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Episode 68 - Collectors wallets cried out in terror


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Nice episode, just a few

Nice episode, just a few things. The outrage for that Miracle Productions Vehicle Voltron is actually a combination of things. First off it's the constant push back of the release dates and broken promises, Dave from Toyfreaks came on this show and stated himself that this toy would be done by a certain date and he would have a sample ready. Many months later and we're still hearing the same things, Miracle has tried to keep fans posted by posting stuff on their Facebook page. But when it was called out that the "new" photos they were showing were actually old ones they fessed up. If they had been open from the start and said they were having difficulties and a project like this was much bigger then they expected fans would have understood. Instead all we got were lies, broken promises, and Dave selling the company line. There are 3rd party Transformers makers who have a much better relations with the fans and who constantly keep them informed then a so-called "official" company trying to create a SOC level toy line with this being their first release. But now with colored samples coming out and after all this time Miracle couldn't even get the colors right, it looks like they used the old toys and model kits as reference instead of the actual Anime which should be the ultimate source of reference. I'm sure that will be fine with a lot of fans but there are quite a few who were expecting a SOC level toy with Anime accurate looks, it's what we've come to expect and what this segment of the hobby demands. If you are gonna charge SOC-like prices then you better put in the effort Bandai does which means doing research so Miracle should have used the original Dairugger episodes (there was 52 episodes made), talked to the creators, do some homework instead of assuming fans would wait over a year with a LOT having been forced to pre-pay in full, for just a updated version of a toy which was in-accurate to begin with but charge us high-end prices.

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Posted by CHEN on 20 April, 2013 - 08:55
100% agree with CHEN!

Delays do happen, specially to small and/or inexperienced companies. Art Storm Fewture is the King of Delays, but Miracle Productions is really looking like they will take that title away from them. As far as the Vehicle Voltron, they really screwed it up with the choice of references regarding the color scheme. If I wanted a Vehicle Voltron figure that had the same colors as the vintage one, I would just get a vintage one! They are not rare at all and not that expensive either. I really thought they were going to go with an anime look instead, and had they specified they weren't gonna do it from the get go, I wouldn't have jumped in the band wagon as fast as I did. To tell you the truth, this is the last time I ever pre-order anything made by Miracle Productions, ever! I trust them as much as I trust politicians.


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Posted by The Mazinger Z on 20 April, 2013 - 14:24
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