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NYTF2013: Cubebot

While Josh and I were walking through othe sections of the floor during our last day of the Toy Fair, we saw a table full of robots. They were very blocky and I was about to blow it off but I handled one and found them to be pretty interesting. For being so blocky and plain, they did have enough articulation to keep it fun. However, these are meant to be puzzles. The transform into cubes. I know it sounds boring, but you really need to handle one before dismissing it. While the Cubebots are currently plain, Josh suggested they should work some characters into the line. The rep did have a couple of Cubebots painted as well-known Super Heroes samples they were into looking at doing. Towards the end of the visit, Josh was giving some suggestions of designers they may be interested in working with. Should be cool to see what they come up with. We were given a sample Cubebot which I still haven't been able to put down.


Check out the full Cubebots Gallery.

Posted 19 February, 2013 - 18:49 by chachipower
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