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Grody taps into his inner child (with package art pic!)

Remember being a kid and coveting the toy aisle in the grocery store? Our Mom's used to avoid that aisle at all cost most days, but if we were lucky enough to land in that aisle, and even luckier still to get to pick out a toy, it was a memorable day. A special plastic treasure just waiting to be loved. Memories of grasping that item and staring at the awesome drawings on the package while you wait in line at the checkout, the anticipation of the lifetime of fun that will now be had! And what happened when you got home? You ripped open the awesome package, and found the toy inside. The contents inside usually were way less detailed than the package art, but we were excited and felt joy all the same. As a tribute to that age old experience at the grocery store, Grody Shogun brings you the Grody Mask! Amazing box art by Ralph Niese of Germany, endless Grody fun inside! Play Monster dress-up, fool your friends, endless possibilities & hours of fun inside!


Kids love 'em, adults love them, even dogs love them! Grab yours today for only $13!!!

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Posted 2 October, 2012 - 13:29 by Atom