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Suckadelic and Sidekick Media Present: SUCKPAX

An all new vintage-style, art-based trading card series! Designed by and starring, the Super Sucklord, master of the infamous bootleg toy brand, SUCKADELIC.

Series one features:

100 box limited run with 36 individual Packs per box.

Exclusive one-of-a-kind original hand drawn Sketch Cards by some of today's hottest underground artists! (Guaranteed sketch card in every box!)

43 basic cards with rare chase pieces, signature cards, distressed cards and mystery inserts.

A one-off GOLDEN TICKET randomly packaged, redeemable for a super rare custom toy designed by the Sucklord Himself.

Suckpax were engineered by Sidekick Media, a new artist-service company specializing in the recreation of obsolete technologies for the purpose of artistic production.

Suggested Retail $5

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Posted 15 October, 2009 - 07:33 by JoshB