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Queen's Blade: Vanquished Queens Gets New Anime Episode

Anime News Network - 20 August, 2014 - 11:00
4th episode depicts battle between former queen Aldra & assassin Irma
Categories: Anime

Pop! Television: American Horror Story

Plastic and Plush - 20 August, 2014 - 10:30

When I think of television series that lend themselves perfectly to Funko's cute little Pop! Television line...American Horror Story probably would land somewhere between Deadwood and True Blood. But, hell, if they're releasing figures from True Blood and Breaking Bad, I'm guessing that some lines are made to cater more towards adult collectors.

This series of American Horror Story Pop! figures features characters from both Season One and Season Three of the popular FX anthology series. They should start hitting your favorite shops around September 2014...just in time to celebrate the new season premiere.

Categories: Designer Toys

Sword Kirby Statue

Toy News International - 20 August, 2014 - 10:01
Categories: Toy News

IDW Artist Sarah Stone's Transformers Cover For The September 2014 Issue Of Previews

Tformers - 20 August, 2014 - 10:00
Sarah Stone, who joined IDW this year as the artist for Mairghread Scott's excellent Windblade comic, has now made the cover of Diamond's monthly catalog, Previews! Previews is the ordering catalog for the direct-distribution comics market, and the cover is a gorgeous illustration for the Days of Deception event that begins in November. Keep reading to see the cover!
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Transformers 4 Lost Age of Extinction - Official Photos of AD29 Slog & AD30 Sky Drift

Tformers - 20 August, 2014 - 09:45
TakaraTomy has published images of the official variety for Advanced Series AD-29 Slog and AD-30 Sky Drift! Slog is the most G1ish of the movie Dinobots in his default color scheme, and Sky Drift is the Japanese name for the Voyager Helicopter Drift which is a recolor of Dark of the Moon Skyhammer. Keep reading for more details!
Categories: Transformers

PriPara Anime Film's 1st Teaser Hints at Pretty Rhythm Tie-In

Anime News Network - 20 August, 2014 - 08:30
Pretty Rhythm characters Aira, Mia, Naru appear alongside Lala, Mirei, Sophie in trailer for spring film
Categories: Anime

Video Review - Windblade Transformers Generations Deluxe Fan-Made Bot Figure

Tformers - 20 August, 2014 - 08:12
PaxCybertron has also posted a review for Windblade, the Fan-Made Bot that IDW has left many of us eager to purchase. Pax reports that she's decent, with a few minor issues. Keep reading to see the review!
Categories: Transformers

Red Union Fighter Blockman CD-1-L 1/18 Micro-scale

Prometheum5's collected works - 20 August, 2014 - 08:00


Another 3D printed Microman scale (1/18) CD-1-L Blockman figure has been added to the ranks!  This one was a commission by a big Micro collector and friend of mine, looking to add some cross-pollinated SFLand action to his collection.  This guy was painted at the same time as the Brute Squad Bounce Torotise, featuring similar techniques and finish.  Painted with Monster Kolor and acrylics.


Here’s the family photo of the three fully painted Blockmen I’ve completed.  More photos after the jump.







PRS-Red-Blockman-08Red vs. Blue!


Live-Action Tokyo Tribe Film's Trailer Features a Rap Battle

Anime News Network - 20 August, 2014 - 07:45
Live-action film based on Santa Inoue's Tokyo Tribe 2 manga will open August 30
Categories: Anime

In-Hand Photos of Transformers 4 Lost Age of Extinction Advanced Series G1 Grimlock

Tformers - 20 August, 2014 - 07:44
The prolific Masabon has put out a series of images for Takara's G1 version of Generations Voyager Grimlock! Somewhat different than the Hasbro version from SDCC, it's a pretty good G1ifying of the mold. Keep reading for sampled photos and a link to Masabon1980's full gallery!
Categories: Transformers

Alien Chestbursters from Erick Scarecrow

Plastic and Plush - 20 August, 2014 - 07:30

Erick Scarecrow has released a new set of custom Alien Chestbursters with Monster Kolor. These are 3" vinyl figure customs that come packaged in sealed window boxes. The blood-spattered aliens sort of look like they've just burst forth from Kane's chest. Oops...I should have prefaced spoilers in the post title. Any can pick up on of these for $35.00 via that link above.

