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figma Giant Warrior

figma Giant Warrior - flying through the air to deliver death.


The 'TOKUSATSU - Special Effects Exhibition' was recently held at Nagoya's City Science Museum, where figma Giant Warrior was on sale. We will be selling the remaining stock of this product on the Good Smile Online Shop. Please note that stock is limited, so order soon to avoid disappointment.

From Studio Ghibli's short special effects film 'A Giant Warrior Descends on Tokyo' which was screened at Anno Hideaki's Special Effects exhibition comes a figma of the Giant Warrior. A replica model based off a life-size puppet of the Giant Warrior used for special effects in the film has been shrunk down even smaller with the use of a 3D scanner, and then sculpted into a figma by sculptor Takayuki Takeya! The figma also includes a number of optional extras, such as head parts to recreate the proton beam attack, a rod of light, and wings to display it soaring through the air. Available January 2015 for 3,333 yen. Order directly at Good Smile's online shop.







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Posted 13 January, 2015 - 14:40 by VF5SS


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Scary Eva

This is neat, I'd seen this video but never thought I'd see a figure from it. That is one scary looking 'NOT EVA' beast!

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Posted by Rob on 13 January, 2015 - 16:12