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Welcome our new sponsor - BIG IN JAPAN

CollectionDX is happy to introduce our newest sponsor - BIG IN JAPAN

"BIG IN JAPAN is a Tokyo-based store carrying a wide selection of items ranging from PVC figures to mecha, as well as garage kits, dolls, vinyl toys and even a selection of video games at some of the best prices on the market. What makes us special is that we offer proxy service for an extremely large variety of limited and hard-to-get items from Japanese manufacturers. Of course, feel free to contact us about any limited (yet unreleased) item if you cannot find it in our store. We will do our best to bring it to you. We are proud to be a CollectionDX sponsor and are looking forward to serving you in the future!"


2015-09-11 21:10

Muteki Sales offers 10% off to CDX readers

We would like to welcome one of our newest sponsors, Muteki Sales to CollectionDX. From now until 12/31/07 CDX readers can get an additional 10% off their purchase at Muteki Sales by using the coupon code KABUTO5.


2010-10-11 10:45

Welcome our new sponsor: Kid Nemo!

Kid Nemo company is a unique fusion of cute and cool!

2010-10-11 10:43
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