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1000toys, more than just a subsidiary of Sen-Ti-Nel, is a division nurtured by main director Yuta Tobari, surfaced in 2012 with its sole purpose to produce Japan-made 1/6 scale art toys. Its first toy line, "TOA Heavy Industries" was brought to fruition in 2014, within 2 years from its planning stage.

Synthetic Human Test Body
Snake Eyes
Joumon Kugutu Enzi
WeGo (Blank)
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TOA Heavy Industries Synthetic Human
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Synthetic Human Test Body Synthetic Human Test Body 2018 07.02.18
Snake Eyes Snake Eyes 2016 03.30.17
Joumon Kugutu Enzi Enzi Joumon Kugutu 2017 02.20.17
WeGo (Blank) WeGo (Blank) 2016 03.11.16
CRC Body NYCC Exclusive 2014 11.12.15
TOA Heavy Industries Synthetic Human Synthetic Human 2014 04.03.14

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