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Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries X-wing Bar Replacement Part

Check out the X-Wing Replacement Bar at Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries.


The Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries X-wing bar is a replacement part for all modern Hasbro 3 3/4" scale X-wing toys based on the old Electronic Power F/X mold. On the more recent releases, the wings do not open all the way or open unevenly and are floppy. By taking out just a couple of screws, the stock lever that pops open the wings can be replaced with this new 3D designed and printed lever without any other tools than a screwdriver required. Using the new piece the X-wing's S-foils will open all the way and open evenly. The replacement part costs $16 and is the first item available in the new Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries Shapeways Store! The new bar is durable, paintable, and comes ready to use out of the box from Shapeways.



Out of the box, note the uneven wings and how little they are open.




The lever shown here needs to be replaced.


The original lever is on the left, PRHI's prototype replacement lever in the middle, and the final production piece available through Shapeways on the right.



With the replacement bar installed, your X-wing's wings will open all the way, open evenly, and will be less floppy!



Now your X-wings can ride in style, with S-foils locked in attack formation and ready to take on the whole empire! Please note this is a third-party add-on item meant to enhance the function of your existing official Hasbro Star Wars toy.


Check out the X-Wing Replacement Bar at Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries.

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Posted 30 October, 2013 - 21:50 by VF5SS