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  • Sound Flasher Ideon

    Well, I just bought one back, lol, for far much more than I sold I think... but anyway...

    JoshB   33 weeks 3 hours ago
  • Sound Flasher Ideon

    I don't regret you selling this. :) 

    Btw, it's more like 10" than 7". 

    NekroDave   33 weeks 14 hours ago
  • Egg McMuffin Robot

    Apparently you can get this style of egg on other egg-using sandwiches that use egg but normally have the flat-type scrambled egg, egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg.

    Also I don't know if you remember the Breakfast Stackers they tried to do a while back as a rip-off of the In-N-Out "Secret Menu" thing, where you could order various combinations of breakfast food items.  Double sausage!  Triple egg!  More slices of cheese!  It didn't last long, which made sense, like, the sole reason I'm buying this thing is to have some calories in me to face the day, the last thing I want is to have to endure it for a longer period of time.

    Anyway.  That toy looks pretty lame.  It says a lot that they couldn't even be arsed to make the bottom half transform into legs.

    RobotBastard   33 weeks 5 days ago
  • D.VA & Meka

    Like, of all the toy lines to produce a really good version of D.Va's MEKA, it's so strange that it would be Funko Pop, whose whole deal is "simple cheap icon versions".

    RobotBastard   34 weeks 5 days ago
  • Three-Man Light Jet

    Break out the wall anchors and fishing line :)

    RobotBastard   34 weeks 6 days ago
  • The Raven

    I just watched this movie last week on the Comet channel. It was pretty good considering it's age. It also stars a young Jack Nicholson! And all 3 women in this film were gorgeously voluptuous. I liked the premise of how it loosely adapted Poe's The Raven while integrating a story of rival sorcerers. I wouldn't mind if a modern remake was made that utilized the cutting edge special effects of today.

    netkid   35 weeks 3 days ago
  • Apparently, Auldey re-issued their three robots from the Space Deleter series this year. Just got back from my trip to Beijing and bought all three robots from Toys 'R Us, priced at $22.65 each.

    I guess all three robots are easier to be re-issued compared to the Giant Saver toys since they don't have electronics in the first place. 

    makaikishi   36 weeks 13 hours ago
  • Argus

    I got one. Yay!

    JoshB   40 weeks 2 days ago
  • Dana O' Shee

    Years later, I would have loved to hear your take on all the Robot Spirits Dunbine figures they put out.

    JoshB   47 weeks 4 days ago
  • Honestly it would take too much time to do a video, edit, upload etc. I'm just trying to get it done. I have a backlog of reviews building up. I have about 12 working days of content left I think. I just gotta plow through it.

    JoshB   50 weeks 5 days ago
  • oh man sorry to hear about all the trouble you're having Josh.

    but glad things are moving. I'm surprised you haven't hopped on to youtube and instagram and twitter to make more  updates. to show what you're doing. keep the awareness going and hopefully more donations will come in.

    I appreciate the work Josh thanks again.

    kidchuckle   51 weeks 2 days ago
  • ZA   1 year 2 days ago
  • Will do! Hopefully it'll be ready within a week.

    ZA   1 year 1 week ago
  • As long as we get credit it's fine, thanks! Drop us a link here when the video is done! Thanks for asking!

    JoshB   1 year 1 week ago
  • Josh, would it be cool with you if I used a couple of your images from this toy for a video on Raideen? I'd also want to use one from the GA-01 reissue as well. (

    Thanks, either way!

    ZA   1 year 1 week ago
  • ShinkenRed

    Having the Shishi disk spin when it didn't in the show (and also be oversize) is a dumb "compensation". Now, I get why they didn't make the Rekka Daizanto transform: The blade actually shrinks lengthwise substantially when it transforms in the show. But that being the case, they should have included an alternate cannon mode version. Also Shishi and Tora disks. But it could be worse... Can you imagine if the Common Disak was permanently attached to the Shinkenmaru? And he didn't come with the Rekka Daizanto, the Shodophone, or the Shishi Origami, but instead came with the Beckoning Cat that Takeru got bodyswapped with?

    Well, that's basically what happened to Ryuranger. No Lai-Lai Jewel, no Soryuken (Double Dragon Swords), and he only has a single Dairenrod with the Rod Arrow tip permanently attached instead of either a detachable tip or a second rod with no tip - even though the rods were most commonly used with no tip. But he sure does have those gag accesoeies from Akibaranger! (ugh)

    ZeldaTheSwordsman   1 year 2 weeks ago
  • Hot Stuff Fire Engine

    I've seen a photo of the Zybots combined mode. I wonder if certain bots are interchangeable or if everyone has a specific place they have to go (like G1 Devastator) Not sure if the second robot mode was intentional or accidental, but he would make for some great fan art/fan fic. I saw one person above comparing him to Punch/Counterpunch.

    Scarfang_The_Slayer   1 year 3 weeks ago
  • I noticed another flaw now that I own the toy myself. There's a ridge inside the right hand meant to help it hold the sword tighter, but it seems to be on the wrong side. Why do I say this? Well, the ridge holds the sword solely by friction if it's touching the solid side of the hilt, but actually tabs into the hollow side... which requires the sword be inserted facing the wrong way. So either the ridge was molded on the wrong side of the fist, or the DaiShinken's hilt was molded with its hollow on the wrong side.

    Still holds its sword way more securely than the Thunder Megazord/Dairen-Oh, though.

    ZeldaTheSwordsman   1 year 4 weeks ago
  • Yup, many people alerted me of this this morning. I've got it preordered. Good price even though I have to wait a month later than Japan.

    JoshB   1 year 4 weeks ago
  • TattooedRobot   1 year 4 weeks ago
  • Thats what not getting the pre-order will do to you...

    JoshB   1 year 4 weeks ago
  • I can see the hilts of the swords in the Minami face, at least.

    The Kita face just makes me think "Prepare to meet... Mister Angry Eyes!"

    "Are those supposed to be cannons above the knuckles?" That's certainly what they look like. They're probably a feature that Plex designed but then forgot to really make use of. It happens now and again - Black Gammer and Yellow Kumard from Kakuranger never actually used the Gammer Bow and Kumard Claw (they were at least seen readying them in the fight with Tengu, but didn't actually get to wield them), the Saurer Buster finisher from Zyuranger (seen in some promotional material) went completely unused...

    "what the hell kind of weapon is that if it isn’t a very poorly designed spear?" Well, that's exactly what it is - a spear (yariika is "squid spear", not just "squid"). A spear that in toy form Ika Daikai-Oh can't properly wield but instead only awkwardly hold by a handle. It's the Dragon Antler/Power Staff allll over again. Bandai's desire for bulky polearms does not mix well with their neglect of articulation.

    Oh, a bit of an oversight: You neglected to say what size battery it takes. For those wondering, it's size LR44/ size 357 (Same size, different material) button cell batteries and you need two.

    ZeldaTheSwordsman   1 year 4 weeks ago
  • It says "Due October 2018 for 38,500 yen."

    makaikishi   1 year 4 weeks ago
  • Ugh, fixed. I'll be up at 4am waiting for the preorder go live tonight!

    JoshB   1 year 4 weeks ago
  • Wow, and it doesn't come out till 2918?!  The wait will kill us all!

    LOL but seriously, cool. I'm thinking I may pre-order two for display purposes.

    Optimal III   1 year 5 weeks ago