and grab a Spidey or Cap for him, but maybe for Christmas. The Iron Man/Monger sets cost me just over $8 each, which was a great deal.

Now the thing that has been nagging at me is the fact that these toys feature many original sculpts in the line. The Iron Monger toy above was sold only in this set, and how many uses would come of it in the future? How about the Logan body? He's in his coat and jeans, not many uses that I can see outside of Logan. The Transformers figures were the same. Hasbro never even utilized the Starscream body to do Thundercracker or Skywarp for any bonus packs or store exclusives. Last week at SDCC Hasbro showed off more of it's Star Wars Mashers series. I have to say, that this line again shows very little re-color possibilities. Sure there's a Jango out of Boba Fett, but that's about all I could see in the first line-up.

Now I do have a point to make here. It's that Hasbro has for years re-used the same worn, weary bodies for Marvel Universe figures, and for G.I.Joes in certain eras. They said they had to do it to make the most out of the mold due to the costs in creating them. Now the Mashers come along, and there's very little mold re-use, and many parts to each figure, and they are larger. Never mind the fact that they are not exactly doing gangbusters sales-wise since several places have clearing them out for the last 4 months. I guess I can't even pretend to understand this, more so now that it's 3:50am and my alarm is gonna go off in 10 minutes to tell me to get up and go to work.

Of course my whole rant about Hasbro not being consistent with mold re-use if shredded when I see they've re-packaged the Playskool Heroes Star Wars line and re-sold it to Target. This is a line Target had clearanced out of existence in it's stores. Now for about what it had cost you to buy 2 figures, you get only 1. The upside is that I can now get the Biker Scout with a Speeder Bike and not have to buy the online exclusive 6 trooper pack.

Playskool Heroes Star Wars Jedi Force 2015 Darth Vader ImaginextPlayskool Heroes Star Wars Galactic Heroes 2015 Han Solo Darth Vader Imaginext

And ready to take over most of the aisle space is the superior children's action figure line...

2015 new Imaginext Power Rangers Mega Zord Batman Batcave

action figures, batman, Fisher-Price, imaginext, marvel, LEGO, アメコミ, スターウォーズ, Star Wars
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