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GRO Jeeg from Happinet and Anime-Export

Ths 35cm tall (including stand) coldcast resin statue is limited to 100 pieces and is an Anime-Export exclusive. It features the classic Go Nagai robot Jeeg in all its glory.

This version is Koutetsu Jeeg In special (anime) colors.

Jeeg is due to be released in September for an estimated 13800 yen.

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Posted 8 July, 2008 - 22:23 by JoshB


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I've never seen the show,

I've never seen the show, but I like Jeeg's design. But Go Nagai? Really?

At any rate, while this is a little much, the new SOC Jeeg will make it to my house, I hope. I wish that the Micronauts line had just given us Jeeg instead of Baron Karza and (one of my favorite toys as a kid) Astro Commander or whatever. I love the Jeeg color-scheme.

"Hey, uh...let's volt in."

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Posted by Gigamach on 10 July, 2008 - 10:55
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