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FAQ: Common Questions

Q: I want to buy a toy from your site.

A: Sorry, we do not sell any toys. All of the toys displayed here are for reference purposes only. From time to time we sell some of our extra toys on ebay. I realize that this question was in the form of a statement, but that's how they often come.

Q: Can you tell me where I can buy this toy?

A: We recommend you browse our fine advertisers, or use google.

Q: How much is my toy worth?

A: We only give original retail prices on our toys in our reviews, never market prices. Prices fluctuate so much that we prefer not to give values. Your best bet for assessing a toy's value is to search ebay for COMPLETED AUCTIONS and see what the item has sold for previously. Do not judge an item's value on opening bids, as often sellers are insane. If you need assistance assessing the value of a collection or rare item, contact us and we can work out an apprasial fee.

Q: How can I buy items from YahooJapan?

A: Unless you speak Japanese, you must use a middleman service to handle your transaction. Check out our guide here.

Q: Why is the site so slow?

A: Because CollectionDX is popular, we often experience high traffic loads from both users and "bots" crawling our pages. These loads can cause the site to be slow at times. Be patient, it will get better.

Q: Can I write a review or article?

A: Of course! We welcome new authors. Just read this guide and send us your review when you are ready!

Posted 21 April, 2006 - 13:38 by JoshB