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Video Review: Soryu Asuka Langley

Asuka Langley was the Second Child and piloted Evangelion Unit 02

Video Review: Deluxe Titanus The Carrier Zord

Titanus is a HUGE toy: 22 inches long, around 10 high. Even knowing the beast’s size, I was still surprise when I got it. Out of the box, Titanus is easy to assemble… safe for the FORTY or so stickers to place. You’ll never convince me that a 4 year-...

Video Review: Baikanfu

The Soul of Chogokin Baikanfu (also pronounced Vaikanfu) is a pretty remarkable toy. One would think that it would suffer due to the intricate transformation but that is not the case here at all....

Video Review: Big Scale Yamato

The Big Scale SOP Yamato is an interesting piece. As a display model it is excellent. Full of detail and grandeur. But as a toy, not so much.

Video Review: Mazinger-Z 1969

This take on the classic Go Nagai design is all about power and aggression. From the skull-like faceplate to the giant knuckled fists, this robot will chew up and spit out all the other toys in your collection.

Video Review: Irongear

Irongear is a lot of fun, and I really love the fact that it is “Ready to go” right out of the box – I can’t stress that enough.

Video Review: Type-J9 Griffon (Flight Unit Version)

The Revoltech was just a tease. The CM’s Corps Brave Gokin Griffon is the real deal. (Video Review)

Video Review: Barricade

Barricade made a very memorable baddie in the movie but does he make as cool a toy? Read on to find out. With VIDEO.

Video Review: Rodimus

Transformers Classic figures started hitting the shelves just around the holidays and it was not until I was given one that I realized just how cool the new iterations of the old characters are. Read on for a full review. Video is also included.

Video Review: GaoRanger combination - Hyakujuu Gattai Gao Icarus

A very impressive and successful end to the primary mecha line from the 25th-Anniversary Super Sentai series.

Updated June 2010 with new video review!

Review originally posted 03/31/07

Video Review: Gao Falcon

I tell ya- this may be my favorite individual Power Animal of them all! The level of detail put into this thing is awesome and successfully crowns the entire 2001 line of Power Animals.

Updated June 2010 with new video review...

Video Review: DX Daikenjin Zubaan

I find it hard to complain about things like less poseable elbows or non-poseable legs, and those things can be overlooked because what they did do was excellent!

Video Review: DX Chouzetsu Gougou Gattai DaiVoyager

For a name which means "Transcendental Thundering Combination Great-Voyager" in Japanese, I would have expected something a bit more, oh I don't know- transcending from Bandai and PLEX.

Video Review: Gougou Gattai Vehicle #5 - Gougou Jet

I’ve said this before of other Super Sentai toys: if it wasn’t for the benefits of their transformations, I would not have gone for Gougou Gattai Vehicle #5- Gougou Jet as a standalone. Its multiple uses, however, make it a must have for the Gougou...

Video Review: Leopaldon & Spider-Man

It seems like Bandai is finally Getting it. They have taken a classic design with a great transformation and brought it into the modern era of engineering. Special video review with Nathan B.

Video Review: Gao Dias

I [personally] consider Gao Dias to be one of the most versatile and powerful of all Power Animals, seeing as how he was able to heal five PAs all at the same time, and then restrain [an] Orgu by himself.

Updated June 2010...

Video Review: Gao Rhino and Gao Armadillo

Gao Rhino and Gao Armadillo make an interesting, possibly unique, pair in the Power Animals line.

Updated May 2010 with new video review!

Review originally posted 10/28/06

Video Review: DX Majuu Gattai Gao Hunter Evil

To get a DX Gao Hunter was a highlight in my Super Sentai collection that has finally been fulfilled. The movement of the arms, the paint apps, how it changes - all of that makes it a highly favored piece in my collection.


Video Review: GaoRanger combination - Hyakujuu Gattai Gao Muscle

Gao Muscle is a near completely different creature from Gao King. Gao Bison remains as the lower torso and legs, but Gao Eagle has been demoted to waist joint/skirt; its wings now wrapped around Gao Bison's head instead.


Video Review: Gao Gorilla

Gao Gorilla has turned into one of my favorite Power Animals because of the glistening green coloring, and his wide range of poseability. But there is one more, important reason why I got him...

Updated May 2010 with new video...

Video Review: Dragonhawk

It's the centerpiece of the G.I. Joe Sigma 6 vehicle line the Dragonhawk. Read a full review with VIDEO here.

Video Review: Electronic BakuLaser

It's well built and adequately heavy. The sounds are nice & clear, and the light is really bright! For a 'repaint', it does pretty well on its own. If you liked the AbaLaser, you'll get the same kick out of the rarer BakuLaser.

Video Review: Boukenger combination - Chou Gougou Gattai Super DaiBouken

For the overall appearance, it's difficult to swallow, but the functions of each put together help that out a little, and make getting the DX toys to make the Chou Gougou Gattai Super DaiBouken worthwhile.

Video Review: Gougou Gattai Vehicle #3 - Gougou Mixer

Gougou Mixer continues as the third Gougou Gattai Vehicle in 'œBoukenger'?, dressed in a comfortable if somewhat unusual green plastic coloring.

Video Review: Gougou Gattai Vehicle #1 - Gougou Drill

Gougou Drill is an articulate looking vehicle which is much more appropriately sized in comparison to most of the other Gougou Vehicles seen in the DX Gougou Gattai DaiBouken.