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Official Pix: Fan Days 2015 Autograph Pre-Order & Send-In - 5 October, 2015 - 10:19
If you aren't planning to attend this years Dallas Comic Con: Fan Days event in Dallas, Official Pix has you covered. You can pre-order autographs from many of the attending guests including Star Wars Rebels star Steve Blum & Star Wars Title Designer Dan Perri! The order deadline is fast approaching, so don't wait. Full list of guests inside.
Categories: Star Wars

Win Free Star Wars Santa Cruz Skateboards - 5 October, 2015 - 10:14
In preparation of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Santa Cruz Skateboards wants you to put together the 4 digital puzzles containing art from the new graphic series. Each puzzle gives fans TWO chances to win! Details in the full report!
Categories: Star Wars

New York Comic Con 2015 - Hasbro Teases New Reveals In Pulse Update - Titan Wars Leader Class Blaster?

Tformers - 5 October, 2015 - 09:37
Hasbro Pulse has updated with a teaser image of the figures to be revealed at NYCC! With "many robots set to be revealed" promised, the silhouettes show what appears to be the previously-leaked Titan Wars Leader Class Blaster - but who are those other two figures with him? Is the one on the right a Headmaster as it seems, or is it a trick of the posing? We'll find out later this week, but for now keep reading to see it for yourself and ponder!
Categories: Transformers

TOYSREVIL BlogWeek WrapUp (Sept 29- Oct 5)

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 5 October, 2015 - 09:37
ANIME: - My #SundayAnimeTrip Oct 4th Edition #watched Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou / Attack on Titan: Junior High (Ep.1) #watched #HeavyObject Ep1 #watched Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Ep1) #watched #OnePunchMan (Ep1) #watched #YoungBlackJack (Ep1) - Introducing HEAVY OBJECT #anime - Introducing K: Return of Kings #anime FILM: #watched Assassination Classroom #watched SASHIMI 沙西米
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

Shin Megami Tensei IV Site, Dengeki Nintendo Tease Start of 'Disaster' After 15,000 Tweets

Anime News Network - 5 October, 2015 - 09:25
The Dengeki Nintendo magazine's Twitter account linked to a teaser on the Shin Megami Tensei IV game's website. The website for the Atlus game count downs...
Categories: Anime

NYCC15: Cat Atomic’s Custom Dunnys

Plastic and Plush - 5 October, 2015 - 09:15

SubUrban Vinyl will be releasing three exclusive customs at New York Comic Con 2015 from artist Cat Atomic. The trio of customs will use Kidrobot's Dunny platform, with the 3-inch tall Cosmic Oil Spill Dunny and the 3-inch tall Atomic Sane Dunny retailing for $75.00 each, and the 8-inch tall Atomic Volcano Dunny running $300.00. They'll all be available at the SubUrban Vinyl Booth #208 in The Block. 

Categories: Designer Toys

La French Touch - The Definitive Guide To French Star Wars Collectibles 1977-1987 - 5 October, 2015 - 09:00
France was among the very first countries to have "Star Wars" related merchandise at retail in 1977, including some items exclusively designed for the domestic market, throughout the end of the original era. Find out all about it in this new book just released by author / collector Stephane Faucourt.
Categories: Star Wars

Pressman Movie/TV "Monster Make Up"

Plaid Stallions - 5 October, 2015 - 08:51

It's October and that means the Halloween content flows like fake blood around here. 

To all of you who had this wonderful set as a kid, please let it be known I'm still a little envious of you. These kinds of items always intrigued me in the back of magazines and comics but I never put my hands on them.

Custom Blythe Dolls: Sakuraichigo Custom Blythe Black Cat Marionetta

Rinkya Blog - 5 October, 2015 - 08:31

custom blythe, blythe, blythe dolls, custom blythe dolls, rinkya, japan

Custom Blythe dolls are great collectibles. This week we have a super cute Sakuraichigo custom Blythe doll called Black Cat Marionette. She has very cute eye-chips, a lovely carvel face, lovely lips, and lovely makeup. She comes with a super well made clothing set and her own marionette. She is sweet and cool. Don’t miss her! There’s only one day left to bid for her! Remember that Sakuraichigo custom Blythe dolls are unique. She creates them from time to time, and none are alike!


Let’s take a closer look at her!

custom blythe, blythe, blythe dolls, custom blythe dolls, rinkya, japan

She likes to play music and play with her marionette. Despite having grey hair, she is very active and lovely. She has a full movable body, so you can put her in the pose you want. She loves pictures, so you can take as many pictures as you want about her. She is a lovely and small diva that will make your time great. To have her in your collection is to have a great treasure! Don’t miss her! She is lovely and she will be a great add-on to your collection.


custom blythe, blythe, blythe dolls, custom blythe dolls, rinkya, japan

She comes with a lovely set of clothing, a lovely, musical instruments and a marionette. She is a circus girl, she loves performing and being sweet. Don’t miss this beauty and bid for her before it’s too late!


The post Custom Blythe Dolls: Sakuraichigo Custom Blythe Black Cat Marionetta appeared first on A Rinkya Blog.

