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American International TOY FAIR is the largest toy trade show in the Western Hemisphere. More than 1,500 manufacturers, distributors, importers and sales agents from 30 countries showcase their toy and entertainment products. From classic toys to interactive entertainment and everything in between, we have it all! Products include: action figures and dolls, games and puzzles, bicycles, tricycles and ride-ons, radio-controlled vehicles, infant and preschool toys, cars, trucks and trains, puppets and plush, audio and video cassettes, computer software and video games, playground and sporting equipment, Halloween, Christmas, books, stationery, party supplies, and much more!


Toy Fair 2011 Mega Brands - Marvel

Mega shows off some of their Marvel stuff which should be a hit with kids especially once the Captain America movie comes out.

Includes HD video

2011-02-21 18:26

Toy Fair 2011 Mega Brands - Need For Speed

If you have the Need for Speed, then Mega Brands has something for you.

Includes HD video

2011-02-21 17:45

Toy Fair 2011 Mega Brands - Dragon Universe

Mega Brands shows off a large assortment of Dragon Universe sets for all you Dragon lovers.

Includes HD video

2011-02-21 18:14

Toy Fair 2011 Mega Brands - Halo

Wow, it's unbelievable how big the Halo Mega Brands line is for Halo! I thought the Halo craze would slowly fade away, but it's alive and strong with Mega Brands. Take a peep.

Includes HD video

2011-02-21 10:35

Toy Fair 2011 - Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya had all sorts of great stuff to see and we got a V.I.P. tour of it all.

Includes HD video

2011-02-22 17:49

Toy Fair 2011 EMCE Toys - "Make Your Own Zombie" Action Figure Customizing Kit

The sleeper hit of Toy Fair 2011!

Includes HD video

2011-02-23 02:39

Toy Fair 2011- Shocker Toys

We stop by Shocker Toys to check out what they are offering this year.

includes HD video

2011-02-20 22:35

Toy Fair 2011- PBM

There wasn't much in the way of robots at the Toy Fair this year aside from the Tamashii Nations booth, but we managed to find another booth that had a good bit of super robot goodies.

Includes HD video

2011-02-21 12:48

Toy Fair 2011 Mattel - Toys For Actual Kids!

Every year Mattel continues to impress with their line up toys for actual kids and 2011 is no different.

Includes HD video

2011-02-21 03:34

Toy Fair 2011 Mattel - Young Justice

Are you sad that Justice League is going away? Wipe that tear because Young Justice is here.

Includes HD video

2011-02-20 22:14

Toy Fair 2011 Mattel- DC Universe

Another great line from Mattel featuring some very popular characters we've all come to love.

Includes HD video

2011-02-20 23:04

Toy Fair 2011 Mattel - Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Need to get the kid on the road to some serious Batman collecting? Mattel has got just the thing for them.

Includes HD video

2011-02-20 17:37

Toy Fair 2011 Mattel- Green Lantern

Mattel is going green. Green Lantern that is.

Includes HD video

2011-02-20 22:56

Toy Fair 2011 Mattel- Ghostbusters

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters of course! Mattel has some nice looking GB figures for all you collectors and fans out there.

Includes HD video

2011-02-20 23:01

Toy Fair 2011 Mattel - Voltron and Voltron Force

So Mattel wasn't showing squat for Voltron, but...

With HD video

2011-02-20 17:36

Toy Fair 2011 Bandai - Skreemsters

We look at a new line of voice-powered cars, Skreemsters.

Includes HD video

2011-02-19 14:38

Toy Fair 2011 Bandai - R/C

Bandai is expanding into a variety of radio control items.

Includes HD video

2011-02-19 14:39

Toy Fair 2011 Bandai - Pocoyo

If you have pre-schoolers in your life you're probably pretty familiar with Pocoyo.

Includes HD video

2011-02-20 17:33

Toy Fair 2011 - Funko

In between appointments we found ourselves in the Funko booth, so we took some pics and video while there.

Includes HD video

2011-02-20 17:32

Toy Fair 2011 Lego - Ninjago

Lets unravel the mysteries of Ninjago shall we?

