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The World of Narue, Pacific Rim Win Seiun Awards

Anime News Network - 1時間 12分 ago
Guillermo del Toro's live-action film beats Gargantia, Psycho-Pass, Patema Inverted, Yamato 2199
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Mondo Does Toys - Iron Giant & TMNT to be on display at #SDCC 2014

Known in the pop culture world for their splendid "limited-edition posters and records", Mondo now jumps into toy production, with the first wave of collectibles include the robot from "Iron Giant" and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."The first wave of toys will be on display this week at Mondo's booth at Comic-Con in San Diego beginning Wednesday, including a 16-inch figure of the central robot
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Anime Sols Launches Streaming Campaigns for Dororo, Gordian

Anime News Network - 2時間 12分 ago
Each campaign set at US$2,700
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Squid Ink Kids for #SDCC 2014

5" SquibKids & 3" Squibs in Blue, priced US$110 and US$60 repectively, or US$150 for both. Limited to only 10 sets, they each come with their own Comic-Con badge! Smash the State 10-Doh! 7-inch tall figures features design by Frank Kozik wih this edition fettering hand-made ciggies by Nate Mitchell. Limited to only 50 customs and priced at US$100 each, look for them at booth #5150, as well
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SDCC14: DKE Toys – lil Jabrony “Balloons”

Plastic and Plush - 3時間 11分 ago
DKE SDCC lil Jabrony Balloons 1

The final San Diego Comic Con release announcement that will be taking place at the DKE Toys booth is lil Jabrony: "Balloons" by KiLL! x Virva Peikko. The handmade resin figure will be on a metal card. Limited to a run of only 20 pieces, you can pick one up fro your favorite brony for $65.00.

DKE SDCC lil Jabrony Balloons 2
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LEGO Exclusives for #SDCC 2014

… I couldn't resist any longer … I tried, but … forgive me, dear readers, for I had been selfish - in denying my desires, I denied you toy news - but no longer! Check out the new Guardians of the Galaxy “Rocket’s Warbird” Lego set (above) - priced at US$39.99, this 145-piece set will be available for sale only at San Diego Comic Con 2014 (July 24-27)! Other mini figures to be had include "The
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Naruto Voice Actress Junko Takeuchi Will Attend Comic-Con Int'l

Anime News Network - 3時間 57分 ago
Comic-Con International will be held at the San Diego Convention Center on July 24-27
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LEGO Tumbler Set From 'The Dark Knight' Will Rock Your GeekWorld

LEGO will be debuting BATMAN's TUMBLER from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight at San Diego Comic Con 2014 (July 24-27)! Consisting of 1,869 pieces and with a SRP of US$199. It’s expected to be available in September. As well "Christian Bale"’s Batman and the late "Heath Ledger"’s Joker will also be included in the Tumbler set. (So THAT's where the bootleg Joker came from LOL). "Measuring 15
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Wandering Son's Shimura to Launch Koiiji Manga in October

Anime News Network - 4時間 51分 ago
New manga series will launch in Kiss magazine.
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Mini Skull Brains - Lapolab x Emilio Garcia x Outland Designertoys Store exclusive Edition

You've see the above colorways for Emilio Garcia's MINI SKULL BRAINS? Now add the color RED to the line-up, with the coming of Outland Designertoys Store exclusive Edition! Limited to only 20 pieces, you can pre-order them at 23,99 EURO (for a Late July/August-2014 availability). Made of resin, gloss Nitro finish, signed and numbered, hand casted at the Secret Lapo Laboratories, theentire lineup
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ToysRUs Japan To Offer Astrotrain Micron In Promotional Campaign In August

Tformers - 5時間 44分 ago
Figure-Oh (Figure King) magazine has revealed that 3,000 Yen (About $30) worth of Age of Extinction toys will net you a special Astrotrain-themed Micron at Japanese ToysRUs stores this August. The clear purple plastic Mini-Con uses the same mold as Payload, the space shuttle partner of Generations Legends Cosmos. Keep reading to see the scan!
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CCC’s Flör Faunette Pre-Order

Plastic and Plush - 6時間 12分 ago
CCC Faunette Flor 2

Charles' Creature Cabinet has opened the pre-order for their Flör Faunette anthro ball-jointed doll. Standing in around 3.5" tall, the Woodling Faerie will be available in Sand/Beige and Tan. Each figure includes a face-up, CCC box and authenticity card. (Does not include glass eyes, custom outfits, wigs).

The Sand/Beige figure is available to pre-order for $189.00. The Tan version runs $199.00.

CCC Faunette Flor 1
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Dragon Ball Z's 2015 Film Previewed on Mezamashi TV

Anime News Network - 6時間 12分 ago
Creator Akira Toriyama conceives, scripts, designs film opening next spring in Japan
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World of Pascha Cyborg by 3A Toys (July 23 sale)

Priced at US$150 (includes shipping) for a Blind Box Single, while there'll also be a 4Pack which includes all the awesome looking femmes Long, Miyu, Lizbeth and Pony. Oh man, harsh call! But then again I'd rather my she-cyborg come in boots hahaha On sale July 23rd @ 11PM Hong Kong time, to coincide with the start day of San Diego Comic Con 2014 (July 24-27). Will update this post with more
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Amazing Heroes come to #SDCC 2014

WHAT: "Amazing Heroes hopes to bring four classic and cult heroes to life as 1980s style vintage 4” action figures. The first wave includes Captain Action, the Golden Age Dare-Devil, Black Terror, and Stardust the Super-Wizard—with stretch goal figures of Champion of Mars and Silver Streak."Fresh Monkey Fiction shares word of their crowd-funded Amazing Heroes action figure line, just launched on
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Transformers 4 Age of Extinction Concept Art by Steve Jung - Lockdown's Ship, Dinobot Battles, & Decepticon Widow Maker

Tformers - 8時間 35分 ago
Concept Artist Steve Jung, who has also worked on The Avengers, has posted a selection of his concept art to Facebook. Highlights include the interior of Lockdown's ship and its very regal cockpit, the Hong Kong street battle featuring the Dinobots, and most interestingly Widow Maker, a female Decepticon who was to transform into a Pagani Zonda. She was Jung's only full character design for Age of Extinction and, sadly, she didn't make the cut. Click through to see all the mirrored images!
Categories: Transformers
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