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  • Chogokin Hello Kitty

    It's the only one of "dad's silly toy robots" that my daughters like...and want. Heck, my son thinks it's cool too (although he'd still rather play with my DX Sentai mecha). It is such an odd, but awesome, fusion of classic Gokin and recognizable pop culture..

    Kenny G   7 hours 37 min ago
  • Omg I never saw it b4, & now I can never unsee it. Lol. Not to worry though, that only makes it even more awesome than it already is !

    Mazinkaizer   1 day 2 hours ago
  • Chogokin Hello Kitty

    Great review! I'm so relieved to hear that this is a winner. I picked it up for my own s.o. for exactly the reason you described. Seems like the perfect toy to blend our interests. But it's still packed away since her birthday isn't for a while yet. The suspense is killing me!

    japester   1 day 3 hours ago
  • Vertilift

    Wow, this is why these little toys are so cool! Even a seemingly simple toy, has some cool gimmicks, with more moving parts than expected.

    I learned something new after all these years having one of these toys, about the 2 small wing colors being different from the Popy. I never noticed that!

    The fanned out colorful wing feature makes this toy one that attracts attention, and pickups when on a display shelf.

    That's why Dave is chronicling these things.

    repairtechjon   1 day 12 hours ago
  • Anyone ever noticed that Z Mazinger's chest looks a lot like the crest of the Decepticon logo?

    Tetsuryu   2 days 22 min ago
  • Ride Armor Yellow Type

    Thanks for reviewing these. I'll be taking your advice and not buying them, but I am trying to work my way through building models of all four bikes. Since only one kit is available, the photos you've taken will be very helpful when I'm doing the mods to the other three.

    spencer1984   2 days 1 hour ago
  • Iron Man Mark XLII

    Good to see it wasn't just me who struggled with putting the batteries in the head then. That was ridiculously frustrating. The location of the on/off switch is lame too .
    Apart from that , the figure is a show stopper

    Wankor   3 days 2 hours ago
  • Fighter Birdman

    Would be pretty nice. The clear plastic containers could be used to hold stuff. Or they could be sold inside one of those new vending machines where a contraption inside grabs a drink and moves it down to the exit. So far I've only seen one of those kinds of machines here in America. I wonder if Japan sells jumbos in vending machines? They have vending machines for everything else over there...

    Scarfang_The_Slayer   3 days 3 hours ago
  • Justintv is shut down?

    Still on Streamup

    SpaceRunaway   3 days 5 hours ago
  • Justintv is shut down?

    I don't see a CDX link there.

    pinoy78   3 days 6 hours ago
  • Fighter Birdman

    I have always wanted a giant jumbo dispensing gumball machine actually.

    NekroDave   3 days 8 hours ago
  • Fighter Birdman

    Just as I expected!


    Tetsuryu   3 days 20 hours ago
  • To be honest, Blackout and Barricade from the first movie (and Grindor from ROTF) were really the only movie-verse figures I liked even up to now. I was very tempted to buy evasion mode Prime only because of his alt mode, but thankfully I have very strong will power. Lol. I haven't seen the new TMNT movie but the designs don't look THAT bad. As for the Nolan Batman movies I thought the first was a snore fest, the second one rocked, and I haven't seen the third one yet.

    Scarfang_The_Slayer   4 days 6 hours ago
  • Fighter Birdman

    At first glance before reading the review I thought all of the parts came from different sources since it's a bootleg. Also, are "Jumbos" supposed to be super ginormous-sized gumball machine toys? That's what they all look like to me.

    Scarfang_The_Slayer   4 days 7 hours ago
  • LOL

    LOL. Although in fairness design wise it isn't as bad as his Transformers....or Turtles.
    Having said that I was not a fan of Nolan's Batman movies either.

    Mark M   5 days 6 hours ago
  • So I will dress myself up like a member of KISS!

    RobotBastard   5 days 9 hours ago
  • GG Allin 1989

    I have mixed feelings about GG. Some of his earlier stuff with the Jabbers is good, old fashioned fun punk rock. But later stuff is garbage. Some stuff he recorded was straight up uncredited ripoffs of other things (including an obscure Mad Magazine single!), too. His antics could be amusing and I can appreciate his authenticity. The dude really lived the way he presented himself, by all accounts. That said, I sincerely hope some of his songs do NOT reflect his true nature. He wrote about some pretty heinous things at times that I hope was done purely for shock value. Ultimately, I feel like he was little more than a spectacle, but one that was kind of entertaining at times, if you were smart enough not to take him seriously. Although I can see the appeal of being such a "free spirit", I worry about people who look at him like some kind of hero. The documentary "Hated: GG Allin and the Murder Junkies" by Todd Phillips is pretty entertaining and illuminating, if you haven't seen it.

    NekroDave   5 days 9 hours ago
  • He looks cool and all, but for the sake of all the hardcore Batman fans out there, let's hope Michael Bay doesn't see this >_>;

    Scarfang_The_Slayer   5 days 10 hours ago
  • It's a representation of what the baddies and ne'er do wells perceive batman to be I imagine. Would be cool to put with a regular batman as a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure stand!

    Astronopolis   5 days 10 hours ago
  • I wouldn't insult Guyver. He's standing behind Sepheroth so nuff said!

    Rob   5 days 12 hours ago
  • That's either a Guyver bad guy or a rejected Final Fantasy summon.

    RobotBastard   5 days 13 hours ago
  • I remember seeing pics of the SD-SDF-1 at a toy show before. Good to know that there's a release date and pricing for it... although it looks like, unless there's a lot of sliding involved, the cannons can't go into active mode around that giant noggin.

    atom smasher   5 days 15 hours ago
  • I wonder if they'll include a larger version of Saber's head that slides over the small one like the big helmet does, to repro the look he had in the anime quite often while chilling back at home base; Star Saber's body but with Saber's noggin.

    I also wonder if the shield clips onto anything in vehicle mode.

    Tetsuryu   5 days 21 hours ago
  • Mosquito Bot

    Hey, that's the same exact packaging that my butterfly robot came in from way back when! This version was released in the 90's right? It's good that this version of the Mosquito Bot came with her weapon, but $10.00? Really?

    Scarfang_The_Slayer   6 days 1 hour ago
  • That's actually really cute.

    I hope someone makes a GK of some in-scale Zentradei ships!

    RobotBastard   6 days 11 hours ago
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