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NYTF 2014: Square Enix

At the Square Enix booth there were Play Arts Kai figures aplenty.

2 Robocops from the new film.

The OG Robocop.


Knute and Braireos from Appleseed Alpha.

It appears that Square Enix is also throwing their hat into the making-Aliens-figures ring. This is a great year for fans of the space horror films featuring the xenomorphs!

Titanfall is looking to be the next big FPS in the video game market. The game certainly does look impressive and so does this Titan figure and its pilot companion.

Of course a Square Enix booth would not be complete without figures of the characters from the company’s Final Fantasy games.

The Warrior of Light


Behind the two warriors the impressive looking Bahamas summon!

As for the DC Square Enix characters, we have:



Harley Quinn and Joker

Arkham Origins Batman



Robin and another Joker

Final Fantasy Static Arts. The new line of super cute Final Fantasy fixed-pose figures.

Posted 26 February, 2014 - 23:10 by SentaiSeiya
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