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Go Hero is at the forefront of the vanguard movement in designer toys. Go Hero endeavors to re-imagine classic entertainment and lifestyle products for collectors by combining creative vision, industry knowledge, artistry, and a love for pop-culture. We want to do justice to justice doers and evoke the experiences of our collective childhoods!


Steve Forde's first word was "Batman"! Since then he has been making making monsters, robots & superheroes. His affection for pop-culture and art moved him on to hone his skills over 15 years with corporate & freelance design and intellectual property development around the world. (Under the name Agents Of Imagery) While continuing to offer creative consulting, Steve launched Go Hero, an entertainment & toy company. Steve's award winning works have appeared in numerous television commercials, books, magazines, music videos, major Hollywood film winning "Toy of the Year 2004" and "Best Sci-Fi Fantasy figure 2009". Steve runs Agents of Imagery and Go Hero with wife, designer Anastasia Esther Forde and serves as brand manager for the Buck Rogers property.

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Mechabot 2004

SDCC08: Go Hero

Go Hero makes the shift from Vinyl and Kaiju to 1/6 Figures

2019-05-07 14:14
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