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NYTF09: Toy2r


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Capturing the love

Is that what we call ripping something off these days? Man, I hate "artists". Why aren't the people at Happywell considered artists? They're just as creative, imo. Photobucket

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Posted by NekroDave on 27 February, 2009 - 11:02
Well, suffice it to say that

Well, suffice it to say that Skullbrainers were decidedly not impressed with this:
First discussion here...while another thread got started here. Both are pretty good indicators of how "vinyl fandom" reads these.

I, personally, like a some of Kozik's Asian stuff. I have a few toys of his and I'm proud to display them in my collection...but they're definitely ONLY his Asian, hand-painted stuff (I have a glowie Galtan by Zollmen, and a few glow Real x Head figures he's painted). Despite the "arteeest" pretense, they're good toys and didn't cost an absurd amount on the aftermarket because of engineered shortages. In a (vinyl) hobby where some sculpts are released 10-30 at a time and super-hyped to the point where they're fetching close to a grand on the aftermarket, I can really respect that.

As for the bulk of Kozik's (Western) stuff, I care very little for it. Cartoony animals smoking butts? Eh...whatever. And much of that stuff is by Kidrobot...which generally translates to poor quality, factory-painted, mass-produced Chinese vinyl.

This thing, unfortunately, appears to be of the latter category. But who knows--I'm fickle! If he puts out a glowie of this that has a striking, super-robot paintjob (like John Groff's FLOSR Getter 1), I may just throw down.

Anyway, what I want is to know is what other people have to say about the subject of "homage" versus "rip off". Onell figures are supposedly an homage to different classic lines like the Micronauts...and we love them for it. The licensed Happywell toys are supposedly rip offs of the TF Alternators...and we seem, for the most part, agains them. This toy is supposedly an homage to Go Nagai's do we burn Kozik at the stake for it, or praise him?

Is the nature of "homage" simply burying the reference under a couple layers of original creativity just to obscure the "rip off"?? Whaddaya think?


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Posted by Sanjeev on 27 February, 2009 - 12:21
I think you could do a

I think you could do a really stylish, fresh-looking super robo homage without going for the too easy not-Mazinger nod. Mazinger embodied more than red horns and a Z in the title. There's a little Jeeg and Grendizer in here too.

I mean if one is going to play the "artist" card, you could at least elevate it and make it not look like every other simple pastiche. It just doesn't look good to me- I don't see the design and care. I can forgive all manner of homage and "ripoff" if it's cool looking :)

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Posted by Nidaram on 27 February, 2009 - 14:01
If that robot was something

If that robot was something I had drawn,and I showed you guys,saying "check out my cool robot design",you'd laugh your asses off. But make it into a "designer toy" (translation: Fisher Price level of detail) and it's worth 80 bucks! Someone get me a beret and a latte!

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Posted by kidnicky on 27 February, 2009 - 14:57