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  • Twin Bird Strike Pack

    It's not that I don't appreciate more comments but that's...what I said?

    SpaceRunaway   4 hours 47 min ago
  • Twin Bird Strike Pack

    While the Wildwurger did debut in Alpha 2, which was before Kabuto, Arado didn't drop in any Kabuto references until the Original Generations game which was released after Kabuto in 2007.

    It's especially obvious if you stick him in a Gespent MK II S and do a Gespenst Kick. He'll count 1 2 3 and then say Maximum Gespy Power.

    Catastrophe   4 hours 59 min ago
  • Twin Bird Strike Pack

    These have been great reviews Space. They really make me regret not getting to build some of the Kotobukiya models. I have the Wild Falken and it still holds up as one of my favorite designs of the series.

    The advantage of the model though is its rifle doesn't bend at the stock... I am so sorry yours did.

    Rob   6 hours 47 min ago
  • Twin Bird Strike Pack

    Thanks! I said it before, but I'm happy to hear that someone out there is enjoying these.

    I think I am mellowing out a bit (or is that just burn-out?), although I've also been avoiding ones I don't really have an interest in, and some that fall into that category I know to be really terrible (The Alt Eisen Riese, for instance, seems to be the most despised of the line, going from what little I've gleaned off Japanese bloggers). There are still ones I'd like to take a look at, but it seems that I've gone through the cheap FAFs and the ones left that I'm curious about are pretty expensive. The Lioh, for instance, still goes for over $200, and for that much I might as well just spend twice as much and get the SRX box (I'm not planning on doing that either).

    It's probably not a permanent end, but I've run through my backlog and can't keep up the semi-regular schedule I was trying to keep, and I'd like to take a look at some other mediocre toys for a bit. Also at the moment I'm broke :>

    Thanks again for reading!

    SpaceRunaway   7 hours 34 min ago
  • King Joe

    Wow, I can't believe I somehow didn't realize that this was 7 inches. That size will work great with my ultra act figures! time to save up and replace the 5 inch bandai vinyl i have been using :)

    Gazbot   7 hours 34 min ago
  • Twin Bird Strike Pack

    I don't want these to end~ Though the figures seem to have gotten less awful (or you've just been less vicious about them?) as the reviews have gone on, at least. Like, the Wildwurger actually looks pretty damn decent, all things considered, as a figure, and I'm surprised the Crusher doesn't completely shatter into a million pieces when you move it.

    Rankarana   8 hours 17 min ago
  • Not you this time, I'm seeing it too. The EWAC and the Gundam MK V figures and the plethora of kits that are coming like the HGUC Zeta Plus.

    I think it would be beyond epic if Bandai wanted to give the S-Gundam a Real Grade model!

    Rob   11 hours 5 min ago
  • Is it just me, or has there been a flurry of Gundam Sentinel designs coming out all of a sudden?

    EVA_Unit_4A   13 hours 9 min ago
  • I'm angry the version I bought was never completed. A white colored Optimums Prime is not the same as Ultra Magnus. To my knowledge, there has never been an armor/trailer kit to complete this figure. Granted, knowing what I now know, I would not have assumed that they would eventually release the rest of his Armour/trailer. But I bought him around the time I was switching over form mainly Hasbro level toys and fully believed that a 1-200.00 figure labeled "Masterpiece" would be the definitive version. I now know better, I now know that companies constantly disappoint and double dip, but that doesn't make it right. Being angry at poor customer service and company greed is not overrating. Anger is a gift :p

    Gazbot   14 hours 20 min ago
  • Twin Bird Strike Pack

    Site user Recognizer points out that the Wildwurger design predates Kabuto by three years, and I realized that the referential dialogue would have only been added in the games that came after Kabuto aired. So, either the similarities between the beetle motif and the armor ejection are purely coincidental, or someone at Toei plays a lot of Super Robot Wars.

    SpaceRunaway   17 hours 28 min ago
  • The massive uni-boob screams Kawamori, but the lack of extraneous bits hanging off the hips leaves me wanting.

    Seriously, though, it may be interesting to compare these toys with the one-step and flip-change toys that Hasbro has on the way for the Transformers Age of Extinction line. They seem like a very different take on the simple, kid-friendly rapid transformation idea.

