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Hyrule Warriors Wii U Game Adds Ghirahim, Zant Gameplay Videos

Anime News Network - 1 hour 34 min ago
Also adventure mode opening and Ganondorf alternate costumes video
Categories: Anime

New York Times Manga Best Seller List, August 10-16

Anime News Network - 1 hour 54 min ago
Crimson Spell, Bleach, Deadman Wonderland, Fairy Tail, Loveless, Food Wars!, Attack on Titan: No Regrets, Rosario + Vampire Season II, Dragonar Academy, Attack on Titan
Categories: Anime

Quick Pics – Alien ReAction Blind Egg - 1 hour 58 min ago
Continue reading: Quick Pics – Alien ReAction Blind Egg
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

Ai Tenchi Muyo's Premise, New Characters Unveiled

Anime News Network - 3 hours 4 min ago
Series of 5-minute episodes to premiere in October
Categories: Anime

Sakigake Otoko Juku, Peacock King Manga Available on English Renta

Anime News Network - 4 hours 14 min ago
First chapters of 80's manga released digitally
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Bismarck Premiere and Pre-Order

Plastic and Plush - 5 hours 3 min ago


From MyTummyToys, MArine is showing off the above blurred image of the Bismarck prototype. PopCon will be the first time the figure will appear in public. There are plans for three colorways - Blue, Grey and Blank (DIY) - limited to an edition of 12 pieces each. It will stand in at 7" tall, feature three points of articulation (neck and arms). To see it, you'll need to check out PopCon Booth AHH-11from September 19th through 21st 2014.


Categories: Designer Toys

Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers's 3DS Game Trailer Features Combat Gameplay, Game Modes

Anime News Network - 6 hours 3 min ago
13 heroes and villains playable in "battle-action" game
Categories: Anime

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #15 Exclusive Preview

SciFi Japan - 6 hours 14 min ago
Godzilla is surrounded in Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #15, coming next week from IDW. Image courtesy of IDW Publishing. © 2014 Toho Co., Ltd.
Source: IDW Publishing Special Thanks to Kahlil Schweitzer A SCIFI JAPAN EXCLUSIVE IDW Publishing has sent SciFi Japan an exclusive preview of the first five pages from Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #15. The issue features an epic introduction to a fearsome foe. Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #15 will be available from comic shops and retailers on Wednesday, August 27th. Continued...
Categories: Otaku Culture

New Futari H OVA's 1st Promo Streamed

Anime News Network - 7 hours 4 min ago
New OVA will be the first new anime for the series in 12 years
Categories: Anime

Transformers Rescue Bots: Sky Forest Rescue Storybook App by PlayDate Digital

Tformers - 7 hours 32 min ago
The TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS have finally landed…in their first-ever interactive storybook app! Are you ready to join them on their rescue mission?When a new Sky Forest tower is constructed in Griffin Rock, the city finds itself under attack by ravenous plants! It’s time for the TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS to roll to the rescue, but when they need help, who is going to save them? TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS: SKY FOREST RESCUE is an interactive storybook adventure that puts early and emerging readers at the ce
Categories: Transformers

Fold Form

Glyos Transmission Blog - 7 hours 59 min ago

Categories: Otaku Culture, Toy News

Funko’s The Book of Life Toys

Plastic and Plush - 8 hours 3 min ago


The Book of Life is an upcoming film (October 17 2014) from Reel FX and 20th Century Fox. It's the first film from Reel FX since Free Birds. And Funko will be releasing both Pop! and Legacy Series from the film. The Pop! Movies: The Book of Life (pictured above) will hit shops before the film release - September 2014. Also, The Book of Life Legacy Series (pictured below) will give collectors a little more realistic look at the animated film's characters. These figure should be Available in October 2014.


Categories: Designer Toys

Photos of Topeam TSD-002 SD Meister- Transformable Super Deformed Jazz Figure

Tformers - 10 hours 43 min ago
Robot Kingdom has released images of their upcoming TSD-002 figure, SDMeister! A super-deformed version of Jazz, this figure is unique among SD figures in that it can apparently transform. It wouldn't be surprising if the head had to be removed for that to happen, but it's still very unusual. Keep reading for the photos!
Categories: Transformers

Just what are the Sucklord’s Suckpanels

Plastic and Plush - 11 hours 3 min ago


Listen...I usually "get" what the Sucklord is doing with most of his limited edition special releases. But these "Suckpanel" things...I must be missing something. Take, for example, the image above. Basically, it looks like a bag of eaten Lay's potato chips has been glued to a piece of plywood with an old Kenner Star Wars Bossk figure attached to it in a clear blister. And it sold for $150.00.

Now, I looked on eBay, and it appears that a loose Bossk figure can be purchased for about $4.00 (weapon included). So you're looking at a 3750% markup. I guess you could include the $1.49 bag of chips as well as glue, plywood, and the plastic blister. But you understand what I'm getting at.

Some of the Suckpanel releases feature mashups - one with Darth Vader's head on Dr Mindbender's body. But they're mostly old Star Wars figures on old magazine advertisements...some quite disturbing.

I just don't understand them. Is it art? Is it a money grab? Is there something I'm missing?

Categories: Designer Toys

XTransbots TFCon 2014 Exclusive Axis Figure Now Available

Tformers - 11 hours 21 min ago
BBTS has informed us they we will be receiving a limited quantity of the 2014 Axis figure, which changes from robot to black and red cab truck. They have this figure listed at $114.99 USD slated for shipping in September 2014. Pre-order Axis now at Read on to see the images of the figure.
Categories: Transformers

More New Photos of Fansproject Six-Changer In Quickswitch Colors

Tformers - 11 hours 24 min ago
Transformers@TheMoon has posted more new images of Fans Project's upcoming Quickswitch homage covering more of the alternate modes that weren't photographed last time. It does a reasonably credible job of every one of them, which is a bit more than you can say for the original toy. Keep reading to see the photos!
Categories: Transformers

Gurren Lagann Stage Play's Cast Announced

Anime News Network - 13 hours 4 min ago
Gainax supervises production featuring material not in 2007 TV anime
Categories: Anime

New 1/6 Jacket Edition Added To Reward Tier for Hotline Miami Kickstarter from ESC Toy

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 13 hours 34 min ago
The Hotline Miami Kickstarter to fund the 1/6 figure from ESC Toy reached their initial pledge goal of $60K not long after the campaign launch (Congrats!), and they're now pushing on with more, even surpassing their Stretch Goal of US$75K - offering up a new "SOAKED" Edition of the Jacket figure (seen above-left, limited to 100pcs) with it being a "Kickstarter Exclusive", while shown above-right
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News
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