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Medicom Toy (メディコムトイ) is a Japanese toy company founded in 1996. They produce both designer toys and 1/6 scale figures, and is most famous for their Kubrick, Be@rbrick and Real Action Heroes series toys.


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No.sort icon Toy name Year
Maximillian 2004
Old BOB 2003
Battle Royale Survival Program 2001
Raideen 2000
Spider-Man 2005
4-LOM 2003
Be@rbrick chogokin 2009
Shotaro Kaneda 2010
Mazinger Z Set B
Evangelion-01 Test Type 2013
GR2 2000
Raideen 2014
006 Darth Vader 2015
01 Tetsujin 28 Go 1999
010 Stormtrooper 2015
MEDRAH 205 Ultraman Hayata 2004
No.688 Real Action Hero 2015
Set B Tron 2002
Set C Tron 2002
Set D Tron 2002

NYTF2014: Medicom

Hidden away in a small cube in the Diamond Comics Distributors booth

2019-05-15 13:53
NYTF 2010: Diamond

NYTF 2010: Diamond

Diamond, being more than just their own toy manufacturer, distributes for other Manufacturers. So there was a plethora of goods on display at their booth.


2019-05-06 20:01
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