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How to choose venison?

Olenina is becoming more widespread, now this product is present not only in the northerners menu, but also residents of other regions are happy to acquire this variety of meat.

And this is not surprising, because Olenina is not just a very tasty, but also a healthy environmentally friendly product. The meat is quite lean and, at the same time, contains a lot of protein, so it will be useful to everyone - children, adolescents, older people, athletes, pregnant women. In a word, everyone who monitors their health and seeks to be in good shape, you can advise you to diversify your diet with deer meat.

How to choose the right venison?

As a rule, Olenina goes on sale already cut. The rules of cutting carcasses are exactly the same as when cutting beef, therefore, the names of the parts are familiar to everyone.

The most valuable, but also the most expensive part of the carcass, is clipping. It does not lag behind it in quality and price and the Korean. The meat, as a rule, is implemented in freshly frozen form, but such a method of harvesting as shock freezing practically does not affect the quality and taste of the product. The main thing is that he does not defrost during the storage and not undergo repeated freezing.

When choosing venison, you should pay attention to the color of the meat. I must say that a quality product in color will differ from the usual beef, venison has a darker shade that resembles the color of beets. This is quite normal and is by no means evidence that the meat is obtained from old animals.

Other parts of the carcass are the back, the brisket, the legs are more affordable in price, but you can prepare magnificent dishes from them.

How to cook venison?

As a rule, elite carcasses of carcasses go to cook hot dishes. Cutting can be prepared by a whole piece in the oven. You can cook excellent steaks or magnificent barbecue from the Korea. To make the food soft and fragrant, semi -finished products are pre -pickled in wine with the addition of spices. You can cook marinade from other products, for example, from cranberry or sea buckthorn juice.

Cutting can be served without heat treatment, preparing from it a traditional Siberian delicacy Stroganin or Italian carpaccio. The main difficulty in the preparation of these dishes is the correct cut, pieces should be thin, almost transparent pieces.

You can buy such a product as venison inexpensively, as a rule, a ham and other parts of the carcass are sold at quite affordable prices. Excellent stewed dishes can be prepared from this meat. A rich broth can be welded from the brisket, it will turn out to be an unusually dark color with exquisite aroma and taste.

From inexpensive parts of the carcass, excellent minced meat is prepared so that it is less dry, some pork is added to it, as well as other additives, as usual when preparing chopped products.

You can serve almost any vegetables to the side dish of venison dishes, the taste of dishes and mushrooms, especially forestry, complement it. The exquisite sauce for baked dishes can be prepared from lingonberries or cranberries. Big data free slot games online at new and most popular slots