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Dynamite Action GK Mazinger Z

Evolution Toy is continuing to make Garage Kits (GK) to expand their Dynamite Action line. These are being sold at various Japanese webshops. It uses their patented magnetic ball joint system but is made from color cast resin. Requires paint and glue to complete. Features numerous Mazinger Z accessories like the Hover Pilder, Jet Scrander, Drill Missile launchers, and Iron Cutters. Coming November 2014 for 10,000 yen.












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Posted 3 November, 2014 - 07:53 by VF5SS


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Nice, but could've been a little better...

Great Toei Mazinger sculpt, but I think the shoulders, the Drill Missile attachments, the Scrander, and the Hover Pileder could've been better for the price. :-/


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Posted by The Mazinger Z on 5 November, 2014 - 00:04
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