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Sony Releases Samurai Warriors, Resident Evil PS4 Covers

Anime News Network - 1時間 44分 ago
Engraved covers come as add-ons with PS4 purchase
Categories: Anime


Butto's Blog - 2時間 8分 ago
先日、「特捜部Q―檻の中の女―」を見ました。 デンマークの人気サスペンス小説の映画化。 殺人課の刑事マークは捜査中に犯人から銃撃を受け 部下の一人は殉職、もう一人は半身不随に。 彼自身もも重症を負ってし...

G-System 1/35 RX-78-2 Gundam Version Ka Free G3 Decal Included: Official Photoreview No.35 Images, Info

GunJap - 2時間 32分 ago

1G-System 1/35 RX-78-2 Gundam Version Ka Free G3 Decal Included:

Official Photoreview No.35 Images, Info

From the Manufacturer:

Overall height : 67cm
Head height : 60 cm
Shoulder width : 32 cm
Body depth : 22 cm
Total kit weight : 10.4 kgs
No. of resin parts : 256 pcs.
No. of heat pressed clear masks : 2 pcs.
Other accessories : Water decal x1 pc.

Price: US$609
Manufacturer: G-System

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Categories: Toy News

Tom-H@ck, Masayoshi Ōishi Make Ace of Diamond: 2nd Season's Ending Song

Anime News Network - 2時間 44分 ago
Artists reunite after making 1st anime's 1st two opening themes
Categories: Anime

GF13-011NC DRAGON GUNDAM S.U. Custom: Work by 望 Photoreview Hi Res Images

GunJap - 2時間 59分 ago

1GF13-011NC DRAGON GUNDAM S.U. Custom: Work by 望

Photoreview Hi Res Images

Dragon Gundam S.U
神龍高達Spallow Unit
Work by 望

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Categories: Toy News

Naomi, Ange Narrate New Cross Ange tr. PS Vita Game TV Spots

Anime News Network - 3時間 44分 ago
Naomi claims Ange is wearing her rider suit in video for game releasing on May 28
Categories: Anime

Bandai x Star Wars: 1/48 X-WING STARFIGHTER MOVING EDITION! Amazing!!!! UPDATE Official Images, Info Release

GunJap - 4時間 43分 ago

1Bandai x Star Wars: 1/48 X-WING STARFIGHTER MOVING EDITION! Amazing!!!! UPDATE Official Images, Info Release

1/48 スター・ウォーズ Xウイング・スターファイター ムービングエディション
Release date: 25 April 2015 – Price: 10,854 Yen

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1/48 スター・ウォーズ Xウイング・スターファイター ムービングエディション








・1/48 R2-D2機体取付用頭部パーツ×1
・1/48 R2-D2フィギュア×1


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Hugh Jackman revealed today on Instagram that he will be playing the X-Men character one last time

GunJap - 5時間 6分 ago

 Days of Future Past.Hugh Jackman revealed today on Instagram that he will be playing the X-Men character one last time

Our time with Hugh Jackman as The Wolverine looks like it’s coming to an end. The 46-year-old actor revealed today on Instagram that he will be playing the X-Men character one last time, probably in the next Wolverine movie that The Wolverine helmer James Mangold will direct.

Here below his Instagram pic

Screenshot - 29_03_2015 , 14_04

Categories: Toy News

RFC Video Review - Fans Toys FT-06 Sever Test Shot, AKA Masterpiece-Style Not-Snarl

Tformers - 5時間 7分 ago
Diecast from Radio Free Cybertron was recently given the opportunity to review a test shot of the upcoming Fans Toys Sever, their Snarl-alike done in the Masterpiece style! It's a pretty impressive, massive figure, and diecast seems pretty pleased with it. See for yourself by continuing to the full post!
Categories: Transformers

30-Second The Heroic Legend of Arslan TV Spot Aired Before April Premiere

Anime News Network - 5時間 13分 ago
Series based on Hiromu Arakawa's manga adaptation of Yoshiki Tanaka's novels premieres April 5
Categories: Anime

