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Toy Fair 2005

2005 New York International Toy Fair coverage





Beast Boy

Toy Fair 2005: Bandai: Teen Titans

Bandai's hit series returns in 2005 with all new toys!

2010-10-11 10:46
Power Rangers SPD

Toy Fair 2005: Bandai: Power Rangers SPD

A special advance preview of Bandai's 2005 Power Rangers Line up from the New York International Toy Fair.

2010-10-11 10:47

Toy Fair 2005: Bandai: Gundam Seed

A first look at Bandai America's Gundam Seed line being shown at the New York International Toy Fair

2010-10-11 10:47

Toy Fair 2005: Bandai: D.I.C.E.

Previewing Bandai America's new D.I.C.E. line

2010-10-11 10:47
Transformers Minicons

Toy Fair 2005: Hasbro

Hasbro unveils Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, Transformers, and more!

2010-10-11 10:46
Masterpiece Voltron

Toy Fair 2005: Toynami

Toynami prepares it's die-cast Voltron Lion Masterpiece for a summer 2005 launch.

2010-10-11 10:47

Toy Fair 2005: Joyride Studios

Battlestar Galactica and Halo 2

2010-10-11 10:47
Star Wars Model Kit concept Art

Toy Fair 2005: ERTL / AMT

Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith Model Kits

2010-10-11 10:48
Micronauts Baron Karza

Toy Fair 2005: SOTA Toys

Micronauts Evolution, Nightmares of Lovecraft, Street Fighter and more.

2010-10-11 10:48

Toy Fair 2005: Kaiju Kidz

Big, ABS Kaiju toys aimed at 8 year olds!

2010-10-11 10:48

Toy Fair 2005: Stikfas

Stikfas Beta Female Warrior w/dragon and the Mechana Segmented Robot.

2010-10-11 10:48
Toyda Ringo Block SF Series

Toy Fair 2005: Toyda

Korean Building Block System

2010-10-11 10:48
eggster by Sket one

Toy Fair 2005: Wheaty Wheat Studios

Wheaty Wheat Studios are makers of far out Art toy, vinyl and plush products.

2010-10-11 10:48

Toy Fair 2005: Medicom

Kubricks, Bearbricks and Babekup oh my!

2010-10-11 10:48

Toy Fair 2005: Strangeco

Strangeco, Toxic Teddies, Friendswithyou and Amos Toys bring you the latest in vinyl and art toys.

2010-10-11 10:48
Abnormal Cyrus

Toy Fair 2005: Applehead Factory

Teddy Scares, the creepiest teddy bears ever.

2010-10-11 10:48

Toy Fair 2005: Shocker Toys

Shocker Toys Invades Toy Fair!

2010-10-11 10:48
Sealab 2021

Toy Fair 2005: Palisades Toys

Adult Swim figures, Transformers statues, and Invader Zim!

2010-10-11 10:48
Terminator Endoskeleton

Toy Fair 2005: Sideshow Toys

Star Wars, Terminator, Planet of the Apes, Ashley Wood's Popbot and more!

2010-10-11 10:47
Please Teacher - Mizuho in Space Suit Resin Statue

Toy Fair 2005: Yamato

Great new items such as the Melquiya Scopedog, UniFive Huckbein Mk II and some Hard Suits from Bubblegum Crisis.

2010-10-11 10:48
Astronaut Jesus

Toy Fair 2005: Adfunture Workshop

Urban vinyl from DevilRobots, Fafi, Flying Fortress and More!

2010-10-11 10:48
Biker Scout

Toy Fair 2005: Roger's Toy Fair 2005 Report

While I wait in the lobby for Josh and Ed to show up, a portly Death Star gunner and a diminutive Stormtrooper show up. While the gunner explains to the cops why he's carrying around a giant black rifle, I can't resist asking the Stormtrooper, "aren't you a little short?" A female voice responds, "Yeah, I hear that a lot."

2010-10-11 10:48
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