Categories: Designer Toys

Video Review - Transformers Generations Deluxe Jhiaxus

Tformers - 20 August, 2014 - 07:22
YouTuber PaxCybertron has posted a review of the upcoming remold of Generations Armada Starscream, Jhiaxus! Introduced in the Transformers G2 comic where he was not orange, Jhiaxus went on to appear in IDW/Simon Furman's Regeneration One comic where he was also not orange, and also in IDW's main Generations continuity where he was briefly orange after years of not being orange, because his single orange appearance was designed after this toy. Keep reading to see the review!
Categories: Transformers

Monster Kolor Show 2014: Interview with Benny Kline & Opening Day Pics

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 20 August, 2014 - 07:16
Benny Kline from Tenacious Toys talks about hosting the Monster Kolor Show with Matt Walker & MCA Evil, in this video from Rod Toy Master. Launched at the PIQ Store located inside Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan, as well you can cheek out sans of opening night here, and stay tuned to updates on the Facebook Events Page. The show will be up for 3 weeks, so take a look, buy some awesome
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

Kunihiko Ikuhara's 'Penguinbear' Site Starts Countdown

Anime News Network - 20 August, 2014 - 07:15
Ikuhara and manga artist Akiko Morishima launched the Yuri Kuma Arashi manga in February
Categories: Anime

Announced: 6 Halls for Anime Festival Asia 2014 @ Suntec City

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 20 August, 2014 - 07:10
Anime Festival Asia 2014 is scheduled for 5th to 7th December 2014 (previously announced, occupying the entire level 4 of Suntec Convention and Exhibition Center, "with 6 Halls and 12,000SQM of Japanese Pop Culture goodness coming your way." Holy…! The ENTIRE 4th floor? Now THAT is HUGE! If memory serves, previous events took up to 3 x hall space instead … Now I feel a bit "stressed", as I am
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

CAT’S EYE Season 2 Available November 4, 2014

SciFi Japan - 20 August, 2014 - 07:06
Nozomi Entertainment Announces the Litebox-style DVD Release Source: Right Stuf, Inc. press release Official Site: Special Thanks to Jessica Heemsbergen
Cover art for the CAT’S EYE Season 2 DVD. Image courtesy of Right Stuf. © Tsukasa Hojo/NSP • TMS 1983 All Rights Reserved. Under License to Right Stuf, Inc. Produced by TMS ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD.
Anime producer Nozomi Entertainment is pleased to announce that CAT’S EYE Season 2 will be available on November 4, 2014. This DVD set will feature the series' last 37 episodes with Japanese audio, English subtitles and English on-screen translations. On-disc extras will include the clean opening and closing, and remastered video. CAT’S EYE is based upon the best-selling manga by Tsukasa Hojo (City Hunter), which was originally serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump anthology and later collected into 18 volumes. The series originally aired in Japan on Nippon TV from 1983-1985. In addition to the 1980s television release, it inspired a feature film, two live-action adaptations and a TV movie. Together, Hitomi, Rui and Ai are Cat's Eye, the greatest art thieves Japan has ever known. But they don't steal for money or fame -- they do it in the hopes of finding their father, a great painter who went missing after World War II. While they're off searching for him in Europe, a new female thief claiming to be Cat's Eye starts wreaking havoc in Tokyo! She steals anything she can get her hands on, and her brutal methods are putting the lives of the police at risk... It's time for the real Cat's Eye to head back to Japan and bring her reign of terror to an end! Continued...
Categories: Otaku Culture

Princess Jellyfish Live-Action Film's 1st Trailer Introduces Story, Cast

Anime News Network - 20 August, 2014 - 06:45
Rena Nōnen stars as jellyfish otaku Tsukimi in December 27 film adapting Akiko Higashimura's Kuragehime manga
Categories: Anime

Stormtrooper Office Helpers? - 20 August, 2014 - 06:20
You can’t make these things up. Seriously. Up for pre-order now at Big Bad Toy Store are the Stormtrooper Office Helpers, tiny little Stormtrooper figures that hold your assorted office supplies. Really? These are blind-bagged figures, and at BBTS you can pre-order ten bags for $25. There’s a total of six different designs, so maybe ordering ten will score you... Read more →
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News
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