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  • Liger

    my 4/5 year old self leaped off my chair. I would love to have this as a kid. Simple. but it hits all the things as a kid/collector that I love!

    thanks for reviewing.

    kidchuckle   1 year 1 week ago
  • I certainly hope not.

    I've been waiting for a God Mazinger way too long to end up with a freakin' statue!

    Tetsuryu   1 year 1 week ago
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    mirchi789 (not verified)   1 year 1 week ago
  • Doesn't look SOC to me. That's a Zero, hope not but looks like it.

    TattooedRobot   1 year 1 week ago
  • I might need two of each of these.

    NekroDave   1 year 1 week ago
  • Dragon

    You're right, they do. I think I just couldn't get my finger in enough to move it and didn't want to force it when I took those pictures.. I just used a little blade to get into between the tips though. Looks better, but would still prefer a completely die-cast front though.

    NekroDave   1 year 1 week ago
  • Dragon

    FYI, the silver points on the tip can spread out as well, if I recall correctly.

    JoshB   1 year 1 week ago
  • Mazinger Z

    So glad you got, and enjoyed, both toys! They are some of my favorite pieces in my collection. Just a beautiful rendition of the character, imo. And yes, Alan is a real nice guy, with a fantastic collection. :)

    NekroDave   1 year 1 week ago
  • Although I got a great price for it, I sort of regret selling that old Mark die-cast a few years after that review was done. LOL But this is great news for the SOC line, imo, and a definite buy for me. I've been wanting to get more modern die-cast again lately but there hasn't been much new released that interests me so this and Getter Go makes me happy.

    NekroDave   1 year 1 week ago
  • Sweet. I kinda wanted the Evolution Toy version because I figured this would never happen, but I never got it. So I'm glad to see I was wrong.

    NekroDave   1 year 1 week ago
  • Wow, that looks good. Maybe a little Aquarion-like (it's almost guaranteed to be top-heavy) but it's great to see the design revisited.

    I have the transforming Yutaka version, but I haven't taken it out in years.

    Inverarity   1 year 2 weeks ago
  • Krok

    Yeah, I'm really Glad this figure got made

    quinncat   1 year 3 weeks ago
  • Krok

    Haven't handled any version of this figure yet, but he does look pretty cool. If this is how we get the first new Krok figure in almost 30 years, so be it. Definitely a boon to IDW fans since he's been a featured character over the past few years.

    Optimal III   1 year 3 weeks ago
  • Krok

    Yeah, ok? Sorry but that was my point! if someone likes the aesthetics of one over the other that means they think it's "better"

    quinncat   1 year 3 weeks ago
  • Krok

    They are the exact same figure except for the head and paint scheme. I wouldn't buy one hoping for an improvement on the other. If you're trying to decide between one or the other, the decision should come down entirely to which one you think looks better.

    Heavyarms   1 year 3 weeks ago
  • Krok

    What do you people think about this Krok figure? Do you think it's any better than skullsmasher?

    quinncat   1 year 3 weeks ago
  • Jet Scrander

    I love how the transparent flame element with the flicker gimmick complements the Popyness of the Hover Pilder from TS:001. The whole thing just looks timeless. Can't wait for their next release in the Toysmen Series! :D

    TheJud   1 year 4 weeks ago
  • Mazinger Z

    Just got these 2 pieces in. Wow!!!!! Obaa Pairuda ON! HASHIN!!

    P.S. Alan Lau is a world-class fellow enthusuast, and is a real pleasure to get to know. He's best in the business, and will treat you like a genuine friend. He ships with the best careful, thorough packaging. Definitely looking to do further business with :) I'm just blown away, and very, very pleased with his service.

    TheJud   1 year 4 weeks ago
  • Alien Metron

    This figure is best complemented by S.H. Figarts Dan Moroboshi. I have them sitting across each other smoking cig

    slee915   1 year 4 weeks ago
  • Agreed! AWESOME figure! Definitely one of my top favorite Figuarts.

    Alexx   1 year 5 weeks ago
  • Mazinger Z

    Hey NecroDave! I know I'm late to the party. I recently completed my Godaikin/SOC collecting with Golion. Now my focus is SWJMs thanks to your reviews and YT videos. So, I just read this article, and contacted Alan regarding the Maize Mazinger Z and Jet Scrander just in the very remote chance that anything might be available. And they both still were! So I'm happily waiting for this and the Jet Scrander to come in! Thank you for sharing the contact information. This is a great community. All My Best.

    TheJud   1 year 5 weeks ago
  • Darkwing Duck

    And unlike the original, he can actually hold his gun!

    Tetsuryu   1 year 5 weeks ago
  • Kup

    As far as deluxe figures go, I think Kup is still the best Titans Return has to offer. He's well designed, a more faithful/better update than any other official Kup figure so far, and his deco is a great throwback to the original toy & Marvel comics version.

    Perhaps best of all, this lead Takara to drastically retool their version. They're so different that it's actually worth having both.

    Optimal III   1 year 6 weeks ago
  • Casshern & Friender

    OOOOOH GIRL. This looks really nice. I've been reading Infini-T Force lately, and I'm itching to grab one of these guys.

    Jmann   1 year 6 weeks ago
  • Dark Voltron

    I'm not surprised by this one. I'm glad I don't support those liars by buying their unlicensed crap.

    makaikishi   1 year 7 weeks ago
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