    Corduroy Bear   20 hours 1 min ago
  • See below

    Wankor   1 day 1 hour ago
  • So you're upset you bought one version of Magnus years ago and nobody has released another until recently? Don't you think that is a little bit of an overreaction Mr Angry?! p

    Shame Grimlock wasn't designed in that scale .

    Wankor   1 day 1 hour ago
  • I hope that Bandai's non-Gunpla is all this nice, because I am rolling the dice on their new VF-1S. I studied Veef's written and video reviews... and decided to go for it anyways, mainly because I've been so impressed with recent Gunpla.

    And not to get too personal, but I want to thank you specifically, Rob. I got back into Gunpla this winter, inspired largely by your reviews like the RX-78-2 v3.0. I have been building exclusively real-world military models for years, but I moved someplace with an unheated workshop and couldn't do anything that needed my airbrush or serious tools in the cold months. I hadn't built any Gunpla since back when Wing kits were in Toys 'R' Us, but it seemed like just the thing for a stress-free coffee table build (obviously not talking about taking it to the level you do).

    I picked up a RG RX-78-2 and - holy cow - Bandai's engineering on the RG kits puts everything I knew from folks like Dragon and Tamiya to shame. Those things are incredibly precise and fun to build, and I'm still pretty happy with the result even when I don't paint much. I've been devouring kits about one a month and loving it... again, thanks to you.

    Corduroy Bear   1 day 5 hours ago
  • Thanks for the extra insight and opinion on the design. I do see the resemblance.

    To answer your question, I did put on a Semi-Gloss topcoat on it when I was finished.

    I think Bandai's really done some nice work outside of the Gunpla fare with the UC Hardgraph kits and especially the Yamato.

    I'm sorry I should have mentioned this in my review, but the model comes with an English brochure advertising the Yamato model collection, complete with a fold out of the battleship talking about its parts separation.

    Rob   1 day 6 hours ago
  • Fantastic job! I couldn't believe from the first few shots that you left parts of this unpainted - it has such a realistic finish. Maybe that's a topcoat? At any rate, it looks amazing, and all of the detail painting and other touches really show. If Bandai did a nice job making a jet instead of their usual robot fare, I'd say that goes double for you.

    Funny thing for me was that the first aircraft I thought of on seeing this was the Douglas Skyray. I think it's the canopy profile. Whatever the specific inspiration, the way the new designs mix the 50s- and 60s- era look of the originals with details that are straight from 5th-gen fighters is really cool (yeah, I know the show was in the 70s, but its fighters looked sorta dated even then). It's a weird look, but I dig it.

    Corduroy Bear   1 day 7 hours ago
  • True. The mistakes that Bandai is making with these is leaving plenty of room for the 3rd party companies to release pieces to correct the mistakes that were made. One company made that flowing hair piece for Virgo Shaka, which should have totally been included with the EX Shaka release to begin with.

    SentaiSeiya   1 day 11 hours ago
  • This looks better than the suit on the show did!

    Gazbot   1 day 11 hours ago
  • This is one of many Japanese characters that I started out thinking, "that is ugly as crap", but, over time began to love the difference from other characters and brashness of design choices. Anyway now I think he looks awesome and I want him, I hope Blue fin brings it over otherwise it will be a 100.00 figure :(

    Gazbot   1 day 11 hours ago
  • Gokai Spear

    That's brilliant! Why didn't I think of that!?

    Jmann   1 day 12 hours ago
  • If only his hair wasn't as brightly colored as King Endymion's suit. It makes it noticeably less accurate to the anime. I really hate Bandai's liberties with Cloth designs.

    RobertG22   1 day 12 hours ago
  • Torabolt

    Whenever I looked at the pictures of the cat mode, I thought he looked grumpy, then I realized that he has a sword up his butt. Now it makes sense for him to be grumpy.

    Slyder5597   1 day 12 hours ago
  • "I'll just put the Guiltice next to my Robot Damashii Nirvash Type Zero and my Super Robot Chogokin Solar Aquarion for the sake of comparison with other Bandai toys. "

    In my mind, they're all pointing at each other and shouting.

    recognizer   1 day 12 hours ago
  • Did someone say Eraser???

    recognizer   1 day 13 hours ago
  • Gokai Spear

    And that imagination sentai can have a robot that gets an erection.

    Slyder5597   1 day 15 hours ago
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