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Gakken Co., Ltd. (株式会社学習研究社, Kabushiki-gaisha Gakushū Kenkyū Sha)is a Japanese publishing company founded in 1947 by Hideto Furuoka, which also produces educational toys. Their annual sales is reported at ¥ 821 billion ($6.5 billion US).

Gakken is perhaps originally known for producing Denshi blocks and packaging them within electronic toy kits such as the Gakken EX-System, as far back as the 1970s. One of their original lines, the EX-150, was reissued in 2002, and was so popular as to inspire an expansion pack. -

Gakken is known in our circles for producing toys for the TV show Genesis Climber Mospeada, which went on to be adapted as Robotech, the Next Generation.

Mospeada VR-025F (Non-Transforming)
Jitabata Mechaman
Sort by: Toy name Toy line Year Published
Mospeada VR-025F (Non-Transforming) Mospeada VR-025F 12.11.15
Jitabata Mechaman Jitabata Mechaman 1984 05.07.15
Penbot Penbot Gakken Boy's Series 1984 08.11.16
Legioss 1983 04.05.13
Legioss Triple Change
Legioss Henshin Robo 1984 04.05.13
Cyclone armor bike VR-052F
Mospeada 1983 04.05.13

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No.sort icon Toy name Year
Legioss 1983
Penbot 1984
Jitabata Mechaman 1984
Mospeada VR-025F
AFC-01 Legioss 1984
VR-052-F Mospeada 1983
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