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2015 Ghost in the Shell Film's Theatrical Preview Streamed

Anime News Network - 17分 57秒 ago
Film centering on prime minister's assassination premieres in Japan on June 20
Categories: Anime

光劍會發光!Hot Toys – MMS297《星際大戰四部曲:曙光乍現》 1/6比例 路克‧天行者

Toy People News - 24分 30秒 ago
千呼萬喚!Hot Toys 正式發表了《星際大戰》系列作品,將推出經典造型的塔圖因服飾造型「路克‧天行者」1/6比例人偶。 這次所推出的作品,是以路克‧天行者初登場,也是最經典的塔圖因傳統服飾造型製作,並且附屬了多樣化的配件,可以重現在塔圖因的初登場造型,也能夠重現在千年鷹號上接受絕地訓練的模樣。與DX07 路克‧天行者(貝斯平服飾版) 相同是由Hot Toys 的首席天才頭雕師Kojun 所操刀製作,這次的頭雕更加的神似、細緻。這次的作品所附贈的光劍,內建了LED 發光機能,能夠模擬光劍的模樣。 除此之外,還附有護目鏡、軟帽以及塔圖因披風的組合,能夠重現《星際大戰四部曲:曙光乍現》中,許多影迷都不知道的刪減畫面造型。而且這次同樣也推出了SP版,將追加白兵的腰帶以及相關配件,能夠重現拯救莉亞公主時的造型。 Hot Toys – MMS297 – Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope 1/6th scale Luke Skywalker Collectible Figure 發售日期與售價未定 >>> 點此看更多精彩的《星際大戰》主題玩具與相關情報!!!

Review – Funko Hikari Skeletor - 1時間 1分 ago
Funko’s Hikari series — “Hikari, meaning ‘light’, is a highly collectible line of clear Sofubi Vinyl Figures.” — caught my eye when it was first released, and over a trip to NYC in December I bought my first few Hikari releases. Today I’d like to share this vinyl Skeletor toy with you. Limited to 1,000 pieces, this colorful Skeletor is... Read more →
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

Paradise of Innocence Manga Removed From Amazon Japan

Anime News Network - 1時間 2分 ago
Manga about man who goes back in time, meets girls in elementary school has 2nd OVA scheduled
Categories: Anime

Trencher Christmas Special Ad from 1993 - 1時間 8分 ago
After running across an old interview with Keith Giffen earlier in the week (posted here) I started poking into the comics and came across this ad for the Trencher Christmas special of 1994. Keith Giffen’s Trencher comic series ( search*) may not have lasted long in comic stores, but this fabulous artwork will live in my head forever. For more... Read more →
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

To Love-Ru -Trouble- Darkness 2nd Anime to Premiere on July 6

Anime News Network - 1時間 47分 ago
The July issue of Gakken's Megami Magazine is revealing on Saturday that To Love-Ru -Trouble- Darkness 2nd, the second season of the To Love-Ru -Trouble-...
Categories: Anime

Are you ready for an all-clear BIG BONER from Blackbook Toy?

[ More images HERE on FB ] UPDATED: Revealed are TWO Editions of Ron English's Big Boner: "Stealth" edition and "All Seeing Eye" edition. And while both are casted in clear sofubi, the "All Seeing Eye" edition comes with red doll eyes. Designed by Ron English, featuring sculpt by T96, the “Stealth” edition is priced at 9720yen, while the “All Seeing Eye” can be had for 10260yen. Pre-orders
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

