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A leader in introducing Japanese trends to the United States, Bandai America Incorporated is a subsidiary of Bandai Co. Ltd., the third largest toy company in the world. With 30 subsidiaries in 13 countries worldwide, global interests include toys and children's entertainment, video game software, multimedia, music, full-length feature films, vending machines, trading cards and miniature collectible games, and candies. Bandai America is the master toy licensee of some of the most popular properties and brands in children's toys and entertainment, including Power Rangers, Teen Titans, Magical DoReMi and Tamagotchi. The company is headquartered in Cypress, California.

ST Bio Man
Bandai America
Deluxe Mega Voyager
Bandai America
Deluxe Megazord Pack
Bandai America
Bandai America
Sprukits Level 2 Master Chief
Bandai America
Black Ranger's Shark Cycle
Bandai America
Bandai America
Deluxe Masked Rider (8 Inch)
Bandai, Bandai America
Dino Charge Megazord
Bandai America
Deluxe Turbo Megazord
Bandai America
Sprukits Joker
Bandai America
Samurai Megazord
Bandai America
Claw Battlezord
Bandai America
Q-Rex Megazord
Bandai, Bandai America
Goo Fish
Bandai America
Bandai America
Bandai America
Legacy Dragonzord
Bandai, Bandai America
Classic Tygra
Bandai America
Classic Lion-O
Bandai America
Legendary Megazord Power Rangers Super Megaforce
Bandai America
ZordBuilder System- Bull Megazord
Bandai America
ZordBuilder System - Tiger Zord with Mega Ranger
Bandai America
Octozord with Mega Ranger
Bandai America
ZordBuilder System - Samurai ClawZord
Bandai America
Bandai America
Legacy Power Morpher
Bandai America
ZordBuilder System - Swordfish Zord with Mega Ranger
Bandai America
Beetle Zord with Mega Ranger
Bandai America
ZordBuilder System - Samurai Megazord
Bandai America
Lion Mechazord
Bandai America
Sea Lion Black Ranger Cycle
Bandai America
Sky Lion Red Ranger Cycle
Bandai America
Legacy Megazord
Bandai America
Gosei Great Megazord
Bandai America
Titanium Silver Beetleborg’s Sector Cycle Set
Bandai America
Gundam Deathscythe Hell
Bandai America
Gundam GP-02A
Bandai America
Bandai America
Bandai America
Bandai America
Deluxe Titanus The Carrier Zord
Bandai America
Bandai America
Samurai Mega Blade
Bandai America
Bandai America
Bandai America
DX God Sigma
Bandai, Bandai America
Retrofire Delta Squad Megazord
Bandai America
Bandai America, Popy
Hyperalien Highbreed
Bandai America
Hyperalien Vilgax
Bandai America
Bandai America
Engine King Eagle Zord
Bandai America
Chrome Prowler Tiger Zord
Bandai America
Deluxe Lightspeed Megazord
Bandai America
Deluxe Max Solarzord
Bandai America
Deluxe Red Battlezord
Bandai America
Deluxe Zeo Megazord
Bandai America
Deluxe Auto-Morphin Warrior Wheel
Bandai America
Deluxe Super Zeo Megazord
Bandai America
Deluxe Pyramidas The Carrier Zord
Bandai America
Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
Bandai America
Dino Megazord
Bandai America
Star Searchers Zeric
Bandai, Bandai America
Kamen Rider Blank Knight with Advent Cycle
Bandai America
Gold Ranger
Bandai America
Deluxe Dual Drive Megazord (Second Version)
Bandai America
Kamen Rider Torque
Bandai America
Nitro Blaster
Bandai America
Retrofire High Octane Megazord
Bandai America, Bandai Creation
Retrofire Wild Force Megazord
Bandai America, Bandai Creation
Retrofire Mighty Morphin' Megazord
Bandai America, Bandai Creation
High Octane Megazord
Bandai America
White Ranger
Bandai America
Bandai America
Deluxe Jungle Pride Megazord
Bandai America
Bandai America
Bandai, Bandai America
Transforming Beast Master Megazord
Bandai America
Bandai, Bandai America
Bandai America
Bandai, Bandai America
Bandai America
Bandai America
Bandai America
Bandai America
Bandai America
Bandai America
Bandai America, Bandai Creation
Bandai America
Bandai America
Bandai America
Bandai America
Bandai America
Bandai America
Bandai America
Bandai America
Bandai America
Bandai, Bandai America
Bandai America

