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Danboard The Robot by V-Stone

A company called V-Stone, known for for its hobby robotics, is melding the charm of cardboard with the functionality of a remote control robot! Their bringing Danboard to life with this high tech kit! Just watch the video and see all the things Danboard can do! Danboard stands roughly 30 centimeters tall and will cost 79,800 yen. Features light up eyes and is programmable via RobovieMaker2.






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Posted 2 January, 2014 - 08:34 by VF5SS


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You know, the companies that

You know, the companies that make Danboard figures have potentially a way to make Minecraft figures, since the build is nearly the same. Just need a new head and so on.

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Posted by The Castellan on 10 January, 2014 - 20:55