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Girl Band Scandal's Tour Adds Stops in California

Anime News Network - 36分 44秒 ago
Band also adds shows in Mexico, Singapore
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[私のホビー生活] 私のホビー過去: [My Hobby Life] My hobby past.

Gangustars - 1時間 19分 ago
Almost 100 blog posts in and you may be getting an idea of what I like to collect, but probably have no idea why. I'll try to fix that now.

Like many, what I like, styles and genres I'm partial to, and things that just overall just me excited were exposed tome early on. Now those early run ins with sci-fi, monsters and what not have remained in my mind for years now, molding and shaping what I like to watch, buy and collect. Now I don't let nostalgia really run my much. I'm always open to new things and new takes, but I'm not always going to like them. I think a lot of collectors are always trying to recover or I should say re-capture past times, sadly I don't feel that is even possible. In trying to re-live the past, you could very well miss of on something in the present that may take you by surprise. But let's put the the present in the future, and focus on the past in this post.

I'm pretty sure I'm not alone with these influences...
Ultraman Japanese super hero ウルトラマン www.gangustars.comStar Wars 1977 Empire Strikes Back Darth Vader

My earliest t.v. watching comprised of cartoons like Tom & Jerry, Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse and the Super Friends. I was however completely taken over by Ultraman, Johnny Sokko and Saturday afternoon Godzilla movies. Of all my t.v. influences Ultraman really made a huge impact. My t.v. loves really had my attention captured until sometime in late 1977 when on a second run in theaters my parents took me to see Star Wars. Everything changed after that. I didn't even know for ears that I didn't see the film when it first hit screens, still don't care because it's impact would have been the same.

Star Wars cemented the idea that spaceships, robots, larger than life authoritarian villains and heroic upstart rebellious youth. While I would get cool toys like the Shogun Warriors Godzilla and space LEGO, Star Wars ruled my toy box. My Christmas and birthday lists, my allowance,  gifts from doctors visits, all Star Wars. While my two younger brothers shared some enthusiasm for Star Wars, they definitely had other interests. In 1982 both of them found G.I.Joe, and then a year later Masters of the Universe. I was really taken in by either, and until 2 years later would only own 2 G.I.Joe figures, Flash and Snow Job. I didn't buy a Masters toy until finding a Battle Armor Skeletor sitting in a store 2 years after it's release. That was the only He Man toy I ever bought while the original line was active. Right up to and just beyond the release of Return of the Jedi, I was a Star Wars kid.

Then in 1984, oh man...
Transformers Hasbro Takara トランスフォーマー www.gangustars.comGobots Bandai Japanese Robots robots マシンロボ

While I may not have gotten on board with G.I.Joe right away, by late 1983 with much of the credit going to the Marvel comic, I finally came around. I loved the comic, and with a more mixed offering of figures in 1983 I was slowly finding some interest I them too. It was in a G.I.Joe comic that I saw a small blurb about what looked like robot warriors named Transformers. I vaguely remember getting the toys and the comic at about the same time. I can't say for sure I had the comic before the toys, I know my old mini-mart would carry some older issues stuffed behind newer ones. I do know that nothing before blew me away like the Transformers would.

At first I only had a few of the smaller guys, like the MiniBots Huffer and Bumblebee. Money was an issue for my family, so it stands to reason why I mostly had the little guys...and Gobots. Gobots were pretty big in our house. I wouldn't say it was only because Gobots were cheap, but let's face it, between the smaller Transformers and the smaller Gobots, Gobots were just better toys. Most Transformers fans will go to their graves before ever acknowledging that but I think it can be safely said. Christmas of '84 brought about a few larger guys, including Optimus Prime. For the next few years Transformers was the new Star Wars, and it dominated my wish lists. But unlike Star Wars, where I didn't really by anything but that, I still tried new stuff. In 1985 M.A.S.K. really was fun and I got some of those. I loved the Battle Beasts when they hit, as well as Air Raiders then C.O.P.S., I was still also getting more and more into G.I.Joe toys. I was slowly becoming a very Hasbro-centric toy buying kid. Then it was time for high school.

My 8th grade year saw me dump most of my Star Wars and Transformers at a garage sale. I was more into comics, but more importantly getting into music. For the next few years toys were kinda off the radar. I still had my G.I.Joes, but they sat in boxes. Stuff like Kenner's Batman would come about, TMNT got big, Micro Machines, all things my brother bought and played with. I was apparently growing up.

After a few years away, robots come back into my life...
Takara Sunrise Brave Series Might Gaine 1993 マイトガイン 勇者シリーズ www.gangustars.comCG Robo Bandai 1993 Machine Robo Gobots

Some time in late 1988 I started renting videos of Japanese imported cartoons. I have no doubt sparked by my interest in Robotech a few years earlier and the similarities in visuals. I wouldn't be so blown over by what I watched over the years, not until a small comic shop had a few guys huddled around a t.v. watching Dragonball Z in 1991. While some of my friends were absorbed with Akira, Fist of the Northstar and Vampire Hunter D, Dragonball was just overall more inviting to me. Having just sold almost all my childhood toys, and half way through high school I found myself falling back in love with sci-fi and now more than ever Japanese heroes and monsters.

