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  • Nice story Josh,

    whats your thoughts on toy fairs to come? was it just missing a bit this year or is there a trend you're noticing over the last 4 years? Any other similar exhibitions to look out for in the future that compare or is NYTF the one to check out? have you ever been to japan, china or korea?

    *life is a playground - PLAY IN IT!!*

    Ben Gartrell   11 years 12 weeks ago
  • You can see all 30+ figures planned to come out RIGHT HERE

    And for those of you who think these guys are deformed, or McDonald's toys... just keep on reading.


    Transformers Attacktix are coming out in a few months, and after the initial showing at Toy Fair 2006, they have been met with some skepticism by Transformer fans. Attacktix, be it Star Wars or Transformers, are very odd looking. They have big bulky arms, giant hands, and guns that would make Gilda Radner's chair look small. What is the reason for all this deformity? Functionality.

    What this means for Transformer fans is that these toys are NOT for fans who only enjoy the thrill of "transforming" that giant robot. There will be no transformations here, aside from a Special Power that pops up from time to time. However, that does not mean these are not toys for Transformers fans. Take it from me, I moderate one of the only Attacktix Forums and author the only Attacktix Blog I am aware of... and when I bought my first pack of Star Wars Attacktix, I kept the receipt.

    Attacktix are fun, and they are meant to be played with! So if you not only love Transformers because of the skill required to transform the toys, but you also enjoy watching the cartoon (any of them) then you will like Attacktix. I can still hear the sound of Optimus Prime transforming into his truck form, with a noise that can not be onomatopoeically written. If you used to make this sound while transforming your figures, and then bang two of them together as if they were fighting in your own lap, then Attacktix is for you!

    My wife and I have collected toys for as long as we have been together. During the height of the new Star Wars trilogy, we bought some of the new figures and we battled... but it didn't feel right. Attacktix brings that feeling back! You get to shoot and punch the bad guys (or the good guys!) To do all this, Hasbro had to alter the look of the figures a bit. In contrast, Marvel Showdown figures look awesome. They are basically mini-Marvel Legends that can fight each other. But how do they fight each other? Spider-Man shoots a web from an arm mounted web blaster and the Incredible Hulk shoots a green fist from... an arm mounted fist blaster. (You remember that issue right?) These ToyBiz toys look great, but nobody bought them for the game, in fact I am not sure who is playing the game.

    People are playing Attacktix. Adults, children, families, everyone is playing with Attacktix because that is these figures' purpose. It is fine if you are a die-hard Transformers fan, and these toys are too childish to pick up. But do not dismiss them because they are Transformers that do not transform, like Action Masters. These are not made for transforming, they are made for battle. Scoffing at a bust of Optimus Prime because he can not transform would be ridiculous. The same goes for Attacktix, buy a Starter Set and let one missile fly. I guarantee you will be hooked!

    jojomanzo   11 years 13 weeks ago
  • -haha dont worry, i'm sure i snore too ;-)

    Maybe I should unload my tie fighter while the getting is good...

    CollectionDX Admin

    JoshB   11 years 13 weeks ago
  • ...snorer is as snorer does. Or something.

    Those gold Titanium TIE Fighters are going for $100-150 on the 'bay right now.

    Roger   11 years 13 weeks ago
  • Deluxe Dragonzord

    I really dislike what Bandai America did with the stickers back in those days, with all the horrible lightning bolts all over the place.

    CollectionDX Admin

    JoshB   11 years 13 weeks ago
  • Coverage of him at BoingBoing here.

    Roger   11 years 13 weeks ago
  • Jeeg Reissue

    You are right about the drills. My guess is they were rounded off in the reissue for safety reasons.

    CollectionDX Admin

    JoshB   11 years 14 weeks ago
  • Jeeg Reissue

    I know that when comparing the reissue and the original, the original big drill missiles are much sharper. The holes in the soles of the feet (for connecting to the Big Shooter) might be different, too. Does anyone have a complete list of differences?

    Roger   11 years 15 weeks ago
  • Rolling Bomber Special

    I have seen "Rolling Bomber Special" several times, and I really like it! "Power Rangers" fans may not get all of it because it's specifically for Japanese fans of the Super Sentai genre, but they will recognise some traits- the skin-tight outfits, a super finishing weapon, etc. But some cultural and parrody nuances may not make much sense, as "PR" is significantly altered (re: 'dumbed down') for the younger audience it targets.
    [Mumbling to himself: 'Blasted American censorship rules...']

    EVA_Unit_4A   11 years 17 weeks ago
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