Categories: Otaku Culture

NYCC15: Sylvie Dunny Debut

Plastic and Plush - 5 October, 2015 - 07:30

Clutter Magazine and Kidrobot have announced that the husband and wife duo, doubleparlour, will debut their first Kidrobot Dunny design at this year’s New York Comic Con. The 3-inch tall Sylvie Dunny will be available at Booth #603. The Dunny will include a tiny dog in a waffle cone accessory and be available to purchase for $14.99 each.

Categories: Designer Toys

Bit Figs: Leblox Series

Glyos Transmission Blog - 5 October, 2015 - 06:21
Bit Figs are now available in their first form thanks to Leblox, a new 3D printing app!

Orders are printed on demand and shipped from their headquarters in Paris, France. It's been a privilege working with the Leblox team, and it's exciting to be a part of this new movement fusing art and 3D technology.

Monochromatic plastic versions are also in the works, but Leblox presented us a unique way to debut these in their full color forms. We've been treading a lot of new ground with Glyos lately, and this is another experiment that we hope opens new avenues for collectors. Limited edition runs will be available soon, stayed tuned.

I'd like to send my sincere thanks to Matt for his guidance and encouragement throughout this project. Special thanks to Soy at Leblox, to Ron for helping bring these Bits to life, and to PJ for always lending a hand.

Download the app for free here.

We've also started a thread at Glyos Connect to share and discuss all things Bit Figs.

Categories: Otaku Culture, Toy News

In-Package Images Of Legends Series LG15 Nightbird Shadow & LG16 Slipstream

Tformers - 5 October, 2015 - 06:06
Hisashi Yuki of TakaraTomy continues his quest to promote upcoming Transformers releases, and today we get the first in-package photos of this month's Legends Series figures, LG15 Nightbird Shadow & LG16 Slipstream! Sporting package art by Hayato Sakamoto, there is a 99.999999999% chance these remolds of Arcee and Windblade will end up being Japan exclusives. Keep reading to see the images up close!
Categories: Transformers

M.A.S.K. and GoBots on Sale!!! - 5 October, 2015 - 06:06
This 1986 Milwaukee Journal newspaper includes a Kohl’s ad that seems to have been created just to entertain us. Almost three decades old, the ad features a great look at M.A.S.K. and GoBots toys on sale; I have that M.A.S.K. Hurricane in the closet and will one day take a month off from work to have fun. That’s not October,... Read more →
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

1984 Newspaper Ad for Masters of the Universe and Transformers - 5 October, 2015 - 05:43
Fans of both Masters of the Universe and Transformers will find this 1984 newspaper ad a blast. The November 21, 1984, issue of The Spokesman-Review included a two-page Fred Meyer ad devoted to toys, and these two images caught my eye . . . but these aren’t the only bits you’ll want to see! Click through to the ad for... Read more →
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

1st One-Punch Man BD/DVD to Include 'OVA #01'

Anime News Network - 5 October, 2015 - 05:15
Manga creator ONE writes original story for 10-minute OVA
Categories: Anime

NisiOisin to Print Monogatari's 2nd 'Off Season' Book in 2016

Anime News Network - 5 October, 2015 - 04:40
Orokamonogatari, 1st "Off Season" volume in Monogatari Series, ships on Tuesday
Categories: Anime

Hobby Search Blog Mechas has been updated!

HobbySearch Blog - 5 October, 2015 - 03:28
殺人アンドロイドもまったりぬくぬく!「ぷちサンプル ほっこりこたつ」で遊ぼう!

This article has been written in Japanese.
We apologize for your inconvenience, and your for your understanding.








  • 昨年大好評だったこたつのニューバージョンが登場。
  • 同時発売の「ぷちサンプル じいちゃんばあちゃんち」や昨年10月に発売した「ぷちサンプル 80`sなつかしわが家」と一緒に飾ることが出来ます。

  • 【セット内容】
  • こたつ天板
  • こたつ本体
  • こたつ脚(4本)
  • 座布団(2枚)
  • こたつ布団





7インチアクションフィギュアのT-800にぬくぬくしていただきました。おでんはぷちサンプル 80`S なつかしわが家のもの。サイズ感ピッタリ!









「I`ll be back」




というわけで、ぷちサンプル ほっこりこたつ7インチアクションフィギュア T-800T-1000は好評発売中!コタツでほっこりする殺人アンドロイド達の微笑ましい情景を作ってみてはいかがでしょうか!

