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  • I'll be picking this up for sure. If that's actual MSRP, that's decent based on these pics.
    UPDATE: I found a few even a bit lower than MSRP> Mine's ordered. This one looks HOT!

    Grandzinga   27 weeks 2 days ago
  • Baselard

    I sure wish that Kotobukia (or even a 3rd party), would release a diecast/metal version of the base frame. If they did that it would be all over for me.

    warrhead   27 weeks 3 days ago
  • Baselard

    I really got carried away with the modeling support goods, so much that I bought about 10 different weapon sets, and got no actual Frame Arms robot yet.

    The first attempts at these kits were lackluster at best. The new ones have a better base frame and more colors for the parts.

    Your review has me considering buying the new Baselard frame.

    mikespiegel   27 weeks 4 days ago
  • When I first saw this, I thought it was the 2007 Reideen that was all gold.

    VZMK2   27 weeks 4 days ago
  • Baselard

    The Werewolf Spectre reissue with the new frame looks particularly awesome. It feels like someone at Koto looked at the Jesta from Gundam Unicorn and thought "Hey, we could do that with our stuff!"

    atom smasher   27 weeks 4 days ago
  • Baselard

    I'd like to add that since I submitted this, Kotobukiya has announced a refined Baselard (and a few other Frame Arms kits) that comes with the updated frame, so no need to purchase it separately.

    StarSaber   27 weeks 5 days ago
  • This is most anticipated for me, regular color. Raideen is awesome and this update is so different looking I hope it lives up to expectations.

    TattooedRobot   27 weeks 6 days ago
  • I thought I had seen a colored one, but all I could find was this promo pic:

    JoshB   27 weeks 6 days ago
  • I haven't even seen the normal colored one!

    TimF   28 weeks 5 hours ago
  • I don't remember seeing a regular or black feature version....I would rather have regular than gold....

    AJProDie-Cast   28 weeks 7 hours ago
  • These went fast!
    Whats the scale? I didn't see that listed in any descriptions.

    Grandzinga   28 weeks 3 days ago
  • It's so sad that this line of toys is so crappy. Because other manufacturers will look at the poor sales and say "welp, guess those Mac2 fans weren't as serious as they always said" and we'll never get a decent VF-2 toy...

    RobotBastard   28 weeks 3 days ago
  • Leprechaun

    These look like nice upgrade versions of the originals. I don't have these but I do have the Dana O'Shee vintage!

    Grandzinga   28 weeks 5 days ago
  • Mazinger Z

    I've had this guy displayed for years on a shelf that's climate controlled with no natural light in the room. I noticed a few months ago that a couple of missiles had fallen off the leg docks. The tabs of the leg docks were broken. They have snapped off under their own tension holding the rockets. That's a bummer considering these are newer material versions of the known fragile originals. I promptly bought a set of the more flexible docks from Shogun Plastics. Just thought Id let others that display theirs know what happened.

    Grandzinga   28 weeks 5 days ago
  • Godzilla Jumbosaurus

    I was unaware of this one. I have several of the small SLASH re-issues and they are wonderful also.

    Grandzinga   28 weeks 5 days ago
  • Moto Bisar Griffon

    If you remove the inner shoulder armor, everything stays together well. So just plug the wheels directly into the shoulders

    thehappyknife   28 weeks 5 days ago
  • Gelbros J3

    So glad that you brought this great looking jumbo to my attention! I put in an order immediately after catching this review.

    These are the kind of figures I've been waiting all these years for since the U-5 K7. Speaking of that figure, I disagree with your take on Garada. I love my Garada U-5 in the PX colorway. No, it's not a ball shooting replica of the original, but I see it as a similar update version much like this one appears to be. I wasn't aware of U5's attempt being much maligned lol. K7s are getting much harder to find either way.

    I sure hope people support this guy so Mandarake considers producing more Villainous Beasts!!

    Grandzinga   28 weeks 5 days ago
  • Scopedog

    Are you sure that's supposed to be Chirico?- the Scopedog's the stock variant, you can't see his face, and I think Chirico uses a different personal sidearm.

    Tetsuryu   29 weeks 2 days ago
  • It's gonna be great. We're there every year, so hopefully you can run down here one day! Or maybe we'll randomly show up at a convention near you!

    Jmann   30 weeks 7 hours ago
  • Not only will you guys be there, but they're doing the American premiere of the first episode of Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Season 2.

    atom smasher   30 weeks 9 hours ago
  • Robo+Gun

    drop your gun

    MasterMind   30 weeks 17 hours ago
  • Getter Robo

    I think this is one of the reasons they send out pre-production pieces to reviewers. They are able to see the toys through a critical eye, and make changes before they go to production.

    JoshB   30 weeks 2 days ago
  • Getter Robo

    I just received the Threezero Getter 1, and mine has hidden tabs/pegs in the Tomahawk handles for securing them to the hands. I don't see those in the Tomahawks you have. The fit so securely that it can hold the Tomahawks tightly in place with its hands open!


    The_Mazinger_Z   30 weeks 2 days ago
  • This thing is totally awesome! Too bad yours doesn't work, it's so fun to watch it move around.

    djinniman37   30 weeks 3 days ago
  • Forget the anime... the old school Battletech.Machwarrior fan in me sooo wants these :)

    faelon   30 weeks 4 days ago
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