Includes HD video

2011-02-21 17:42

Toy Fair 2011 Lego - Pharoh's Quest

Pharoh's Quest is new for 2011 and I am loving the Mummy theme!

Included HD video

2011-02-21 16:04

Toy Fair 2011 Lego - Atlantis

Atlantis is still kicking. Barely...

Includes HD video

2011-02-21 15:55

Toy Fair 2011 Lego - Hero Factory

I keep wanting to call Hero Factory, Bionicle....

Includes HD video

2011-02-21 15:42

Toy Fair 2011 Lego - City

The City lineup seemed to offer the most variety of all the themes offered this year.

Includes HD video

2011-02-21 15:17

Toy Fair 2011 Lego - Alien Invasion

Alien Invasion is shaping up to be the successor to the Space Police line.

Includes HD video

2011-02-21 14:53

Toy Fair 2011 - Triad Toys

Triad Toys has quickly become of the premier 12 inch figure makers on the market in very short time. We paid them a visit to see what they had on deck for 2011.

Includes HD video

2011-02-20 17:30

Toy Fair 2011 Toynami - Robotech, Shogun Warriors, Futurama, and Urban Vinyl

Our vists to Toynami are always a highlight of Toy Fair for us here at CDX and this year was no exception.

2011-02-20 17:28

Toy Fair 2011 Diamond Select

Diamond had one of the nicest looking booths in the action figures section, so they caught my attention every time I walked into the hall. Let's check it out.

2011-02-20 17:24

Toy Fair 2011 Spin Master - Bakugan

Bakugan still going strong for Spin Master.

Includes HD video

2011-02-21 19:34

Toy Fair 2011 Lego - Star Wars

The Star Wars line-up of Lego's is always a treat to see in person.

Includes HD video

2011-02-21 14:22

Toy Fair 2011 - Mimoco

The folks at Mimoco where showing off their latest line, Batman x MIMOBOT USB Flash Drive Collection.

Includes HD video

2011-02-20 17:22

Toy Fair 2011 - Kidrobot

We stopped by real quick to see what was new over at Kidrobot.

2011-02-20 17:20

Toy Fair 2011 Bif Bang Pow!

With a name like Bif Bang Pow!, it's impossible not to have cool stuff to show off. Let's take a look at what's available for 2011.

Updated with HD video

2011-02-20 17:20

Toy Fair 2011 NECA

The NECA booth was full of really cool figures, so we just had to stop by and see what was going on for this year.

2011-02-20 17:19

Toy Fair 2011 Blue Fin/Tamashii Nations

Blue Fin was just full of goodies from Japan. Mostly just releases we already have access to, but they also showed off a new Mega Man figure, a Hades figure, and we got up close and personal with the new GX-59 Daltanious!

Updated with HD video

2011-02-20 17:18

Toy Fair 2011 Bandai - Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

Ben 10 continues to be a very successful cartoon and toy line for Bandai and they had a new line up to show for it.

Includes HD video

2011-02-20 17:16

Toy Fair 2011 Bandai - Power Rangers Samurai

And here is the looksie we got at the Power Rangers Samurai line...

Includes HD video.

2011-02-20 17:15

Toy Fair 2011 Bandai - Thundercats

Bandai's new Thundercats line of figures seems to be one of the hottest releases of the year. We get a personal up-close look at these new figures.

Updated with HD video.

2011-02-20 17:14

Toy Fair 2011 Hasbro - G.I. Joe

We check out what Hasbro has coming out this year for all you Joe fans.

Updated with HD video.

2011-02-20 17:13

Toy Fair 2011 Hasbro - Marvel

Captain America and Spiderman and Thor and Iron Man Oh my!

Updated with HD video.

2011-02-20 17:12

Toy Fair 2011 Hasbro - Star Wars

We head over to the Star Wars booth to check out the dizzying array of releases available to all the Star Wars fans out there.

Updated with HD video.

2011-02-20 17:10

Toy Fair 2011 Hasbro - Transformers

The first day of our journey begins with a stop at the Hasbro Private Showroom and then we get whisked away to check out all the new Transformers goodies we will see this year.

Updated with HD video.

2011-02-20 17:08
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