ではでは、本日はこのへんで。また次回~!( ^ω^)ノシ

担当:とみのん (´-`).。oO(タカミネーター面白かったな・・・)

Categories: Toy News

Nanairo Kakumei Short Anime's 1st Episode Streamed Before TV Debut

Anime News Network - 5 October, 2015 - 03:15
Reina Ueda, Shizuka Ishigami, Daiki Yamashita star in 3-episode series based on shōjo manga
Categories: Anime

TTF 2015 搶先預購!Paradise Toy × [爽啾貘] 公仔組合

Toy People News - 5 October, 2015 - 03:10
《以下內容是由Paradise Toy 所提供》 很榮幸的我們今年能夠跟爽爽貓、掰掰啾啾、馬來貘等三位台灣超人氣插畫家合作,擔綱製作他們三位的首次立體公仔作品,而經過了多次的討論,最後我們讓這套公仔組合能以多種變化呈現三位幽默詼諧無厘頭的創作風格。 [爽啾貘] 公仔組合當然是包含爽、啾、貘各一隻 爽爽貓 – 採用了四肢可動站著坐著都超級可愛的設定而且還是要拿著手機。 掰掰啾啾 – 有著性感的上半身跟可替換的下半身,可以切換成風流倜儻颱風吹不走的健康操站姿以及極度撩人的跪姿你們也可以叫他騎乘姿。 馬來貘 – 有兩組可替換的四肢,可以變成乖乖牌能被騎的馱獸馬來貘以及抓狂版仰天長嘯狂奔版馬來貘。 三隻分開來很搞笑,組合起來更搞笑,直接變成爽啾貘遠征隊帶你征服外太空。 但為了要有這麼多的變化,加上想呈現最完美的成品給大家, [爽啾貘] 公仔組合的製作過程延誤了,所以在今年的玩具展中,我們僅能夠向大家展示樣品,並且開放預購,無法直接讓大家把他們帶回家了。不過雖然Delay了只能夠接受預購,但我們和爽啾貘三位大師本人決定補償一下辛苦前來預購的大家。 首先,預購期間我們將提供預購優惠價,其次,只要先行預購[爽啾貘] 公仔組合的朋友,都可以獲得一張來自三人特別設計製作的預購"感謝狀"一張,只有預購才有,想買還買不到低!然後!最重要就是這個然後!有50名預購的朋友能夠參加10/9(五) 17:00~17:50在玩具展主舞台的的[爽啾貘]聯合簽名會,所以請大家務必把握機會喔! 這裡幫大家整理一下預購&簽名會資訊: [爽啾貘]公仔組合預購方式說明: [爽啾貘]公仔組合訂價NT.1980,預購價NT.1880,商品預計11月中下旬交貨,預購的朋友可以前來我們店內取貨,或是我們把公仔組和寄給您。 由於三人的簽名會安排在10/9(五)傍晚,為了避免大家舟車勞頓,我們也將在10/9(五)當天早上10:00玩具展開門才開放預購[爽啾貘]公仔組合,凡先行預購即可獲得極具收藏價值的[爽啾貘]特製感謝狀一張。共開放300個預購名額,現場每人限預購三組,每組皆可獲得一張感謝狀。 P.S.當然10/8(四)玩具展開展首日公仔組合的樣品就會正式在我們的攤位發表展示,想要先睹為快的朋友們還是歡迎前來,但當天是不能預購的喔! [爽啾貘]聯合簽名會參加方式說明: [爽啾貘]聯合簽名會時間 – 10/9(五) 17:00~17:50 @ 玩具展主舞台 想要參加聯合簽名會的朋友必須前來玩具展會場預購[爽啾貘]公仔組合,完成預購後向結帳人員索取簽名會參加券,共開放50個名額索取,發完為止,持參加券即可參加簽名會,也只有持有參加券的人可以參加簽名會。 簽名會參加券每人預購後限索取一張(一人預購複數組可以得到複數張感謝狀但只能索取一張簽名會參加券),參加簽名會每人可以攜帶"一樣"自己的收藏品,三位插畫家將會在您的"一張"感謝狀以及"一樣"收藏品上簽名。參加簽名會請務必遵守現場工作人員的指示否則我們將取消您的參加資格。 簽名會現場爽爽貓、掰掰啾啾、馬來貘三隻大型人偶也會出現在現場喔!就算沒有拿到參加券的朋友,到現場也不會寂寞,三隻人偶本尊同時現身這種千載難逢的事情就算來拍拍照也夠HIGH的啦! 還有不明白的,請留言或私訊問我們吧,大家玩具展見。 >>> 點此看更多精彩的「2015 台北國際玩具創作大展」相關情報與報導!!!

2015 台北國際玩具創作大展 參展單位介紹:A69 攤位 下呂溫泉 留之助商店

Toy People News - 5 October, 2015 - 03:01
來自日本的老牌玩具店「下呂溫泉 留之助商店」(Tomenosuke)這次也將參與2015 年台北國際玩具創作大展,這次留之助商店也將帶來許多精彩的日本sofubi 的設計師公仔作品。包括了:Pocket Sideshow、Kathie Olivas、Amanda Louise Spayd、Aya Kakeda、Brandt Peters、Chris Ryniak 等多位設計師的作品。值得一提的是,這些作品都未曾在台灣販售過,所以想要入手這些作品的玩具人請千萬不要錯過這次難得的機會啊! Tomenosuke Original Microbus "To The Candy Kaijyu Planet" by Aya Kakeda Tomenosuke Blaster Rubber Gun Tomenosuke + Circus Posterus sofubi Rococo Snowshoe by Amanda Spade Calliope Jackalope Bitter Mantis Green by Kathie Olivas Snake Skelve Bitter Mantis Green by Brandt Peters Pink Pickled [...]
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