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Mecha Hopzilla

I think this is a first for the website, a review of a beer?!

Episode 112 - Really, really, really, really loves it

Solid Snake

From the smash hit video game!

Getter Poseidon

Getter Poseidon

It seems as if Fewture was saving the best for last.

Arcadia Macross Plus YF-19 FAST Pack

YF-19 with FAST Packs

Arcadia continues where Yamato left off, bringing us the best rendition of the YF-19 from Macross Plus yet!

Power Toku Show DX

Power Toku Show DX Episode 6 - The one where no one likes Hibiki


Keeping the Visionaries coming with Cindarr the friendly Darkling Lord.



Raxephon is the true successor to Raideen, more so than the “official” re-imaginings of Raideen itself.

Tachikoma Blue

The original and best version of the Tachi...

Transformable Plane

With sound! With flashing! Battery operated!

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