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No. Toy name Year
Doggie Cruger 2005
C.L.O.D. 1999
Guitardo 1994
Artillatron 1997
Omega Megazord 2005
Turbo Megazord 1999
Lightspeed Racer 1999
Deluxe Platinum Purple BV 1997
Deluxe Titanium Silver BV 1997
Deluxe Chromium Gold BV 1997
Boron 1996
Delta Max Megazord 2005
Megazord 1993
Tor the Shuttle Zord 1994
Hoverptera 2005
Robert 2005
Motoraptor 2005
DICE Jet 2005
Thunderzord Assault Team 1994
White Tigerzord 1994
Red Dragon Thunderzord 1994
Blue Stinger 1996
Thunder Power Megazord 2002
Time Force Megazord 2001
Astro Megazord 1998
Supertrain Megazord 2000
Rescue Megazord 1997
D.I.C.E. Sam 2005
Dino Zord Set 2004
Ninja Firebird 2003
Delta Squad Megazord 2004
Gundam Rose 2003
Haow Gundam 2003
Dino Stegazord 2004
Teen Titans 2004
Cyborg & Raven 2004
Robin & Starfire 2004
Titan Megazord 2005
Power Rangers ATV 2004
Thundersaurus Megazord 2004
Dragon Shiryu 2004
Megazord 1993
RX-77 Guncannon & RX-75 Guntank 2004
Phoenix Ikki 2004
W-Gundam Zero Custom 2003
Thunderstorm Megazord 2003
Wing Gundam Zero 2002
Sazabi 2002
Rugi 2003
Isis Megazord 2001
RX-78 NT-1 1999
GP-01 Gundam 2002
Asura Gundam 2003
Gundam Epyon 1995
Wing Gundam 1998
GP-01 Gundam 2001
Deathscythe Hell Custom 1998
Big Duo 2002
Escaflowne 2002
Ernn-Laties 2002
Big O 2002
Dragonzord 1993
Lunar Wolf Battlized Warrior 2002
Solar Streak Megazord 2006
Roboborg 1997
Deluxe Kongazord 2002
Deluxe Galaxy Megazord 1999
Tetsujin 28 1984
DriveMax Megazord 2007
Sazabi 2002
Deluxe Falconzord 1995
Mezodon Megazord 2004
Rinoa Heartlilly 1999
Animus Megazord 2002
Deluxe Titanus 1993
Jumbo Astro Megazord 1997
Transforming Beast Master Megazord 2008
Stratoforce Megazord 1999
Astro Galactic Megazord 1999
Samurai Star Megazord 2003
Deluxe Jungle Pride Megazord 2008
Gold Ranger 2008
White Power Ranger 2008
Deluxe Jungle Master Megazord 2008
High Octane Megazord 2009
Dual Drive Megazord 2007
Zeric 1986
Dragon Knight 2009
Deluxe Zeo Megazord 1996
Deluxe Red Battlezord 1996
Deluxe Pyramidas The Carrier Zord 1996
Deluxe Super Zeo Megazord 1996
Deluxe Auto-Morphin Warrior Wheel 1996
Deluxe Lightspeed Megazord 2000
Deluxe Max Solarzord 2000
NRG 2010
Vilgax 2010
Highbreed 2010
Lion-O 2011
Mumm-Ra 2011
Gundam GP-02A 2004
Gundam Deathscythe Hell
MechaGodzilla 2012
Godzilla 2012
Titanium Silver Beetleborg’s Sector Cycle Set 1997
Gosei Great Megazord 2012
Legacy Megazord 2013
Sky Lion Red Ranger Cycle 2013
Sea Lion Black Ranger Cycle 2013
Lion Mechazord 2013
Legacy Power Morpher 2013
Mechagodzilla 2012
ClawZord 2011
Octozord 2012
Tiger Zord
Bull Megazord 2012
Legendary Megazord 2013
Legacy Dragonzord 2014
Power Rangers Goldar 1994
Power Rangers Goo Fish 1994
Q-Rex Megazord 2014
Deluxe Mega Voyager 1998
Claw Battlezord 2011
Samurai Megazord 2011
Joker 2014
Master Chief 2014
Turbo Megazord 1997
Dino Charge Megazord 2014
Black Ranger's Shark Cycle 1995
Power Rangers Bones 1994
Deluxe Megazord Pack 2015
#31375 Dino Megazord 2009
01 Lion-O 2011
02 Tygra 2011
2491 Deluxe Ninja Megazord 1995
25103 Solar Cell Morpher 2006
3043 Robo Racer 1997
31066 Engine King Eagle Zord 2009
31067 Chrome Prowler Tiger Zord 2009
31106 Nitro Blaster 2009
31111 Retrofire High Octane Megazord 2009
31112 Retrofire Mighty Morphin' Megazord 2009
31113 Retrofire Wild Force Megazord 2009
31579 Samurai Megazord 2011
31601, 31603 Samurai Mega Blade 2011
31766 Beetle Zord 2011
31767 Swordfish Zord 2011
33000 Wilykat 2011
33904 Kamen Rider Torque 2009
33951 Kamen Rider Dragon Knight 2009
3661 Masked Rider 1995
96052 Retrofire Delta Squad Megazord 2011
DG-1 Gigano Dragon 2000
DZ-2 Dino Brachio 2000
GB-01, GB-02, PB-81 Daltanias 1979
GB-09, GB-10, GB-11 Gardian 1982
GB-18, GB-19, GB-20 God Sigma 1984
GB-97 Dynaman 1983
GB-97 Dynaman 1984
GC-12 Bio Man
GC-15 Laserion 1984
GD-18 Omega Megazord 2000
GD-21 Wild Force Megazord 2002
GF13-013NR Bolt Gundam 2003
PC-39 Abega 1984
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Diamond Appointed Master Distributor for Bandai America Products 2015-08-17 21:37

