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  • ARX-8 Laevatein

    This is the TOTY for 2014 in my opinion.

    JC73   4 hours 37 min ago
  • Dude...You sold the Arm Change Series? The fruit can be used with Kachidoki to show Kiwami transformation..Well Photoshop can do it too..haha.

    Ghost_XIII   1 day 11 hours ago
  • Not all of them just a few particular series namely Ryuki, Faiz and Blade.Volume 40 and above fixed that issue.
    His sword is totally badass with a diecast blade but too bad he's almost a brick.His outward movement sucks.

    Ghost_XIII   1 day 11 hours ago
  • Okay, thanks for telling me. Yeah, i heard a lot of older SIC's are very delicate. No wonder it was so cheap. (36 USD) And Alternative Zero looked so cool.

    Autobot Alex   2 days 14 hours ago
  • Crawler

    I have a knock off of this that's a very slight retool. It comes from the Quick Change line along with most of the other Insect Robots that I reviewed. I don't think mines is different enough to post a review since there were only very minor things changed.

    Scarfang_The_Slayer   3 days 7 hours ago
  • Trash-Talk

    Shoomer in claw hands? Everything fits in claw hands.

    MyFirstBlaster, Sadly is a separate purchase.

    TattooedRobot   3 days 9 hours ago
  • Oh really?My bad then.

    Ghost_XIII   3 days 16 hours ago
  • I paid about 30USD for it.Its a used set though.50 is OK I advice,stay away from the Ryuki series SIC.I have also documented Ryuki for review and the elbows and knees joint are broken and need to be replace with revo joint.Ryuki series have the worst joint durability.

    Ghost_XIII   3 days 16 hours ago
  • Trash-Talk

    Can the Shoomer fit into Generations Whirl's grip?

    Also.. do you have "My First Blaster?" (a Brainstorm genius creation!)

    Rob   3 days 16 hours ago
  • ...I'm beginning to notice a trend... that favorite type Mobile Suits are ending up as exclusives. First it was the Tallgeese 2, then my Astray Red Frame, and now this? Okay Bandai, you have my money and my attention.

    Rob   3 days 17 hours ago
  • Wow! Just.. wow.

    It's been a rumor for almost a year now, but it's Bandai's turn to say "Yeah it's for real. The Beast of Possibilities is now a Perfect Grade!"

    With exception to the wingspans of the Zeta, 00 Raiser and Wing Zero, this is going to be the biggest Perfect Grade in overall Mobile Suit height.

    The Unicorn's a tough design to imagine in this scale because of its transformation ability but I read a translation of the flyer that says it will use magnets, but I was half expecting linkage springs.

    There's something about it featuring a 'third form' of some kind and it's going to have enough weapons that will satiate everyone until the inevitable "Full Armor" edition.

    and the LED set... 30 units?! Happy building!

    Rob   3 days 17 hours ago
  • Crawler

    Oddly enough, the gun design that this belongs too, came withe the grasshopper when it was a deluxe Insecticon.

    Also I recall a I was given a three pack at a VERY early age (probably like 4 years old), which had the convertors Grasshopper, beetle with the rubber attentae but I don't recall what the third was (maybe this guy).

    VZMK2   3 days 17 hours ago
  • Crawler

    I got one of these back in the day. I remember playing with it mixed in with my Transformers. I pretended he was another Insecticon, but it bugged me (see what I did there?) that he wasn't black and purple like the others I had, the ones from the show. I was unaware of the deluxe Insecticons until I was much older.

    I still have this guy in a baggie with several other cheap transforming toy knockoffs I had as a kid. Love the design these many years later.

    djinniman37   3 days 17 hours ago
  • What did you pay for the Zeronos/Deneb set? Is 50 USD reasonable? I was window shopping through the internet for SIC and found some other interesting figures, like Ryuga and Alternative Zero. Kick/Punch Hopper look nice, too.

    Autobot Alex   3 days 19 hours ago
  • Crawler

    I still have one, albeit in parts because I used some bits for a few customs, but as a kid it was one of my favorite figures. Articulation was a bit better than most Transformers at the time, and the design of the toy is top-notch.

    Chogokin Dez   3 days 21 hours ago
  • Trash-Talk

    Absolutely worth that wait! And 2 reviews for the price of one. I am glad you enjoyed them.

    TattooedRobot   4 days 7 hours ago
  • You mean MacheTeddy (マチェーテディ). Even the instruction manual states it's MacheTeddy.

    makaikishi   4 days 8 hours ago
  • I used to own the Zeronos and Deneb set but sadly, I sold it off to fund for other volume..hehe...and I do not own any other set as of now.
    But I did documented the set for review but the pictures are little......sub par I guess compare to my current pics so I'm not sure whether I will use those pics for review or just wait until I get a new set and photoshoot the whole thing again.

    My opinion on the Zeronos set,they are great.You can display Deneb and Vega side by side. The major downside of the set probably the looseness(bought mine used btw) of Zeronos joint,his sword dont have any locking mechanism and my Deneb's arm really like to pop off. Thats basically it.

    Ghost_XIII   4 days 11 hours ago
  • Do you have any of the other Den-O figures? Like Ryutaros and Gun Form? Or Zeronos and Deneb? I'm really interested in getting Zeronos and Deneb. I want to read a review before i go out and buy one, though.

    Autobot Alex   4 days 12 hours ago
  • Arkham City Batman

    Nice statue, but he looks a lot like Grumpy Cat in that fourth picture, and only that picture, for some reason. Must be the lighting/angle.

    NekroDave   5 days 4 hours ago
  • You just know the people who do weird stuff with their Woody Revoltechs are going to have a field day with those crosses... as will the Evangelion fans come to think of it.

    atom smasher   5 days 11 hours ago
  • In both the US and Japanese versions of the show, the code to transform for the 5 main characters was 335. I think the numbers on the package are just godaikin designations no? Or, do you mean the toy had an action feature different from the show that used the packaging numbers the way more recent morphers used cards and keys. And As far as I can tell yes, these were official releases, they have the Bandai logo.

    Gazbot   5 days 15 hours ago
  • Wow awesome set, the price isn't too bad either.

    Gazbot   5 days 15 hours ago
  • So this is NOT a web exclusive?

    Tetsuryu   5 days 17 hours ago
  • So is the revision based on an update costume from RX or is this just a general update to the old figure?

    Seems kind of weird if it's the latter, it's not that old a figure.

    Tetsuryu   5 days 17 hours ago
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