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Video Review: Mazinger Z

What it does, it does well, but you really have to like the alternate mode to justify buying it.

Includes HD video review

Video Review: Golgo 13

Golgo 13 is a legendary hit man, now in action figure form.

HD video review included

Video Review: Leader-class Autobot Bulkhead

"Oops. My bad."

Video review included!

Video Review: VE-1 Elintseeker

The legend continues.

Video Review: Voyager-class Decepticon Long Haul

Despite one-or-two minor hang-ups, this toy delivers first-rate quality and appropriate bad-assness.

Video review included!

Video Review: Voyager-class Decepticon Mixmaster

The difficulty in forming his other alt mode, and the lose joints for posing his arms seriously hamper this toy, but in presentation he is still a winner.

Multi-video review included!

Video Review: Getter Dragon

Despite being shorter than the previous Getter Dragon, it's actually heavier.

Includes HD Video Review

Video Review: The Joker

"Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I'm an agent of chaos."

HD VIDEO included

Video Review: Voyager-class Decepticon Shockwave

"Secrets are the foundation of power."

Video review included!

Video Review: Ultra-class Decepticon Skyfall (Walmart exclusive)

Aside from a kinda screwy electronic gimmick and oversimplified transformation (which leaves a lot to be desired), this set is still solid and a good homage to classic jet Transformer designs.

Video review...

Video Review: Col. Miles Quaritch

Getting Col. Miles Quaritch is like getting Lobot or an Imperial Officer when you wanted Boba Fett.

Video Review: AMP Suit

The AMP Suit (aka the "Iron Lady") is very cool, but the 3d webcam control gimmick is amazing. A first of its kind.

Includes HD video of the iTag system in action

Video Review: Hot Wheels Key Force Van

A lunchbox with a helicopter inside.

Video Review: Sixshot

The ultimate Transformers challenge.

Video Review: Masterpiece Movie Series Starscream

While the toy is detailed and fun enough either way, the coloring differences between the US release and this set are as different as night and day.

Multi-video review...

Video Review: Halo 3: ODST

Halo 3 ODST comes as the first expansion to the Halo universe and the first time the franchise has made players take off their MJOLNIR armor and strap on the boots of the toughest the UNSC has to offer, the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. Strap in...

Video Review: Starscream

The legacy of Transformers Generation 2 continues.

Video Review: Scout-class Decepticon Ejector

I would say that he is a rough approximation of how he appears on-screen, but more than makes up for it in straight-out attitude.

Video Review: Majuuken Garulu Saber

It was very awesome to see a sword being used that didn’t have the typically-seen long thin katana-like blade or a more Western design- a kris fit very well with the series' themes.

Video review included!

Video Review: VT-1 Super Ostrich

Oh no! This is a training aircraft.

Video Review: Samurai Gattai Series #3- Tora Origami

Did it have to be this unwieldy or ugly while at the same time giving us a cool gimmick?

Video review included!

Video Review: Samurai Gattai Series #2- Kajiki Origami

I’m really not feeling the new direction the Samurai Gattai Series is taking us, and this set does nothing to contest that point.
1.5 out of 5 stars.

Video review included!

Video Review: Samurai Gattai Series #1- Kabuto Origami

For all the pricey uniqueness that the DX Shinken-Oh brought us, this set reminds me of how quickly a great idea can be turned into mush within just a few weeks of a series’ debut.

Video Review: The Sixth Finger

"Where are we going? Life, the timeless, mysterious gift, is still evolving. What wonders - or terrors - might evolution hold in store for us in the next ten thousand years? In a million? In six million? Perhaps the answer lies in this old house in...

Video Review: Quickswitch

The penultimate Transformers challenge.