Toy Fair 2011 Bandai - Thundercats

Bandai's new Thundercats line of figures seems to be one of the hottest releases of the year. We get a personal up-close look at these new figures.

Updated with HD video.

2019-05-13 09:20

Toy Fair 2011 Bandai - Skreemsters

We look at a new line of voice-powered cars, Skreemsters.

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2019-05-13 16:14

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Bandai is expanding into a variety of radio control items.

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2019-05-13 09:21

Toy Fair 2011 Bandai - Power Rangers Samurai

And here is the looksie we got at the Power Rangers Samurai line...

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2019-05-13 09:20

Toy Fair 2011 Bandai - Pocoyo

If you have pre-schoolers in your life you're probably pretty familiar with Pocoyo.

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2019-05-13 16:13

Toy Fair 2011 Bandai - Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

Ben 10 continues to be a very successful cartoon and toy line for Bandai and they had a new line up to show for it.

Includes HD video

2019-05-13 09:20

NYTF2014: Bandai America - Godzilla

What can stop the King of the Monsters? How about a Media Embargo.

2019-05-15 13:57
Tamashii Nations / Bluefin

NYTF2013: Tamashii Nations / Bluefin

Tamashii Nations/Bluefin is always our favorite stop to check out a mind-blowing array of figures and robots and chit-chat about future stuff.

