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Landbreaker Video Review: Landbreaker


Mechagodzilla Video Review: Mechagodzilla with HEAV


RETRO SPACE: 1999 EAGLE FREIGHTER Video Review: Retro Eagle Freighter

Space:1999 Eagle Freighter in the Dinky 1970's retro colours by Sixteen 12 Collectibles

Robotic Jet Video Review: Robotic Jet

Robotic Jet

DX King Joe Storage Custom Video Review: DX King Joe Storage Custom

DX King Joe Storage Custom

Sparkless Bot Video Review: Sparkless Bot

Sparkless Bot

Tanks Video Review: Tanks


Inferno Video Review: Inferno


Deep One Video Review: Deep One

This one is called Deep One, and consists of two submarines that combine into a robot. However, it's much more intricate and involved than that.

Tron Legacy Video Review: Tron Legacy

Tron Legacy

Necron Warrior Video Review: Necron Warrior

Necron Warrior

Godzilla with Heat Ray Video Review: Godzilla with Heat Ray

Godzilla with Heat Ray

Kong with Battle Axe Video Review: Kong with Battle Axe

Kong with Battle Axe

Gattai Henshin Robo Auto Video Review: Gattai Henshin Robo Auto

Gattai Henshin Robo Auto

Sunstreaker Video Review: Sunstreaker


Warpath Video Review: Warpath


SHOUTMON X5 Video Review: Shoutmon X5


Mighty Taka-Kanaka Video Review: Mighty Taka-Kanaka

Mighty Taka-Kanaka

Jungle Hunter (Invisible) Video Review: Jungle Hunter (Invisible)

Jungle Hunter (Invisible)

Predator Hound Video Review: Predator Hound

Predator Hound

Bat-L Video Review: Bat-L


Maleficient Dragon Video Review: Maleficient Dragon

Maleficient Dragon

Elder Predator V2 Video Review: Elder Predator V2

Elder Predator V2

Pinhead Video Review: Ultimate Pinhead

He'll tear your soul apart!

Loki Video Review: Loki