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Moebius Models Moebius Models

Moebius Models was founded by Frank Winspur to bring back classic scifi and horror model kits to a fan base that has seemingly been forgotten by the major companies. Frank was the owner of The Doll and Hobby Shoppe in Deland, Florida and one of Polar Lights earliest distributors. He felt the need for a new company to fill the gigantic void after Polar Lights discontinued most of their line in 2004. A long time Aurora collector, Frank had hoped that it was just a temporary change. With the closing of Doll & Hobby in 2005, Frank knew what he had to do: Continue the tradition.

The first kit from Moebius Models is a new issue of Dr. Jekyll as Mr. Hyde. For many modelers, this is the missing link in their collection, the last of the classic Aurora monsters to be reissued.

New projects are in the works, subject to licensing agreements. Please visit the Moebius Models website for more news on these projects as they are announced.

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