2019-05-15 14:23
Power Rangers

NYTF2013: Bandai America - Power Rangers

Go Go Power Rangers!

2019-05-15 14:22
Little Battlers (LBX)

NYTF2013: Bandai America - Little Battlers (LBX)

Will the Japanese kit sensation make it to the states? Only time will tell.

2019-05-15 14:22

NYTF2013: Bandai America - Ben 10

We check out some new stuff coming from the Ben 10 line

2019-05-15 14:22

NYTF2012: Bandai America: Thundercats

Not a whole lot new with Thundercats, unfortunately.

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2019-05-14 15:56

NYTF2012: Bandai America: Power Rangers Super Samurai

New items, hints to the future, and a visit from some special stars...

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2019-05-14 16:48

NYTF2012: Bandai America: LBX - Little Battlers

Bandai is bringing Little Battlers to the US in 2013.

2019-05-14 15:56

NYTF2012: Bandai America: Godzilla

The Big G is back with CLEAR GLITTER VINYL!

Updated with HD video.

2019-05-14 15:55

NYTF2012: Bandai America: Ben 10

Ben 10 consistently ranks as one of the top ten action figure brands, according to The NPD Group. Bandai will continue to build on that success and excitement for the brand with a new global toy line for 2012 that includes action figures, role-play items, vehicles, and play sets.

Updated with HD video.

2019-05-14 15:55

NYTF09: Bandai America - Power Rangers R.P.M.

Accelerating Into Their 17th Consecutive Year, the Power Rangers Zip into 2009 New York Toy Fair with a Vehicle Inspired Toy Lineup

2019-05-07 10:57

NYTF09: Bandai America - Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

Kamen Rider is coming to the states (again) and Bandai has the toys to play with.

2019-05-07 10:56

NYTF09: Bandai America - DragonBall Z

Bandai also had non-movie Dragonball collectibles for fans to grab in 2009.

2019-05-07 10:56

NYTF09: Bandai America - DragonBall Evolution

Bandai's got the license for figures from the upcoming Dragonball Evolution Movie

2019-05-07 11:24

NYTF09: Bandai America - Ben 10: Alien Force

Bandai Continues the hit Ben 10 Lineup with all new toys and vehicles.

2019-05-07 11:28

NYTF 2014: Bandai of America- Sprukits

Poseable figural model kits!

2019-05-15 13:59

NYTF 2014: Bandai of America- Power Rangers

A whole bunch of cool PR toys from Bandai of America.

2019-05-15 13:59

NYTF 2014: Bandai of America Digimon

Digimon: Digital Monsters. Digimon are the champions.

2019-05-15 13:58
NYTF 2010: Bandai America - Power Rangers

NYTF 2010: Bandai America - Power Rangers

Bandai's Power Rangers Line continues in 2010.


2019-05-06 20:58
NYTF 2010: Bandai America - Ben 10

NYTF 2010: Bandai America - Ben 10

Ben 10 continues to be a strong seller in Boys Brands.


2019-05-03 16:38

NYCC 2013: Bandai America - Power Rangers

Power Rangers at the 2013 New York Comic Con

2019-05-15 14:10
Power Rangers Megaforce

NYCC 2012: Bandai America - Power Rangers Megaforce

While Bandai America didn't have a traditional booth, we did find some interesting Power Rangers merchandise, including new Megaforce items.

2019-05-15 12:44
Interview with "Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight" actor Matt Mullins

CollectionDX EXCLUSIVE! Interview with "Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight" actor Matt Mullins

CDX's own JoshB has a phone conference with one of the stars from the hit TV series "Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight", which is an American adaptation based on the original Japanese series, "Kamen Rider Ryuki"!

(The Contest is over. Thanks for playing, and congratulations to the winners!)

2019-05-03 17:05
Bandai America - Godzilla

NYTF2013: Bandai America - Godzilla

I wasn't expecting to see anything new for Godzilla, but...

2019-05-15 14:23
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