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San Diego Comic-Con 2006

San Diego Comic-ConThe San Diego International Comic-Con is one of the biggest events in the United States for Comic, Toy, and Anime fans. CollectionDX will be covering it again, with news before, during and after the convention. For more info on the Comic-Con, please visit the official site at

You can also check out our 2005 San Diego International Comic-Con coverage here.

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20th Anniversary DVD Optimus Prime

SDCC06: Hasbro - Transformers

Hasbro reveals more Transformers toys, including the talking 20th Anniversary Prime re-release...

2016-01-05 12:41
Saesee Tiin Jedi Starfighter

SDCC06: Hasbro - Star Wars

Hasbro had a slew of new Star Wars toys so let's get right to it.

2010-10-11 10:42
Marvel legends

SDCC06: Hasbro - Marvel

Hasbro had a strong presence this year with a new license; Marvel Comics characters.

2010-10-11 10:44

SDCC06: Broccoli / Synch Point

Broccoli / Synch Point show off figures from their anime lines.

2010-10-11 10:42

SDCC06: Yamato USA

Once again Yamato is dazzling us with some roboty goodness. They're continuing the line of 1/12 Votoms Scopedogs, there's more Megazone 23 news, and a Bubble Gum Crisis tidbit. Read on!

2010-10-11 10:42
Toynami 1/100 VF-1S Valkyrie Roy Focker

SDCC06: Toynami

Toynami recently released three 1/100 fully transformable valkyries from the Macross movie "Do You Remember Love". Soon to follow are three more versions with the designs from the Macross TV series, as well as add-on packs.

2010-10-11 10:44
Super7 Crew

SDCC06: Super7

Super7 Magazine rock our world at the Comic-Con

2010-10-11 10:47
leia as Boussh

SDCC06: Sideshow Collectibles

San Diego Coverage continues to trickle in! Sideshow had a lot of new pieces to show for existing lines, and a few tidbits for new lines.

2010-10-11 10:42
Revoltech Evangelion

SDCC06: Organic Hobby

Organic was on hand with their Revoltech line.

2010-10-11 10:44
Captain Max

SDCC06: Max Toy Company

Max Toy Company is a new company started by artist Mark Nagata. Shown here are their first offerings some of which are original designs by Mark.

2010-10-11 10:47
Clone Trooper

SDCC06: Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya was on hand to show us their latest from Final Fantasy and Star Wars.

2010-10-11 10:43
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