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Review – Outer Space Men Colossus Rex - 1時間 51分 ago
Continue reading: Review – Outer Space Men Colossus Rex
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Spotted Online – Video Interview with the Four Horsemen - 1時間 53分 ago
Shot at PowerCon in 2013, this new video interview with the Four Horsemen (website) just went online yesterday. Awesome timing for our special week of Power Lords and Outer Space Men action here at Related articles A Cool Package from Four Horsemen Studios Spotted Online – Outer Space Men Terra Firma and Jack Asteroid Reviewed at The Fwoosh The... Read more →
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Attack on Titan 13 Is 1st in Series to Sell 1 Million in 1 Week

Anime News Network - 3時間 14分 ago
Sells 1,130,508 + 270,272 copies in its 1st 5 days
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Spotted Online – Outer Space Men Jack Asteroid, Terra Firma, and Horroscope Reviewed by Michael Crawford - 3時間 50分 ago
I linked to one Jack Asteroid and Terra Firma review a few days ago (posted here), and now it’s time for another peek at some of the newest of the Outer Space Men action figures from the Four Horsemen. Michael Crawford has posted a detailed review showing off these three newer figures in the line, giving us several new photos... Read more →
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Solanin's Asano to Launch Honobono no Fūfu Manga

Anime News Network - 4時間 4分 ago
Tentatively titled series to run in Big Comic Spirits with Boku wa Coffee ga Nomenai
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De Korner #Wondercon exclusive: RONIN by K13toys


Besides Kookie & Minicel, De Korner has one 'last' exclusive to share with us, with 1/6th "RONIN" by K13toys! Priced at US$199 each (tax included) and available via Booth #1153at WonderCon 2014 (4/18 to 4/20).

Available in both black and white (runs of 5pcs each), the De Korner exclusives include a bonus orange mask in addition to the figure’s standard loadout –- jumpsuit, white mask, bad ass knife, and knee+shin guards. Tribal style tattoos and a stylish almost-top knot complete the brawler’s look (images shown here include standard mask and exclusive mask).
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1982 Revell Power Lords Commercial - 4時間 30分 ago
Another bit of advertising fun from the eighties that really needs to be archived at the Power Lords Return website, the animation in this short commercial has some raw energy to it that would have been cool to see in an animated feature. The Adam Power transformation sequence is especially trippy; maybe this was originally animated in the seventies and... Read more →
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Toronto's Anime North to Host Character Voices Mai Goto, Yumi Hara, Hidekatsu Shibata

Anime News Network - 5時間 4分 ago
Shibata to receive the convention's Momiji Award
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Spotted Online – The Outer Space Men Flickr Set by Enigma Force - 5時間 33分 ago
You can have some fun today by checking out this Outer Space Men set of pics by Enigma Force. 38 pics of some of the earlier releases in the Four Horsemen’s (website) run on the Outer Space Men action figures, including both packaged and out of package shots. Seeing all of these pics in one place makes me realize just... Read more →
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Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #11 Preview

SciFi Japan - 5時間 34分 ago
Mechagodzilla is blasted by Baragon in Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #11, coming next week from IDW. Image courtesy of IDW Publishing. © 2014 Toho Co., Ltd.
Source: IDW Publishing Special Thanks to Kahlil Schweitzer A SCIFI JAPAN EXCLUSIVE IDW Publishing has sent SciFi Japan an exclusive preview of the first seven pages from Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #11. Baragon takes a long overdue trip to Paris -- but Mechagodzilla (Kiryu version) shows up to spoil the fun -- while Godzilla deals with a pack of fan-favorite aquatic monsters in this issue! Continued...
Categories: Otaku Culture

Sony's Japanese Horror Game Siren Gets Manga Series

Anime News Network - 6時間 9分 ago
Director Toyama, writer Satō involved in "shocking" manga in Shinmimibukuro Atmos magazine
Categories: Anime

Maihiro x Kidrobot‏ Full sail's Annual Spring Break CE Conference‏‏‎ (April 23)

EVET PRESS: "Maihiro proudly presents a workshop sponsored by Kidrobot at Full Sail University’s Annual Spring Break CE Conference on Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014. The Maihiro space will feature custom made works of Nakanari’s personal creations. The mini exhibition will also showcase some of Kidrobot's platform figures and a presentation on how to work on a 3-D vinyl "canvas.""Check out what to expect at the show here on FB, and check out this 20 inch commissioned Dunny by Nakanari that will be display in the work shop!

Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

Galaxy People's April Instagram Giveaway Contest


Brian Bunting at Galaxy People sends word of a Instagram contest he has just started, whereby folks'll stand a chance to walk way with (A) a one-off painted Sensorbat, (B) a set of his original 3 heroes, Helios, The Grappler and Meklops, cast in glow-in-the-dark vinyl!"The rules are simple enough, just make sure you are following my account @thegalaxypeople then repost this image with the hashtag #thegalaxypeople. I'll announce the 2 winners on 27th April." -added Brian.Good luck, folks!
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

Fighting Comedy Hentai Kamen Returns in New Manga

Anime News Network - 7時間 29分 ago
Keishuu Andou to bring back Shonen Jump's panty-masked superhero in Garaku.mag in June
Categories: Anime

Fossilla, Rose Vampire & Baseball Boy: Super7 WonderCon Exclusives


Super7 will be at WonderCon 2014 Anaheim this weekend (April 18-20) and will be offering a trio of exclusives available via booth #1453:

- Toxic Garbage Dump Fossilla @ US$95 each.
- Spring Specter Pocket Rose Vampire @ US$25 each.
- Spring Training Pocket Baseball Boy @ US$25 each.
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

Archie & Noodles resin releases from Dolly Oblong (post-#ToyconUK)

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 16 April, 2014 - 23:35

Dolly Oblong will be listing up her ToyConUK-exclusives unspoken for via come Thursday April 17, 8pm (CET). First up: Archie and Noodles! Both of whom will be price 45euro each."Archie loves 3D films, so much so he eats popcorn for breakfast and wears his 3D glasses day and night! This 3” resin toy is a limited edition of 12. Each Archie comes with a popcorn bucket keychain.""Also making his debut at ToyCon was Noodles! Champion noodles chef / eater! This happy sumo comes with a screen printed hachimaki (headband) in his own takeaway box. Noodles is a limited edition of 15."
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

KINMOZA!/Kin-iro Mosaic's New Anime Is 2nd TV Season

Anime News Network - 16 April, 2014 - 23:35
Schoolgirl manga's creator Yui Hara thanks fans for new season
Categories: Anime
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