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The World Menace
I.N. Corps Specific Wanzer RX-78-2 Gundam -Version 3.0 Zero (Type 2)
It Set 1 Jason and the Argonauts Skeleton Army City Hunter Predator
Space Patrol Unit Alpha Shana Enpatsu F4F-4 Wildcat
Zangeki Kanjoutou Sakanamaru Evil Bat (SDCC09)
Spearhead Charles Type Legion-class Fixit Bucks Team Trooper
Brake-Neck Getter Go
Smokescreen VE-1 Super Fighter Drift
Blanka VF-27β Lucifer Valkyrie New Head Plus (General Use / Grace Use)
1/60 Big Scale Model Kit Gundam F-91 Super Gobot Throttle RETRO SPACE: 1999 EAGLE FREIGHTER