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New Account, old Business and other musings from the Farm bound builder.

So here I go....

After having a case of internet identity disorder, I changed my user name from my legal name to something more niche specific twice and I somehow wound up reducing my publishing privileges which forced me to forward content before publishing.

At Josh's recommendation, I openned a new user account. So here I am: a CDX member since 2003 that just joined CDX five minutes (exaggerated time zone) ago.

Why the change? Why not, after all building is my thing. Gunpla is my collection and Rob is my name. Put them together and I've got a snazzy new identity that has a reverberating sound suspiciously close to Ramba Ral.

Intended? You be the judge. At least I get to keep my mustache.

So what to expect from it? Well if all goes as planned… good luck with that part… I can go back to posting on a more routine basis. I cannot promise real-time building reviews for things I build at my own pace, but I can at least promise something good. Stay tuned.

In the main time, CDX vets and other astute readers, or at least those that don’t fall asleep right about no…..zzzz…… … will know I live and work on a farm.

First and foremost, cows. I’ve got to talk about the cows, wouldn’t be the bearded mama if I didn’t brag about my kids. Out of the 52 head, I’m handling 14 calves which include my year old heifer and our other yearlings as the mini-herd leaders.

The star of the show right now is the young bull I’ve been raising since he was born in December. The long story short is he was the first of twins and the statistic of abandonment if the mother is not confined. Tossed headlong into my lap, literally, he has since slowly grown into a great addition. We worked the calves through the corral the other day and he got his ear tag, so he is now an official member of the tribe! His twin brother and a few other bull calves will remain as bulls while the remaining males are now on their way to the monastery with black rubber bands between their legs.

To keep things Rated T for Teen, I’ll let you readers figure that part out… Now who would like a leather coin purse?

Outside of the daily cattle business, I’m getting set to work the hay fields. We’re expanding from our plot in Cecil to another field just a mile south of the homestead, cutting the hay for a horse farming associate of my father's medical practice. It’s not a bad gig, we get a share of the hay for our labor while the land owners will be getting the square bales they want and somewhere along the lines everybody makes a profit. Our farm was in the hay business until some decade ago but we got out of the industry for the main reasons of weather, labor, and maintenance… and here we go again.

So there it is. Where I’m at, where I’m going, and where I’ve been. Happy Motoring.

Posted 18 May, 2011 - 08:27 by Rob