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Star Wars Gansta Rap Celebrates 15 Years - 1時間 17分 ago
Originally released as a song, then animated, Star Wars Gangsta Rap took the internet by storm in August of 2000, and went on to win numerous awards, including the Audience Choice Award in the Lucasfilm-sponsored Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards. Check it out in the full report!
Categories: Star Wars

Children's Detective Novels Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note Get TV Anime

Anime News Network - 2時間 22分 ago
Fall shorts about 5 grade schoolers who solve cases
Categories: Anime

BigManToys x Ironhaus Productions – Oller

Plastic and Plush - 4時間 21分 ago

BigManToys will be releasing Oller - a collaboration between Jimmy Rommel of Ironhaus Productions (sculpting) and casted by Lee Burbridge of BigManToys (casting). Oller is a 4.5-inch tall resin figure. Each one includes a blindbagged, randomly colored Cystoid figure. And each header card has a comic inside.

He's big, he's bad, and he's gnarly... Oller is an intergalactic barbarian from a doomed planet, that contracted a form of alien cyst that grows into sentient parasites (known colloquially as "Cystoidz"). Oller travels from badland to badland looking for his next conquest... Which one will he conquer next? 

They will be available beginning at 6PM ET on Saturday August 1st 2015 over at the BigManToys Shop. You can pick one up for $40.00.

Categories: Designer Toys

Seraph of the End Gets Original Event Anime

Anime News Network - 5時間 9分 ago
Jump Special Anime Festa will tour 9 cities in Japan this November
Categories: Anime

Masters of the Universe M.U.S.C.L.E Available Now!

Super7 - 5時間 15分 ago

The classic rubber figures return with Masters of the Universe M.U.S.C.L.E. figures!

The flexible, durable & unstoppable Masters of the Universe M.U.S.C.L.E. figures, aka M.O.T.U.S.C.L.E., continue the classic line of 1980’s MUSCLE figures! Each pack contains three 1.75″ rubber figures on retro-styled blister card.

Available Now!





SDCC Shirts Now Available

Super7 - 5時間 17分 ago

Several stylish new designs from Super7 debuted at San Diego Comic-Con, and are now available online!

From Skeletor’s Lair:

8-Bit Skeletor – Eternia’s Evil Lord of Destruction reduced to low-resolution is pixelated perfection!


Grayskull Dungeon Sticker – What horrible, gnarly creatures lurk in the dark dungeon of Castle Grayskull?


Skeletor Minimal – The Evil Lord of Destruction melts away into the darkness.


Grayskull Blueprint – The mysterious and powerful Castle Grayskull, imagined as a set of blueprints, crafted by an unknown architect, lost to time..


And from a Galaxy Far Far Away…

Death Star Arcade – That’s no moon, it’s an arcade game! The Death Star is the ultimate power in the universe, so tackle it one brick at a time.


Comic Vader – The Dark Lord of the Sith rendered in the style of the funny pages!


Minimal Leia – As member of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor to the Empire, Princess Leia takes orders from nobody.


Tusken – The fearsome Tusken Raider re-imagined as a classic 1960’s monster Iron-on!


New Looks At Third Party Testshots And Prototypes From Fansproject, Maketoys And More

Tformers - 5時間 22分 ago
The Facebook page for the Ages Three And Up store has put up a small gallery of photos promoting the assortment of third party testshots currently visiting their retail location. Featuring a lot of Maketoys (including the Scorponok-based Pandinus), Fansproject, and more, there's a lot of new looks at upcoming figures, some revealed just as recently as TFCon. Click through to check it out!
Categories: Transformers

Tracking Board: Lionsgate is Working on Naruto Movie

Anime News Network - 7時間 6分 ago
Michael Gracey in talks to direct
Categories: Anime

Radio Free Cybertron - 428

Tformers - 7時間 22分 ago
This week on Radio Free Cybertron: We talk about the new Masterpiece Thundercracker figure coming from Takara Tomy, the Diaclone Reboot Masterpiece Toys, MakeToys Cyclonus upgrade kit, Dr Wu's NOT Mixmaster upgrade kit--er--figure, plus we sit down and chat with Colin Douglas, organizer of TFCon Charlotte about the upcoming convention. PLAYMP3Subscribe to YoutubeiTunesRSS
Categories: Transformers

New York Time Manga Best Seller List, July 19-25

Anime News Network - 7時間 24分 ago
Tokyo Ghoul, No Game, No Life, Akame ga Kill!, Log Horizon, Black Butler, The Devil is a Part-Timer, Big Hero 6, Attack on Titan, Bleach, Assassination Classroom
Categories: Anime

To Love-Ru -Trouble- Darkness Manga Volume 15 Bundles New OVA

Anime News Network - 8時間 54分 ago
2 episodes adapt stories from the manga
Categories: Anime

Star Wars Grand Florida Alliance: 2nd Annual Collector Swap Meet & Star Wars Art Show - 9時間 33分 ago
If you live in or around the Orlando, FL area and love Star Wars, this event is for YOU! The Star Wars Grand Florida Alliance is throwing a big event at the brand new Gods & Monsters comic, toy and collectibles store and it's not to be missed. Full details inside!
Categories: Star Wars

Sayaka Nakaya Stars in Magical Somera-chan Anime From Ai Mai Mi Creators

Anime News Network - 10時間 24分 ago
Staff returns for 3rd anime based on Choboraunyopomi's works
Categories: Anime

Bento Friday: Super Kawaii Bento Box Ideas

Rinkya Blog - 10時間 55分 ago

bento friday, cute bento, bento box ideas, bento box, rinkya, japan

This week’s Bento Friday is super cute! We have super kawaii bento box ideas that will make you happy and bust your creativity! And all come from the hands of Bento Days. We start with a ham and cheese sandwich with a super cute Gudetama on top of it! What better way to start the day than do it with Gudetama!

Let’s take a closer look at the rest of ideas!

bento friday, cute bento, bento box ideas, bento box, rinkya, japan

Baymax and Hello Kitty sushi! Super cute! And not so difficult to prepare!

bento friday, cute bento, bento box ideas, bento box, rinkya, japan

Totoro and Makkurokurosuke Udon soup. This is too cute!

bento friday, cute bento, bento box ideas, bento box, rinkya, japan

Minions!! Minion bread buns with chocolate! Would you be able to resist them?

bento friday, cute bento, bento box ideas, bento box, rinkya, japan

Rilakkuma bread buns. These are really cute! You can buy the buns, and then put chocolate on them and create Rilakkuma faces.

bento friday, cute bento, bento box ideas, bento box, rinkya, japan

Wanton noodles with fish pandas! These are too cute!

bento friday, cute bento, bento box ideas, bento box, rinkya, japan

And finally, a masterpiece. A Yamanote (Suika) penguin bread bowl with clam chowder!! I admit this one is difficult, but it looks so cute!

What do you think about all these kawaii bento box ideas?

Source: Bento Days
Image source: Bento Days

bento box, bento, japan, rinkya japan, rinkya, japan

The post Bento Friday: Super Kawaii Bento Box Ideas appeared first on A Rinkya Blog.

Categories: Otaku Culture

Flying Witch Manga About Teen Witch Gets TV Anime

Anime News Network - 11時間 29分 ago
Chihiro Ishizuka's story of 15-year-old witch who moves to northern Japan
Categories: Anime

One-Punch Man TV Anime Streams 2nd Promo Video

Anime News Network - 11時間 59分 ago
Series to premiere in October with streaming by Viz, Daisuki
Categories: Anime
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