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  • Akagi

    More Akagi toys need to come with her "I'm stuffing my face with food" face.

    Dkun   1 day 7 hours ago
  • Akagi

    I can see Kaga being one of their premium club exclusives.

    VF5SS   1 day 10 hours ago
  • Akagi

    I'm kind of surprised they didn't release a Kaga along Akagi, but hopefully thats the next one announced. Maybe they were going for more of a 'serious' look with Akagi, but I do wish she came with a more gluttonous face. Now all you need are some kancolle nendos to have your own daycare!

    Those RAH stands really are terrible though, I think they are literally scaled up versions of the MAFEX version. My RAH Mikasa came with one and there was no way it would support her in any type of mid air pose.

    siningy   1 day 10 hours ago
  • GM


    Heavyarms   1 day 10 hours ago
  • Yeah well maybe but take GaoGaiGar newer design but atleast you can look at the figure and it makes sense and SOC outstanding execution. This thing is mass of red spikes, I mean like I said it reasonates with someone great but it looks like a visual mess and I don't see locking tabs solving that.

    TattooedRobot   2 days 5 hours ago
  • Threezero Getter Robot

    I guess he heard all those snaps about him chunking up :D

    RobotBastard   2 days 10 hours ago
  • Aquatic snowplow?

    Astronopolis   2 days 15 hours ago
  • RX-78 v2

    RX-78 always finds a way to get better!

    also, you guys talking about going to B&N for Gundam. stop! I'm jealous enough!

    Rob   4 days 5 hours ago
  • Gelgoog Eraser

    Except when there's an Elmeth in the way.

    Rob   4 days 5 hours ago
  • Gelgoog Eraser


    RobotBastard   4 days 7 hours ago
  • RX-78 v2

    Yeah my local store just has 10 Zeta Gundams haha. They're a lot harder to sell at $10.00 than 5 or 7.

    Dkun   4 days 9 hours ago
  • RX-78 v2

    I hope my Barnes & Noble get this wave in. We're still stocked with the previous wave 6.

    netkid   4 days 11 hours ago
  • Roger roger.

    VF5SS   4 days 12 hours ago
  • There's other stuff that's wrong with this thing that makes it disappointing for the big expensive motorized mecha. There should have at least been swivel joints in the elbows in order to enable a full recreation of Samurai Ha-Oh's finishing move, as far as articulation goes. And there should have been gearing in the forearms to spin the drills - it's a simple mechanism and there's plenty of room. This is the deluxe, gigantic, motorized robot that forms the base for the ultimate combination, and it should have done more.

    The BoA Bull Megazord does not really improve on any of these problems, but they're a lot less disappointing on that figure since that one was made for a cheaper price point.

    ZeldaTheSwordsman   4 days 15 hours ago
  • They're an army that doesn't need to eat, drink, or even get paid, and they're relatively cheap and easily salvageable.
    In other words, exactly the kind of army that a crooked megacorp that tries to cut costs wherever possible would create.

    Also, good to know you think all the Gungans, Naboo Guards, Clone Troopers, Jedi and countless other beings that the Battle Droids have gunned down over the course of the canon are inconsequential.

    ZeldaTheSwordsman   4 days 15 hours ago
  • I'm really digging on this whole idea. Maybe it's the next quirky fashion trend?

    RobotBastard   5 days 14 hours ago
  • While Lucas's decision to create an army of ineffectual cannon fodder for dull consequence less battles was less than coherent, I really liked them as a design and a character

    Also, is it just me, or is it ironic that Lucas created a robot that can fellate himself?

    Astronopolis   5 days 16 hours ago
  • If you like playing with a camera with your Action Figures, Monsters or Gokin these things are awesome. Especially the red flame set. Although the blue adds some spectacular touches as well. With a bit of creative lighting you would not believe how much these make your figures pop and grab the eye.

    faelon   6 days 3 hours ago
  • This release was totally solid. Do I need this version..... Feels like an impulse buy in the making.

    TattooedRobot   6 days 12 hours ago
  • I got this one for my Nephew along with Grimlock and he loves them. I think they're pretty fun. What I like the most is that in the hands of a 4 year old, they're very sturdy and don't fall apart so easily.

    but I took the Axe for my collection... child safety first *cough dibs cough*

    Rob   1 week 5 hours ago
  • from my limited understanding of the franchise, you hunt the monster and take parts from it to craft weapons and armor. i think this figure depicts both the monster and a hunter wearing the armor and weapons crafted from it, with a bit of polish courtesy of Katoki-san to blend the design features to suit the transforming gimmick.

    that said, it just begs you to ask who this figure is for, if you want a hunter or a monster you want them implemented well on their own, bandai's SH Figuarts or SH Monsterarts lines should have been utilized for this type of thing, but i guess theres the element of shrinking shelf space, and japanese design sensibilities of multiporposing to maximize space in general, and this seems to be the result of that in my opinion

    Astronopolis   1 week 15 hours ago
  • Well then, there goes my interest.

    ZeldaTheSwordsman   1 week 1 day ago
  • Chogokin My Melody

    My daughters (who I bought both Hello Kitty Chogokin for and they adore them) had to explain who My Melody is. Guess i'm out of the loop, but this is still bought.

    Kenny G   1 week 1 day ago
  • There is definitely a disconnect between older collectors and younger ones. I'm glad they branching out the gokin choices, you can't always have 40 year old robots rehashed and expect to garner interests from newer and younger fans. The design seems to be in line with the style of MH armors at least, but it just didn't quite work out. I think maybe if they at least added some locking tabs or just took out the transformation gimmick, it could have been a much better toy.

    siningy   1 week 1 day ago
  • As this is an imported toy being distributed to the US originally intended to be a collector's piece for adults with a 16+ age recommendation, there is no need to conform to toy safety standards.

    Dkun   1 week 1 day ago
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