Studio Ghibli’s SPIRITED AWAY & THE CAT RETURNS Blu-ray Combo Packs from Disney on June 16th

SciFi Japan - 5時間 42分 ago
The Studio Ghibli movies SPIRITED AWAY and THE CAT RETURNS are coming to Blu-ray for the first time in North America from Walt Disney Studios. Images courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment. © 2001 NIBARIKI • GNDDTM © 2002 Nekonote-Do • GNDHMT © 2015 Disney
Available for the First Time on Blu-ray! Source: Walt Disney Studios, Click Communications press release Special Thanks to Angelica Juarez Disney presents two beloved films from the acclaimed Studio Ghibli, the Oscar-winning masterpiece SPIRITED AWAY and the enchanting fantasy adventure THE CAT RETURNS, will be available for the first time on Blu-ray Combo Pack June 16th! Both films will be available with all-new digital masters featuring HD picture and sound. Continued...
Categories: Otaku Culture

Ushio & Tora Casts Ai Kayano, Ayahi Takagaki, Kana Hanazawa

Anime News Network - 5時間 44分 ago
Yuuka Nanri, Aki Toyosaki, Keiji Fujiwara, Yui Makino join Maaya Sakamoto, Nana Mizuki, Tasuku Hatanaka, Rikiya Koyama, Mikako Komatsu, Kiyono Yasuno
Categories: Anime

Aikatsu Idol Franchise Gets New Shōjo Manga in Ciao Magazine

Anime News Network - 6時間 44分 ago
Usagi Mochi draws new series after Bambi Shirayuki stopped due to poor health
Categories: Anime

Kickstarter – Lost Protectors Ends Today - 7時間 6分 ago
If you’ve been thinking about supporting the Lost Protectors project then we’re into the final sixteen hours and it’s now or never for these Transformers Pretenders-inspired 6-inch scale action figures. The projections aren’t looking good, but if enough action figure fans join this project in these final hours then it could still close successfully. Good luck to the Lost Protectors... Read more →
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

Bandai Namco's God Eater Games Get New Manga

Anime News Network - 7時間 44分 ago
God Eater anime to premiere this summer
Categories: Anime

Shadows of the Empire in the 1996 Hasbro Toy Fair Catalog - 8時間 4分 ago
As part of my current project on Kickstarter I am creating a book dedicated to Kenner’s 1996 Shadows of the Empire action figures and vehicles. That subline of Star Wars toys was based on Lucasfilm’s big 1996 multimedia project, and today I’d like to go back to 1996 and share with you these pages from Hasbro’s Toy Fair catalog. Enjoy... Read more →
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

Spotted Online – Unproduced Judge Dredd Action Figures from Mattel - 8時間 9分 ago
You may remember the Mega Heroes Judge Dredd ad that I posted back in February. Produced by Mattel, those Judge Dredd toys ( search*) are actually neater than I expected; I have a video review of the first set in the works and really should finish the audio track and post the review. Anyway, it turns out Mattel had also... Read more →
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

Ju-on: The Final Film's Teaser Looks Back on Horror Franchise

Anime News Network - 8時間 44分 ago
"Final" film in franchise to open in Japan on June 20
Categories: Anime

Spotted Online – Vintage Kenner Star Wars Action Figure Watercolor Art - 9時間 28分 ago
Check out these WIP pics posted to the Vintage Star Wars Action Figures group on Facebook. Created by Alastair Eales, this is a Han Solo action figure — carded! — as a cool watercolor painting. Loving this process and always fun to see Star Wars fans create great artwork like this. There should be a book of fan art! Related... Read more →
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

“To the Ultimate” - 10時間 35分 ago
Back when I was a kid I used to play a lot of Car Wars, so you can imagine just how very cool it is to now be CEO of the company that owns and publishes the Car Wars game. In just a few more days we’ll be launching Car Wars Arenas at the office, and it was while thinking... Read more →
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News
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