I started getting copies the Dragonball Z t.v. series from the comic shop, which than moved on to the actual Japanese manga. Discovering a Japanese bookstore and grocery store in my area opened me up to all kinds of trouble. I was now buying multitudes of candy toys, food items like Gundam popsicles, getting my Dragonball fix weekly in Jump, times were great. While at the bookstore one day in 1993 I grabbed an issue of  T.V.Magazine because it had what resembled Transformers on it, I was intrigued, and it was only $6. Well it wasn't actually Transformers at all, it was at the time better, it was Brave Express Might Gaine. While it was only a pictorial with a few pages of art and a page toy advertising I needed more. After a few more monthly pick ups buys and using one of the magazines as a guide, I walked over to the videos section and found a corresponding tape. This was the start of my next big robot crush.

If it were not for the discovery of the Brave Series I doubt Id be writing this blog now. Sure Transformers were re-launching with Generation 2 but it was just more of the same I saw in 1984. But of course I bought them. The only other thing that kinda really seeped into my consciousness in 1993 was Bandai's CG Robo. As a Gobots kid I immediately connected with CG Robo. Knowing that Bandai had a hand in Gobots didn't hurt. Unlike Transformers G2, CG Robo was a whole new branding of the similar Gobots (Machine Robo) concept.

Here, there, and over in Japan...
Pony Toy Go Round Chicago Yaohan Plaza Brave Series, CG Robo, Gobots, Japanese Robots, robots, Star Wars, toys, Transformers, Ultraman, ウルトラマン, トランスフォーマー, マイトガイン, マシンロボ, 勇者シリーズ

Sadly I wouldn't have a CG Robo toy until 1994, and by then it was over with. I had bought the toy at Pony Toy in a Chicago suburb. In fact I made several trips there from Michigan over the years from 1993-1997. I would buy up loads of books, toys and whatever else I could find that wasn't available at my shops back home.  I had also started learning Japanese at this time. The next logical step was to just go to Japan.

I kept telling myself that I wasn't ready to go to Japan, it was too expensive, I wouldn't know my way around. But then while attending BotCon '98 in Anaheim me and a bud saw a sign advertising BotCon Japan 1998. I missed out on BotCon Japan 1997, I could have went, I just didn't have any confidence that I could do it on my own. Now with a partner in crime, we decided on the ales floor in California that we wouldn't spend any money and just focus on attending the show in Japan. Making the show in Japan would open up all kinds of good and bad doors for me over the next 10 years. It would be my most fruitful and humbling span of collecting. But no matter what has happened, I had fun.

Here I sit and another 6-7 years have gone by since my most active collecting period. I still hold onto my love of robots, monsters, super heroes and stuff. I've sold most of my collection and I buy a  lot less than I did, I also don't participate in fan gatherings and conventions anymore. Having just turned 40 I can safely say that these things I was supposed to completely grow out of as a kid have had a pretty good hold on me, and I doubt that they will be gone from my life when I am writing about them at 60.

Forever and ever...Ultraman.
Ultraman tattoo art cute ウルトラマン

Brave Series CG Robo Gobots Japanese Robots Star Wars toys Popy Bandai Machine Robo Transformers Ultraman ウルトラマン トランスフォーマー マイトガイン マシンロボ 勇者シリーズポピー バンダイ スター・ワオーズ
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Toonami's Kill la Kill Promo Video Debuts

Anime News Network - 2時間 6分 ago
Series will premiere at 12:30 a.m. on February 8
Categories: Anime

Age of Extinction Lost Age Advanced Series Stinger Deluxe Figure In-Hand Photos

Tformers - 2時間 9分 ago
From Masabon we've got many photos of the Deluxe Stinger just released by TakaraTomy. With its only representation in Hasbro's AOE line being Legends recolors, AD-32 Stinger is the first iteration of the character (we use the term loosely here) that can mix with the rest of the normal product line. Recolored from the "modern" Bumblebee figure, it's a good likeness as a robot, but of course doesn't remotely match the Pagani vehicle mode. Click through to check out all the mirrored photos!
Categories: Transformers

Hear Death Note The Musical Song Sung in English by Tony Nominees

Anime News Network - 2時間 46分 ago
Jeremy Jordan (Newsies), Jarrod Spector (Beautiful) sing English track
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X-Transbots MM-VIII Arkose Not-Beachcomber For MasterMini Masterpiece-Style Line

Tformers - 2時間 58分 ago
Site sponsor TFSource has posted a preorder for X-Transbots' new MasterMini Masterpiece-styled figure along with giving us our first look at it. Seen in the form of computer renders at this point is a figure based on Beachcomber called Arkose, which is the name for a particular variety of sandstone and so may not be exactly the best thematic matching for the name, but the design looks nice and the one full color render which will probably be included on the packaging art doesn't hurt its early appeal. TFSource expects to stock these in April. Click through to check out the images.
Categories: Transformers

