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J. Fighter Mercury

J. Fighter Mercury

Safe to lick, but do not put in mouth.

The Joker (Bank Robber Version 2.0)

The Joker (Bank Robber Version 2.0)

I believe whatever doesn’t kill you simply makes you…stranger.

Power-Up Mecha Godzilla

Power-Up Mecha Godzilla


Cyber Formula Collection Volume 1: Asurada GSX

Sugo Corporations super intelligent AI equipped Cyber Machine

Sniper Sonic

Sniper Sonic

Hikarian: Great Railroad Protector takes the great trains of Japan and transforms them into cute robot protectors who have to stop an alien invasion.

SIC Masked Rider 2

Release 69 in the SIC line is number 2.

Ultra Magnus

Galoob's attempt to deal with Ultra Magnus.

Episode 126

Episode 126 - Beast Kings, Museums, and the Italian Mighty Orbots.

Skull Robot Change Robo

A skull that transforms into a robot.

VooV Guardian Fire Medic

Another flipping cool car!

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