魯蛇的逆襲!Vinyl Idolz系列推出《鐵男躲避球》兩大死對頭

Toy People News - 2時間 19分 ago
歐美玩具大廠「FUNKO」,與英國設計團隊「A Large Evil Corporation」聯手打造的電影趣味角色系列「Vinyl Idolz」,最新作將推出喜劇電影《鐵男躲避球》! 《鐵男躲避球》(英文:DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story),是一部2004年的美國喜劇電影,由知名喜劇演員「文斯·范恩」與「班·史提勒」所主演,為文斯·范恩極具知名的主演代表作之一。除此之外,本片的製作人是由飾演反派的班·史提勒所擔任,而女主角則是班的妻子克莉絲汀·泰勒所飾演。 ▼ 我們先來回顧一下《鐵男躲避球》的電影預告吧~ 《鐵男躲避球》故事敘述主角彼得賴富勒(文斯·范恩)所經營的老式健身房「喬叔健身館」不僅負債累累,還將遭到懷特賈曼(班·史提勒)所經營的新式健身館「環球健身館」惡意併吞。為了拯救自己的事業,彼得召集了幾位會員兼員工一同參加拉斯維加斯的躲避球大賽,目標取得五萬美金的冠軍獎金! 這次的作品,將劇情中對抗的兩位健身房老闆立體化,並且以躲避球大賽的造型呈現。身穿「阿喬隊」制服的彼得,招牌的死魚眼、髮型與身高完全重現!另一方面,「紫色眼鏡蛇隊」的隊長懷特賈曼一點也不遜色,精美、細緻的服裝造型與懷特的招牌髮型與鬍鬚,就算只有背影你都認得出來是誰啊!~ Vinyl Idolz 第23彈Dodgeball – White Goodman & 第24彈Peter La Fleur 高約8 吋,預計2015年8月發行,參考售價每款19.99 美金 >>> 點此看更多精彩的「電影主題」玩具與收藏!!!

Tekken 7 Fighting Game Adds Kazumi to Roster

Anime News Network - 2時間 32分 ago
Hachijō-style karate user will be playable in arcades next Tuesday
Categories: Anime

VHS Glitch “Evil Technology” Trailer - 2時間 39分 ago
Over the last week I’ve been listening to the Evil Technology album by VHS Glitch (listen free at Bandcamp) and can say that anyone loving retrosynth rock is going to want to blast these tracks. Great work, and finding this “trailer” for the album really drives home just how much work goes into creating the VHS Glitch experience. Press play... Read more →
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

1993 Heavy Metal: War Machine Cover by Simon Bisley - 2時間 54分 ago
Heavy Metal magazine ( search*) was always one of those books I never quite understood when I was a kid. The art was odd, the stories weirder still, and everything about the magazine left me scratching my head in confusion. It took a few decades, but these days I can appreciate the art and stories of Heavy Metal and was... Read more →
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

完全變形!超合金 初音未來 × RODY!!!

Toy People News - 3時間 14分 ago
超合金不再是熱血漢子的專利!繼超合金 凱蒂貓取得了空前迴響之後,BANDAI 的『超合金』系列,將再度推出超甜蜜的可愛作品,這次是人氣虛擬偶像「初音未來」與超人氣玩具「RODY」合作,推出『奇蹟變形 初音未來 × RODY』(暫譯,ミラクルヘンケイ) 這次的作品,將藉由『超合金』系列多年來所累積的技術,讓人氣虛擬偶像「初音未來」完全變型為可愛的跳跳馬玩偶「RODY」!除此之外,還將附屬了初音不可或缺的經典道具「鍵盤」與「蔥」,並且還有「歌唱」與「微笑」兩種不同風貌的表情零件可供交換,呈現出初音多采多姿的各種樣貌~ 另一方面,由初音完全變形的RODY,身上採用了初音的象徵配色,並裝飾了超合金字樣塗裝,搭配上附有RODY 耳朵的初音,一次入手兩款可愛度加倍! 超合金 – ミラクルヘンケイ 初音ミク×ロディ 預計2015年10月24日發行,全高約105mm(初音模式),約100mm(RODY模式),參考售價¥7,344 >>> 點此看更多精彩的『超合金』系列玩具!!!

J-Stars Victory VS+ "Mashup" Trailer Shows Shonen Jump Characters in Action

Anime News Network - 3時間 17分 ago
Fighting game slated for June 26 in Europe, June 30 in North America
Categories: Anime

“Join the Galactic Legions!” - 3時間 22分 ago
Fans of TSR’s old Star Frontiers roleplaying game ( search*) may find this 1983 ad entertaining. From Ares magazine, this full-color ad shares that gorgeous box art and really does all that it can to spark my eleven-year-old imagination. (Well, that’s how old I was in 1983; the fact the ad still works on me today probably says things I’d... Read more →
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

Warren Magazine 1979 Art Books Ad - 3時間 45分 ago
On the back cover over of the February, 1979 issue of 1984 we find this full-page ad showcasing art books. Man, I do love art books! All of the books shown in the ad look fantastic, but the one title that truly stands out to me is Mechanismo*. “The future is now! In Mechanismo, space travel, space cities & bionic... Read more →
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden's 2nd Combat Tutorial Video Streamed

Anime News Network - 4時間 2分 ago
15-second TV ad for 3DS fighting game also streamed
Categories: Anime
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