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ShowaPop!: 80's Vintage Kimono My House Flyer

ShowaPop!: 80's Vintage Kimono My House Flyer

Living in Southern California I never had a chance to visit Kimono My House back in the 1980's and I didn't know they were still around until I read they were closing down a few years ago. Pony Toy was my choice of Anime stores back in the1980's and as much as I knew about Kimono My House I never could make it up there. Keep in mind I was in Jr High and High School and Emeryville was a overnight trip from Southern California.


Going through my items I came across this vintage 1980's Kimono My House ad still in one of my old model kits I bought back then. I remember picking it up at a comic book store in Monterey, Ca during the short time I was living in Watsonville. Interesting item from one the innovators of anime in the USA back in the 1980s.

Leonardo Flores

Posted 23 April, 2012 - 11:22 by Showapop