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Medicom Toy (メディコムトイ) is a Japanese toy company founded in 1996. They produce both designer toys and 1/6 scale figures, and is most famous for their Kubrick, Be@rbrick and Real Action Heroes series toys.


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No.sort icon Toy name Year
Maximillian 2004
Old BOB 2003
Battle Royale Survival Program 2001
Raideen 2000
Spider-Man 2005
4-LOM 2003
Be@rbrick chogokin 2009
Shotaro Kaneda 2010
Mazinger Z Set B
Evangelion-01 Test Type 2013
GR2 2000
Raideen 2014
006 Darth Vader 2015
01 Tetsujin 28 Go 1999
010 Stormtrooper 2015
MEDRAH 205 Ultraman Hayata 2004
No.688 Real Action Hero 2015
Set B Tron 2002
Set C Tron 2002
Set D Tron 2002
Title Publish datesort icon
Medicom RAH Baoh the Visitor 01.26.23
Real Action Heroes 80 - Ultraman (Renewal Version) 01.25.23
Real Action Hero Akagi from Kantai Collection (KanColle) 09.02.22
Real Action Hero Ultra Chun Li Ver. 2.0 from Street Fighter IV 09.02.22
Real Action Hero Armin Arlert from Attack on Titan Updated 09.02.22
RAH DX Series Kamen Rider Kuuga Ultimate Form 08.30.22
CDX toy news bulletin 7/11/2007 08.30.22
Real Action Hero Annie Leonhart from Attack on Titan 02.17.21
Diamond, Medicom Bring a New Spin on Sofubi With New PREVIEWS Exclusive Godzilla Figure 07.13.17
Gunbuster and RX-7 sofubi from Medicom 10.14.16
MAFEX Star Wars Captain Phasma 02.24.16
Vinyl Collectible Dolls Series Getter-1 OVA Version 02.24.16
Winter Wonder Festival 2016: Medicom Toy 02.08.16
Real Action Hero 1970 Hakaider 01.24.16
Real Action Hero 1970 Kikaider 01.24.16
Real Action Hero GENESIS Kamen Rider Ghost Ore Damashii 01.24.16
Medicom RAH Anakin Skywalker (Revenge of the Sith) 11.24.15
MAFEX Superman from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice 11.24.15
MAFEX Batman from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice 11.24.15
MAFEX Iron Man Hulkbuster 11.24.15
MAFEX Star Wars Boba Fett 10.23.15
RAH DX Kamen Rider Black RX(Ver.1.5) 09.23.15
12-inch Vinyl Collectible Dolls Giant Robot 09.23.15
MAFEX Star Wars C-3PO and R2-D2 set 08.23.15
MAFEX Iron Man Mark 43 from Avengers: Age of Ultron 08.23.15
Real Action Hero Daft Punk White Suits ver. 08.23.15
Lacquer Mazinger Z Iron Castle ver. 08.13.15
Real Action Hero Jean Kirstein from Attack on Titan 07.24.15
Real Action Hero Kamen Rider Diend 07.24.15
Godzilla Breaks Through July PREVIEWS 07.02.15
Real Action Hero Genesis Kamen Rider Gaim Orange Arms updated 06.23.15
Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon Marvel Hero Sofubi Vinyl Figure 06.03.15
Chogokin Mazinger Z Be@rbrick 05.28.15
Godzilla Vinyl Wars Giant Destroyah Godzilla Sofubi Figure - Previews Exclusive 05.07.15
Godzilla Vinyl Wars Napping Godzilla Sofubi Figure 05.01.15
Godzilla Vinyl Wars Sleeping Godzilla Sofubi Figure - Previews Exclusive 04.30.15
Godzilla Vinyl Wars Shee Godzilla Sofubi Vinyl Figure 04.29.15
Real Action Hero DX Kamen Rider Skull 2.0 02.24.15
Real Action Hero Michelle K. Davis from Terra Formars 02.24.15
Medicom at Winter Wonder Festival 2015 02.07.15
Real Action Hero Guts Black Swordsman Version from Berserk 01.23.15
Real Action Hero Hange Zoe from Attack on Titan 01.23.15
Real Action Hero Levi (Suit version) from Attack on Titan 11.24.14
Real Action Hero DX Kamen Rider Black 1.5 11.24.14
Real Action Hero Robbie the Rabbit from Silent Hill 3 10.23.14
Real Action Hero DX Kamen Rider Joker Ver. 2.0 10.23.14
MAFEX Catwoman coming to Diamond Previews 10.16.14
Real Action Hero DX Inazuman 09.23.14
New Godzilla, Gigan, and Spider-Man Sofubi from PREVIEWS 09.15.14
Ganbare Robocon! 240mm vinyl 09.02.14
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