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Hello, travelers! I decided to post another bloggity blog! Basically, I'm just here to brag about how super sweet my new custom is! I made a Marvel Universe Deadpool! Now bear with me here, I'm fully aware that Deadpool customs are a dime a dozen. But hey, it's ME we're (I'm) talking about! I'm (we're) the most important man (men) in the universe(s)! 

To set mine apart, I also made him a bike, therefore making him an instant Tokusatsu hero. He can crush buildings and all that other buttcrap. 




I started out with a Marvel Universe Steve Rogers. I kinda cheated a little because I already had the X-Men Origins: Wolverine Comic Book Deadpool figure. I swapped out Steve's head with that figure's head and gave it the harness from the Wolverine Deadpool as well. From there, it was as simple as painstakingly painting every single detail which was a series of dry brushing and washes. 

All the weapons are from G.I. Joe figures.

The bike was a crappy 5 dollar one from Walmart. Then I painted Deadpool's face all over it.


Once again boys, if you'd like to see the random junk I do on a minute-to-minute basis, feel free to follow me on Twitter

Posted 11 October, 2012 - 00:32 by Jmann