Combiner Wars Generations Motormaster Is More Different Than You Think

Tformers - 3時間 11分 ago
Daniel, @2Danomite2 on Twitter has shared a few more shots of Combiner Wars Motormaster with us, this time showing the details of just the Menasor torso mode. The surprising thing which Daniel subsequently verifies is that virtually everything above Motormaster's legs is new parts compared to the Optimus Prime iteration. As it was yesterday with the inner details, today we have a first look at the sculpt of the closed chest doors which are much less "fake chest window" than on Optimus, and if you ask me looks even better than having Blackjack inside! Keep reading and check it out!
Categories: Transformers

Badcube's Warpath-Inspired Wardog Figure More New Color Testshot Pictures

Tformers - 3時間 19分 ago
Our wish has been granted, and Badcube has uploaded more shots including robot mode of their Wardog "Not-Warpath" figure to their Facebook page. Much as the tank mode shot promised, this figure is looking really sharp at this stage, and if all goes well and the figure's final production plastics are consistent with this, it's going to be an excellent take on the character. Click through to check out all the mirrored images.
Categories: Transformers

Hondo Ohnaka Voice Actor Says The Pirate Will Appear In Star Wars Rebels - 3時間 20分 ago
Will this be the first The Clone Wars cameo on Rebels?
Categories: Star Wars

Kre-O Battlechanger Bumblebee Video Review

Tformers - 3時間 29分 ago
Youtube user chuckdawg1999 is back with a video about Kre-O Battlechanger Bumblebee. Following on from Optimus Prime, we get a good look at another of these builds that take the more positive qualities of Kreon Microchangers and bring in more brick involvement. Between these two and the Soundwave we showed you photos of yesterday, the Battlechanger line is looking like a strong move in the evolution of Kre-O. Click through to check out the video!
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SAILOR MOON Season 1, Part 2 Video Clips

SciFi Japan - 3時間 35分 ago
Dub clip of Sailor Venus. Video courtesy of VIZ Media. © Naoko Takeuchi ・ PNP ・ Toei Animation
Latest Editions of Legendary Anime Series Feature Episodes 22-46 Presented in High Definition Source: VIZ Media, MediaLab Official Site: (Japan), (US) Special Thanks to Jane Lui and Erik Jansen The latest release for Sailor Moon and her fellow Sailor Guardians debuts next month from VIZ Media! SAILOR MOON Season 1 Set 2, containing episodes 24-46, will be available at favorite retailers everywhere on February 10th in a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack, as well as a standard edition DVD set, both with premium holofoil printed packaging and cool bonus features! And best of all, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus make their series debuts, completing the Sailor Guardian team! Continued...
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MangaGamer to Release Princess Evangile Moe Visual Novel

Anime News Network - 3時間 36分 ago
Game will be available on Steam
Categories: Anime

Square Enix Hiring Staff for Dragon Quest Title, Updates on Heroes

Anime News Network - 4時間 36分 ago
No official Western release plans announced yet
Categories: Anime

Exec. Producer: 'New, Big Developments Coming For KanColle'

Anime News Network - 6時間 51分 ago
Executive producer and composer for the Kantai Collection (Kancolle) mobile game Michio Okamiya revealed in an interview with DMM News that "big developments...
Categories: Anime

Generations Combiner Wars Leader Class Thundercracker - Official Photos And Product Description

Tformers - 6時間 58分 ago
Hasbro has posted its product page for Leader Class Thundercracker with official images and a product description! A seemingly chrome-free remold of Legends Jetfire, Thundercracker seems to come with most but not all of Jetfire's gear, with the iconic booster pack sensibly excluded. Keep reading to see!
Categories: Transformers

P-Bandai MG 1/100 TALLGEESE III Photoreview by denderop. No.31 Images, Info

GunJap - 7時間 26分 ago

img_0_m img_26_mP-Bandai MG 1/100 TALLGEESE III Photoreview by denderop.

No.31 Images, Info

MG 1/100 トールギスIII 【2次:2015年2月発送】
[RE]Release date: February 2015 – Price: 4,860 Yen
Premium Bandai Hobby Online Shop

Images: denderop

img_0_m img_1_m img_2_m img_3_m img_4_m img_5_m img_6_m img_7_m img_8_m img_9_m img_10_m img_11_m img_12_m img_13_m img_14_m img_15_m img_16_m img_17_m img_18_m img_19_m img_20_m img_21_m img_22_m img_23_m img_24_m img_25_m img_26_m img_27_m img_28_m img_29_m img_30_m img_31_m img_32_m

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Phantasy Star Online 2 Gets Collaboration With Tales of Zestiria

Anime News Network - 7時間 51分 ago
Hairstyles, weapons themed after Sorey, Lailah, Dezel, Rose scheduled for release this spring
Categories: Anime

Love Live! The School Idol Movie's Trailer, Story Unveiled

Anime News Network - 8時間 44分 ago
New story of μ's beginning with a single email premieres in June
Categories: Anime
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