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Mono-Eyes On You

During the Post-Op[timus] Q&A comments, the talk about after market parts came up so I thought i'd post something I've been working with. Pics included!

I'll admit my experience with add-on parts is limited, and after 10+ years (I forget just how long really, but I know it'll be 10 years next year since I've been a CDX regular with my GP-03) of building I have never stepped into the realm. However in recent months started working with a new trick.

Not sure if the Mod Squad will allow me talking about a non-sponsor, but I purchased some mono-eye decals from GG-Infinite after being tempted by the promise of freedom for Spacenoids in plastic. Canceling my No-Zaku policy. Until now, all of my Zeon based models have either gone with their sticker eyes or a touch of silver paint/clear color coat on a raised 'eye' lens.The Hi-Q Parts mono-eye decals are small gel stickers which work great with matching to a 1/144 scale and 1/100 scale Zeonic model, in this case 1/144 scale. While they say "pink/red" as the match type, they are a little bland but really shine with an extra coat of clear red/gloss clear coat to makes a nice shade of pink. The only complaint I have is the adhesive on the decals that hold them to the sticker sheet doesn't bond it to plastic, but fortunately my Mr Hobby Cement does the trick just fine!

Now here we have my example of.. wha? Wait no!

Oh my god he's attacking!

No wait, he's leaving.... what he's he doing now?!

Oh the humanity!!! No Left Overs boy, No Left Overs!!!

Posted 19 January, 2012 - 08:55 by Rob