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Toy Fair 2009

2009 New York International Toy Fair coverage


NYTF09: Organic Hobby

Two words for you - BLUE THUNDER.

2010-10-11 10:41

NYTF09: Dark Horse

Dark Horse was set up at Toy Fair and while there display seemed a bit small, what they had to offer looked good.

2010-10-11 10:41

NYTF09: Kotobukiya - Marvel

Kotobukiya landed the Marvel license about a year ago and now there fruits of their efforts are seeing fruition.

2010-10-11 10:41

NYTF09: Kotobukiya - Star Wars

Star Wars and Kotobukiya go together like peanut butter and jelly and we took the photos to prove it.

2010-10-11 10:42

NYTF09: NECA - Gears of War

NECA has the license for the Xbox video game Gears of War and fans should be pretty happy with the lineup.

2010-10-11 10:42

NYTF09: Toynami / Bandai Tamashii

The big news out of the Toynami camp is that the Toynami/Tamashii partnership is a done deal. Official. Signed, sealed, delivered. 2009 will bring lots of Bandai Tamashii product to the US, and many of the lines you love will be available domestically.

2010-10-11 10:41

NYTF09: Toy2r

Normally I could care less about a company like Toy2r... then they go and do something cool like this.

2010-10-11 10:41

NYTF09: Square-Enix

Square-Enix needs to ditch the lighted tables.. They make for terrible photography

2010-10-11 10:41

NYTF09: Shocker Toys

Indie Spotlight figures finally revealed!

2010-10-11 10:41

NYTF09: Mattel - Rocky the Robot Truck

A refreshing and entertaining new take on an old concept.

2010-10-11 10:41

NYTF09: Mattel - Hot Wheels Battle Force 5

Surprisingly cool action figure / vehicle sets from Mattel

2010-10-11 10:41

NYTF09: Mattel - Matchbox Mega Rigs

Remember when toys were fun? Mega Rigs kicks it old school in the spirit of great toy lines like Robotix, MASK and Air Raiders.. Sorta..

2010-10-11 10:41

NYTF09: Kridana

Kridana brings the great tales of Indian legend to life with fantastic toys and action figures.

2010-10-11 10:41

NYTF09: Kotobukiya - Super Robot Wars

Super Robot Wars mecha kits from Kotobukiya

2010-10-11 10:42

NYTF09: Kotobukiya - Gurren Lagann

Kotobukiya's Gurren Lagann kits are easy to build, and pretty much the only way you are going to get a King Kittan or Dayakkaiser.

2010-10-11 10:42

NYTF09: Happywell

Happywell! Defying copyright for years, now making an appearance at Toyfair. But will they find a distributor for the excellent Roadbots?

2010-10-11 10:42

NYTF09: Attakus USA

Remember these guys? They had the insane 3/34 Millennium falcon cutaway? Unfortunately, it wasn't there this year... Signs of the times..

2010-10-11 10:42

NYTF09: Onell Design / Beantown Toys

Buildman and Beanbots!

2010-10-11 10:42

NYTF09: Bandai America - Power Rangers R.P.M.

Accelerating Into Their 17th Consecutive Year, the Power Rangers Zip into 2009 New York Toy Fair with a Vehicle Inspired Toy Lineup

2010-10-11 10:42

NYTF09: Lego - Indiana Jones

While most manufacturers gave up on the Indiana Jones franchise this year, Lego continues with their line and brings us some neat surprises.

2010-10-11 10:42

NYTF09: Lego - Space Police, Power Miners, Agents 2.0, Castle, City, Technics and more

Space Police, Power Miners, Agents 2.0, Castle, City, Technics and more where also on display in the Lego showroom this year.

2010-10-11 10:42

NYTF09: Lego - Star Wars

Lego celebrates 10 years of doing the Star Wars line and there where definitely some cool new items on display this year. From Clone Wars to Classic there's fun for both the kids and adults out there.

2010-10-11 10:42

NYTF09: Hasbro: Nerf

Not that we cover Nerf, but they had on display a magazine-fed Nerf N-Strike!

2010-10-11 10:42
Universe Deluxe

NYTF09: Hasbro: Transformers Universe

More lame press release photos because Universe wasn't on display at the showroom.

2010-10-11 10:42

NYTF09: Bandai America - DragonBall Z

Bandai also had non-movie Dragonball collectibles for fans to grab in 2009.

2010-10-11 10:42

NYTF09: Bandai America - DragonBall Evolution

Bandai's got the license for figures from the upcoming Dragonball Evolution Movie

2010-10-11 10:42

NYTF09: Bandai America - Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

Kamen Rider is coming to the states (again) and Bandai has the toys to play with.

2010-10-11 10:42

NYTF09: Bandai America - Ben 10: Alien Force

Bandai Continues the hit Ben 10 Lineup with all new toys and vehicles.

2010-10-11 10:42

NYTF09: Mattel - Secret Saturdays

The Secret Saturdays is an interesting cartoon. Part Johnny Quest, part Ben 10, The show has a really great feel to it that I think appeals to both adults and kids.

2010-10-11 10:42

NYTF09: Mattel - Cars / Toy Story

Yeah, there were actual toys on display at Toy Fair. Go figure.

2010-10-11 10:42

NYTF09: Mattel - Justice League Unlimited

Mattel continues the popular Justice League line in Justice League Unlimited.

2010-10-11 10:42

NYTF09: Mattel - DC Universe

3 1/4th scale figures seem to be the theme at many retailers this year and Mattel is launching a whole line of DC superheroes in this scale under the DC Universe banner.

2010-10-11 10:42

NYTF09: Mattel - Batman

Batman: Brave and the Bold is the newest version of the animated Caped Crusader and Mattel has the toys to go with the cartoon. Updated with HD video.

2010-10-11 10:42

NYTF09: Lego - Bionicle

Out of all the toy makers we saw at Toyfair 2009 I thought Lego had some of the coolest stuff, hands down. Yeah, that's right. Lego. First up is Bioncle and I think toy collectors and just fans of great design need to give this line a look.

2010-10-11 10:42

NYTF09: Hasbro: G.I. Joe - The Rise of Cobra

I hope you like G.I. Joe, because Hasbro is about the flood the toy aisle with toys. Includes HD video

2010-10-11 10:42

NYTF09: Hasbro - Marvel

I used to be such a comics nerd, but I am kind of glad my love of comics has not become a part of my toy collecting. There's a lot going on with Marvel and Hasbro and it can be pretty daunting to keep track of it all.

2010-10-11 10:42
Star Wars

NYTF09: Hasbro - Star Wars

It has been said that the Clone Wars was the most successful Boys Property in 2008, but you wouldn’t know it by the amount of effort put into the presentation at Hasbro. According to the presenter, more than half of the line was not ready to be shown at Toy Fair, but would be shown at Comicon.

2010-10-11 10:42
Devastator (Robot)

NYTF09: Hasbro - Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Of course the big draw at Hasbro was the Transformers, specifically the line for the Transformers the movie. Unfortunately, nothing was spoiled for us, save for the appearance of the Devastator toy. Includes HD video.

2016-01-25 14:59
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